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(Asian Sex Gazette)   New erotic kit for "remote sex" alleviates requirement to snuggle, chat after. (NSFW ads)   ( divider line
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56084 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Mar 2005 at 3:52 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-03-29 10:02:05 AM  
Chinese technicians, who participated in the invention of the 190-dollar erotic system, say that everything is reliable and does not lead to any technical malfunctions during operation.

I trust them implicitly.
2005-03-29 02:01:02 PM  
Since I can't look at the link while here at work, I'll just assume what the article is saying and comment on my assumption ---

Remote sex?? I don't know, nothing like being touched by a real person!

Of course, that implies I have a b/f and am being touched.
2005-03-29 02:01:54 PM  
"Be honest. When you're having remote sex with me, you're changing the channel, aren't you?"

/didn't rtfa
2005-03-29 03:46:42 PM  
Only in America Japan China.
2005-03-29 03:55:42 PM  
have of you nerds having any kind of sex is remote.
2005-03-29 03:56:27 PM  
damm, HALF
2005-03-29 03:56:44 PM  

Yeah, they sound like Microsoft spokesmen.
2005-03-29 03:57:20 PM  
Wasn't this covered in Demolition Man?
2005-03-29 03:58:00 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

NASA's alien sex toy.
2005-03-29 03:59:01 PM  
Id like to remotely sodomize the girl at the bottom of the page!
2005-03-29 03:59:02 PM  
First some of you people need a person to at least have remote sex with.

Second, just have regular sex and masturbate when you can't
2005-03-29 03:59:27 PM  
He remotely controls the vibrator in a woman's body, while she is remotely in charge of the appropriately used vagina.

But if the vagina is inappropriately used, she loses control of it.
2005-03-29 03:59:53 PM  
"Everything is complete with a vibrator or a vagina..."

Umm... doesn't the absense of one negate the use of the other? wtf are these people talking about?
2005-03-29 04:00:22 PM  
i need this. we have a king-size bed. too much commuting.
2005-03-29 04:02:12 PM  
OK, so I have to wonder, what happens if you hook the female unit to the male unit? Probably some kind of destructive feedback that will result in a large explosion.
2005-03-29 04:03:06 PM  
"OK, so I have to wonder, what happens if you hook the female unit to the male unit? Probably some kind of destructive feedback that will result in a large explosion."

undamped vibration

(or dry-humping to the layman)
2005-03-29 04:04:19 PM  
Hightech phone sex. Not really new other than you control the speed of your "partner's" device.

Questions do they come in pairs? Will the person on the other end need to know which type of device you have? If not this could be a boon in the american market. Lonely guy can really believe the "girl" he is chatting with is really female.
2005-03-29 04:05:09 PM  
2005-03-29 04:05:48 PM  
Does anyone remember ? They sold something similar to this except it was a 5.25 computer drive. thats right! computer drive vagina and penis controlled via tcp/ip linkup. They had some really great pictures of computer generated models straddling their towers. oooooooooooh baby.
2005-03-29 04:07:48 PM  
yeah right... and it runs on Windows? So, it goes BSOD and your knob gets faxed to Peru...
2005-03-29 04:08:08 PM  
oh and i'm pretty sure it was a joke website.
2005-03-29 04:08:22 PM  
Monkey_Stories: "Teledildonics"

I think 'Virtual Dildonics' is a nice term for it...
2005-03-29 04:10:22 PM  
Does the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation know about this?
2005-03-29 04:10:28 PM  
I stand a, "remote" chance of hitting it!

2005-03-29 04:13:23 PM  
That might be kind of fun to at least try once.

/Mrs. RT is out of town for the week
2005-03-29 04:15:22 PM  
I think that ad with a girl that looks to be about 15 saying "My web site earns me $1500 a month" is a tad bit inappropriate.

/can't stop laughing
2005-03-29 04:17:49 PM  
One please!
2005-03-29 04:23:53 PM  
It's nice to see they put (NSFW ads) in the headline for the clueless asshats that complained last time that a website called Asian Sex Gazette had ads with nakkid pictures. Oh the shock!
2005-03-29 04:31:30 PM  
fufme anyone?
2005-03-29 04:47:46 PM  
what's weird is i had an idea very similar to this product a few years back....maybe the chinese also have erotic mind reading capabilities......
2005-03-29 04:52:57 PM  
yeah, well I still jerk off manually

/the dude abides
2005-03-30 11:59:31 PM  
[image from too old to be available]/related?
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