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2005-03-28 06:31:49 PM  

I don't care if Terri Schiavo was CEO of State Farm. I've never heard a word about her insurance policy, let alone a policy worth going through the living hell that Michael Schiavo's life must be for. And with all the shiat-spouters like you running around, spending their days trying to dig up dirt on Michael Schiavo, one would think I would have by now. Of course, since this is the same person who also turned down a lot of money from the Schindlers by refusing to turn her over to her care, isn't it just possible that he's trying to do the right thing by her, and isn't behind some sort of absurdly convoluted insurance scam?

Face it, shiat-spouter. No objective medical observer thinks there is any possibility that Terri Schiavo can recover, because her cerebral cortex isn't there anymore. Nor is there any evidence that Michael Schiavo is the monster you seem to want him to be. (Adultery? Please. How many people commit adultery when their spouses have *not* been vegetables for the past fifteen years? And what happened to your shiat-spouted common law wife statement?)

I don't know whether you're ignorant, stupid, or just trying to stir up some of the shiat you spout, but you sure do love to spout it.
2005-03-28 06:32:27 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

The only solution
2005-03-28 06:36:14 PM  
Igor Jakovsky

Christian extremists absolutely have the same protest rights as anti-GOP protestors. I just think what the Schiavo protestors are advocating (anarchy, essentially) is scary and stupid.
2005-03-28 06:42:39 PM  
Anyone been listening to talk radio recently?

If the republicans thought that this little foray into meddling in family matters was going to buy them a little popularity----boy did they misjudge their audience.

It's brutal out there in the AM world.
2005-03-28 06:46:58 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

\man I love christians - but I sure hate fundies....
2005-03-28 06:59:37 PM  
I wonder if these fundies would be standing outside the hospice if she were dying of AIDS?
Seems like their interperatation of X-tian principles is pretty selective.
Science is good = tubes
Science is bad = evolultion
Life is good= fetuses + veggies
Life is BAD= homosexuals and brown ppl in middle eastern countries
2005-03-28 07:07:55 PM  
Randall Terry is their spokesman? That's like Michael Jackson hiring NAMBLA as his defense team!
2005-03-28 07:09:05 PM  
Heres an idea, why not just give her a shot of sodium pentathol (dont know if I spelled that right) and go ahead and get it over with. That seems much more humane than allowing her to dehydrate and starve to death over a 2 week period.
2005-03-28 07:13:00 PM  
Igor Jakovsky:

That seems much more humane than allowing her to dehydrate and starve to death over a 2 week period.

Well, a certain group of people have been crusading against any attempt to legalize euthanasea, which would indeed be more humane than the only option left open that fulfills her wishes.
2005-03-28 07:31:24 PM  
apparently living as a vegetable counts as life... so i assume theyre all vege.. no... eat dirt?... dont these people have jobs??

uh... theyll moveon to thier next fad issue in a bit...
2005-03-28 07:45:23 PM  
For all the pronunciation debaters out there, I heard from an Italian person that the correct pronunciation of the Italian name Schiavo is "SKEE-UHV-OH." Makes sense, because every other Italian "ch" I've seen is pronounced with the "K" sound.

It must be a family-requested pronunciation - all the media says "shy-voh", (except Larry King, who said "shee-av-oh.")

It's just another case of Americans bastardizing foreign words, such as the way we say "Los Angeles" (not even close), football great Brett Favre's name (FARVE?), etc.

Hell, our own "nucular" president can't even pronounce ENGLISH words correctly!

I am truly ashamed of this dumbed-down, ever-more-rightward leaning country. It is a pathetic shell of what it once was and what it could have been.
2005-03-28 08:15:11 PM  
destrip: Hell, our own "nucular" president can't even pronounce ENGLISH words correctly!

FYI: Carter pronounced it the same way, and he's "nucular engineer".
2005-03-28 08:16:55 PM  
I left out the "a" in "he's a nucular engineer". It won't be the last time, I bet.
2005-03-28 08:19:22 PM  
Sunday, March 3rd, 6:40 AM, and I get a free t-shirt!
2005-03-28 08:21:57 PM  
Oh, what the heck...

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5 Lollipop165
2005-03-28 08:33:49 PM  
Just another chance for vicarious emotional vampirism.

No different than that Cuban kid.

/Gubment interference in personal life bad, bad, bad
//public even worse
2005-03-28 08:49:24 PM  
I think the Founders are spinning in their graves over the intrusion that the government has made over this private family matter......

Can we connect them to generators to produce electricity?
2005-03-28 08:52:42 PM  
No need to look that far in the past, heck, Ronald Reagan's spinning over this can power the DC Metro area for years to come.
2005-03-28 08:55:59 PM  
2005-03-28 08:52:42 PM ofjay

No need to look that far in the past, heck, Ronald Reagan's spinning over this can power the DC Metro area for years to come.

Remind me to spank you later
2005-03-28 09:05:23 PM  
Seeing as she was a bulemic she wouldn't want the feeding tube unless she got a barf tube as well.

10 to 1 I'm not the first person to think of this.
2005-03-28 09:06:17 PM  

Ya know, ever since I found out her name was pronounced "SHY-vo", I can't quit thinking of that Neil Diamond song "Shiloh".

Holy shiat, someone else who has actually listened to Neil Diamond...on purpose.
2005-03-28 09:40:43 PM  
Holy shiat, someone else who has actually listened to Neil Diamond...on purpose.

I've listened to Neil Diamond. It was on purpose if you count my wife liking it and forcing me to endure it as "on purpose".

Anyways, I find it amusing that she basically killed herself by starving herself to death so long ago and finally the job will be finished soon. Assuming there are no further legal interventions, which is quite possible I'm sure.

Call me heartless if you want but she's dead in all the ways that matter as far as I know.

Let's all just move on, shall we?
2005-03-28 09:50:01 PM  

"okay, one point I would like to make, if terri was a roman catholic, then wouldn't her wish have been to be kept alive, no matter what the situation?"

The Guardian Ad Litem for Theresa Schiavo reported to Governor Jeb Bush that the removal of life support in terminal or even permanently vegetative states:

It is noteworthy that the general principle of artificial nutrition as artificial life support that may be removed in terminal and even vegetative state conditions is reflected in nearly all state's laws and within the guidelines of end of life care enunciated by the American Conference of Catholic Bishops and other religious denominations (pp. 23-24)
2005-03-28 10:14:49 PM  
Jeffy Jeff:

It was on purpose if you count my wife liking it and forcing me to endure it as "on purpose".

You have some serious endurance 5k|llz, dude. Kudos. (I own the five disc boxed set.)

And yes, this case is totally FUBARed. We should all move on, unless this actually leads to a non-hyperbolic national discussion on just "how" life should end, rather than, "No one should ever die and if they do, it's the doctor's fault."
2005-03-28 10:19:02 PM  
2005-03-28 11:36:13 AM Misch
crackwhore: How did she become like this in the first place?

Potassium imbalance brought on by bulimia. This resulted in a heart attack which caused oxygen to fail to reach her brain for a long period of time. (Which caused the brain damage that has left her incapacitated.)

Unless, of course, you believe the Schindler's lawyer. He asserts that the cause of her collapse is because Michael beat the shiat out of her and knocked her into a coma.

Of course, all the "MICHAEL SCHIAVO IS A MURDERER!!!" conspiracy nuts latched right the hell onto that. Never mind that the doctors all say otherwise, and that no assault charges were filed at the time, if it is possible that this is all the husband's fault, THEN IT IS!

shiat. After this is all over, we need to:
1. Lock up all the protestors for civil disturbance
2. Lock up the parents for abuse of the legal system
3. Disbar the lawyer for libelious statements.

I like the idea of "let the protestors through, so that they can finish Terri off with their own stupidity", though. It's the only way they'd learn...
2005-03-28 10:30:35 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-28 10:34:50 PM  
I am sick of hearing about "both sides need to ...". I never see Michael Schiavo on the news. The entire media cirus is all Teri's parents and her attention whore brother's doing. Why don't they just go away?
2005-03-28 10:39:10 PM  
[image from too old to be available]


2005-03-28 10:39:18 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

/yes yes, i know...
2005-03-28 10:44:49 PM  
My friends back in Pinellas County complain the protesters are all out-of-towners, like this goose-stepping fool from Denver, Colorado.

[image from too old to be available]

Are these people like carnies, traveling from pro-life protest to protest, instead of having real lives?

Oh well, at least our stand-up comedians will have lots of material for the next few years.

[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-28 10:58:01 PM  
It DOES make me wonder where all the people who biatch about war protesters being "professional people without jobs" are?

I guess standards come in pairs.
2005-03-28 11:07:35 PM  
Isn't it ironic that her dad has told the media that she doesn't want waste away? I thought she was in this situation due to an eating disorder...

/seems odd to me
//those aren't his exact words, I am too lazy to find a source
2005-03-28 11:17:58 PM  
They are like carnies, there is a group that travels to my town from out of state every week to protest against gays, they carry signs saying 'God Hates Gays', 'Death to Gays', etc. WTF?! All because some gay students in a high school here want to form a student association.
Shouldn't these carnies be in Florida? Thats where the limelight is at the moment.

At least some good is coming out of the Shiavo situation;
The republicans are being spotlighted as the hypocrites they are.
The Bushes have shown how little respect they have for the American system of government and its seperation of powers.
The moral minority is showcasing its lunacy and hopefully its clout in American politics will decline as politicians realize that it is not in their best interests to pander to them.
The poor soul will finally rest in peace.

The proper outcome to this debocle (sp) is for a nutjob to get into her room and pour some holy water down her throat which then chokes her to death.

/just completed my healthcare directive
2005-03-28 11:32:48 PM  
this goose-stepping fool

What a knob! Pfeh! I'm guessing he did that for like ten minutes and, getting no reaction but bemused looks and sarcastic putdowns, went back to hold his sign and shut the fark up.
2005-03-28 11:34:18 PM  
Igor Javorsky

I agree that giving her a shot of something lethal would be a better way to bring about her death. But that would be illegal: she has a right to refuse treatment, but not to commit suicide. So she refuses treatment and dehydrates to death.
2005-03-28 11:49:18 PM  
2005-03-28 07:45:23 PM destrip "Hell, our own "nucular" president can't even pronounce ENGLISH words correctly!"

How else is he supposed to hide his blue-blood?
2005-03-29 12:29:42 AM  
When pro-life protestors showed up at our middle school with pictures of aborted fetuses on pickets the school's course of action (seriously) was to allow the students 1 hour of protest protesting without censorship. It was mostly screaming dead baby jokes and a large section of students chanting the words Misfits lyrics "I killed a baby today, and it don't matter too much to me, as long as it's dead!" We offended them into leaving after thirty minutes, of course this is a new generation...

/Go League Acadamy
2005-03-29 12:52:59 AM  
I read the comments before i posted this one, and now I'm just attempting to be as offensive as possible here (the first time i was just being my usual charming self):

A) I've been referring to Schaivo as "that ugly paraplegic that makes me change the channel" all week, in classes and getting applause doing it

B) Schaivo is in a coma because her BALEMIA gave her a heart attack from malnourishment hence: "let's really follow her wishes, pump her full of as much food as will fit, then immediately pump her stomach"

C) (not offensive or funny) My teacher's father refused feeding tubes after he developed an esophogus difficulty preventing him from eating without choking and his last words were "I feel wonderful"

D) She's brain-dead, I saw the CAT scan on the news Sun. It was black (really)

E) Someone either kill her or kill me in the next week and a half or I'm gonna go to Florida and play a round of Fundie-Hunt

I'm out,
Mike "mutha farkin" D

/The only thing wrong with christianity is the christians
2005-03-29 01:17:12 AM  
It's ok, they were probably teaching evolution in there, anyway.
2005-03-29 03:01:01 AM  
I'm worried. The last time the country was wrapped up in multiple garbage stories obsessively it took 9-11 to break the madness.
2005-03-29 04:03:00 AM  
Real christians don't need jobs...god will provide. Consider the lilly...the gov't taxes rich liberals to give you money to grow your lillys in an in-efficiant but 'traditional' manner and provide welfare should your crop fail. Oh wait...guess it isn't god after all...
2005-03-29 10:27:25 AM  
Fundamentalists are not thinkers. They have developed a bunk philosophy based on flaccid beliefs instead of steady and strong intellectual reason. Thus, a school has no value to the traditionally ignorant rightwinger. These are the asshats who believe that the church, not the government, should fund schools and social programs. It is no surprise that they would take the sad, solemn, and tragic event of Terri Schiavo's peaceful and dignified death and turn it into a circus that extends on for 15 farking years. These people have no respect for anything but their own belief in the possible personal gain and good 'karma' they will recieve. They don't care about Terri. They either want a vote, or a punched ticket into heaven. School, education, and human dignity are of no consequence to them.

Let her die in peace. Leave Michael in peace. Heck, the Schindlers even want to be left alone. These asshats don't get that you cannot abridge human rights and the rights of next-of-kin for spouses. Now they want to desecrate the death ritual. Farking conservatives have no farking respect of compassion.
2005-03-29 04:00:45 PM  
We're pro-life, and we'll harrass your hospice and elementary school and send judges death threats to prove it!
2005-03-29 04:33:02 PM  
Peaceful and dignified death? Did you just call it PEACEFUL AND DIGINIFIED? Is that really what you think it's like to die of dehydration/starvation? Why the hell do you think it is that the husband's lawyer won't allow pictures? Regardless of whether you think she should be kept alive or not, this is not peaceful nor diginified. It would have been more humane to give the woman a lethal injection.

Something else to think about... the woman wasn't even on life support. She was merely being fed. If we fail to feed others who are incapable of feeding themselves (babies, old people who can't get to the store, etc) we're guilty of gross neglect.

Even though we think she's brain-dead, there ARE stories of people coming out of so-called "comas" and saying that they knew everything that was going on; they just weren't able to communicate.

That's just my two cents...
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