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(Fox News)   Mexican soccer fans boo American national anthem and shout, "Osama, Osama" during soccer match. Again   ( divider line
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2005-03-28 07:05:25 AM  
Went to a riot once...and a soccer match broke out.
2005-03-28 07:08:24 AM  
America, please take note:

Without illegal immigration, agriculture / hotel / manufacturing prices skyrocket.

Agriculture is the worst. Americans would rather resort to crime than work for the amount that is paid to a large amount of the illegal agriculture workers out there. The government knows it, and so isn't tough on the illegals.

Illegal Immigration is a prop - but a necessary one. You think food prices are high now? Wait until you have to pay 4$ for an onion. Not that you'd notice, what with all the farm subsidies, but running up a deficit never hurt anyone, right?

2005-03-28 07:13:23 AM  
It would cost less to outfit the farmers with machinery that can do the job of 100 illegals than it is to keep the illegals here.

Not true. Machinery takes constant upkeep. Humans take wages, and are left to fend for their own upkeep. I use the term upkeep because you are on Fark, and probably play video games of a sort, and you will understand that.

In addition, not all jobs are easily done with robots - a Dalek can't make your hotel bed, or sweep up your manufacturing floor.

Of course, I don't often google "republican immigration talking points", so I'm not up to date on the number of "filthy Mex'cans" it takes to equal one "Proud 'Merkin"..

/'prop', not 'brop', a couple posts up. Whatever, it is early.
2005-03-28 07:16:11 AM  
One more post:

Be a part of the solution.

What? You are on FARK. You are not a Sandbox Jesus. Shut up and get back to flaming and Domo-posting, like a good farker.

[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-28 07:22:45 AM  
Marcus Halberstram
fark those farks. They benefit from our wealth.
Bomb Mexico. All of it.

I really really hope you forgot an "Ironic" tag.

Either way, it's funny as hell. But if you didn't, it's a more sad kind of funny.

Americans would rather resort to crime than work for the amount that is paid to a large amount of the illegal agriculture workers out there.

Wow. Two racist insinuations and class warfare all in one sentence! You're an overachiever.

The government knows it, and so isn't tough on the illegals.

More accurately, "... and so doesn't ask the corporate farms that employ them to explain where they paid the wages or how the produce picked itself." The (former?) INS is mean as hell to the ones they catch, which makes it a really bad idea to "make trouble" for your employer.
2005-03-28 07:27:03 AM  
I blame James Polk for all the Mexicans. When he invaded Mexico and took the southwest, he let the Mexicans stay.
2005-03-28 07:30:27 AM  
They're just jealous because theres nothing over there worth flying a plane into.
2005-03-28 07:33:04 AM  
From the new Mex'cn Dictionary:

Osama; Oh'-sah-muh- Mex'cn street slang meaning thanks for all the free handouts and medical care that you bestow upon us.
2005-03-28 07:38:44 AM  
whoa whoa whoa
wait a minute...
there's a NEW mexico????
2005-03-28 07:40:01 AM  
2005-03-28 02:12:19 AM bbcrackmonkey

elchip, the price of fruit may be lower, but I think its well worth it to cut off illegal immigration. I can't wait until Turkey becomes a member of the EU and millions of Turks start streaming across the border into Europe. I think they'll ditch their attitude towards immigration real quick. The funniest part about European politics though is that almost every single last anti-immigration guy is also a facist. Course the main anti-immigration advocate here in the US, Pat Buchanan, is also a facist.

Actually anti-immigrant groups are quite powerful here.
In the UK, where I now live, there seems to be more anti-immigration fevor than in the US. The scary thing is that while much of the rehtoric is very hostle often with a racist tinge, it still gets quite a bit of support.
2005-03-28 07:41:41 AM  
Everyone trippin' in this forum needs some tequila. Its like yelling "rape" at Kobe, like yelling "steroids" at McGwire, except for the fact that the US actually deserves the Osama chant. If it was that bad, the US players shoulda come back and won... Kinda like in... Afghanistan... Oh wait... Anyways, I applaud them for putting themselves on an equal tier to Raiders fans. Classy, Intellectual, and simply stimulating.
2005-03-28 07:45:02 AM  
I'm surprised you didn't know that..
2005-03-28 07:51:01 AM  
This incident proves that Bush IS a uniter.

2005-03-28 07:52:59 AM  
meh. I'll shrug this off. Deep down they know if Mexico didn't border the US, they'd be a nothing.

oh wait...
2005-03-28 07:54:51 AM  
parkerlewis: They're just jealous because theres nothing over there worth flying a plane into.

The tower with the big green Laser on top in the middle of Monterrey leaps to mind.

In all fairness to the PC types, the outrage you are seeing is pretty much harmless. But imagine the annoyance if some jerkwads were to chant "auchwitz. . . auchwitz. . . auchwitz . . " at a soccer game involving an Israli team.
2005-03-28 07:58:04 AM  
The US has a soccer team now? What next? Ladies basketball?

/I kid, just revenge for all of you who badmouth hockey.
2005-03-28 08:00:39 AM  
Perhaps we can get along with Mexico after all. To soothe the matter over, I give you my new chief of US/Mexico relations, Selma Heyek:
[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-28 08:02:49 AM  
Just remember, if it comes from Faux News, it's always bullshait...

Will Weissert / Associated Press

Some people just enjoy being stupid. I don't get it.
2005-03-28 08:04:44 AM  
It is unfortunate that Mexico's citizens are so ungrateful. The proximity of the United States has improved their standard of living.

If the US were to expel all illegal aliens and close its borders, Mexicans would be crying the loudest.

I believe an experiment is in order.
2005-03-28 08:06:28 AM  
Not to ignore the much-debated political side of this thread but - is this the exent of our international soccer skills? They taunted us? Boo hoo. Wah wah wah.

If were to start backing up our continual and highly observed self-promotion, in all areas open to public inspection, with some winning - this petty and insignificant little demonstration, and the countless more that will come just like it, won't mean shiat.

In this particular case, the US national team knew what it was up against, a 71 winless streak and all Fox News can do is come up with "They hurt our feelings?" I'm as patriotic as the next guy but you know what? This is sports. Fark feelings. This is about national pride. Fark nuance.

The article said that we got outhustled - well, reputation doesn't win games, goals do. That's the real issue here. We constantly hear about the MLS, the national team FIFA rankings, or how european clubs are more and more looking for our players.

That's all well and good marketing - but in Mexico, just as anywhere else in the world, it don't mean shiat. The CONCACAF is a cakewalk minus one exception - Mexico. The fact that we can't win the big games says it all. No one roots for Goliath so it's time start playing the part of David.

Start winning when it matters, the meaningful games, and no one will give a shiat. Well, except the GOP lapdog that is Fox News.
2005-03-28 08:08:12 AM  
People at soccer matches bash each others' brains in with pipes, trample others to death, set fire to the bleachers, and stampede the field, win or lose. I've seen this many times in Europe, Brazil, etc.

I'd say chanting "Osama" is weak on the SHS (Soccer Hooliganism Scale)

Mexico, you're pussies. You should be ashamed at the weak, repetitive effort.
2005-03-28 08:08:14 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

My name's Antonio, and I'm a homo...
2005-03-28 08:09:00 AM  
They must be pissed off because they now have jobs to go to every day, jobs that used to be at several companies in my hometown that are gone forever.

2005-03-28 08:12:31 AM  
Hearts & Minds.
2005-03-28 08:13:35 AM  
"But imagine the annoyance if some jerkwads were to chant "auchwitz. . . auchwitz. . . auchwitz . . " at a soccer game involving an Israli team."

Americans are now comparing 911 to the Jewish holocaust!

"people outside the US hate the US
what else is new?"

Now you know why!
2005-03-28 08:13:43 AM  
Jeez, give the Mexicans a break. Soccer's the only thing since the Alamo they've been able to do better than us.
2005-03-28 08:16:28 AM  
So are you guys saying that it's still not OK to joke about 9/11 yet? I thought that 9/11 was declared funny a few months ago.

It seems that they were taunting the US, nothing more.
2005-03-28 08:17:10 AM  
Arkle: Went to a riot once...and a soccer match broke out.

Not condoning what the Mexican fans chanted but your statement is somewhat indicative of a lot of (association) football matches, especially internationals.

It's football, it's the closest thing to traditional battle we have (and every so often it does end up in a fight between fans, and players).

As it's probably the most international sporting event there is (or certainly large capacity), it is seen as one nation against another. Taunting is commonplace, and if it's friendly banter often encouraged.

So Americans, stop being such crybabies! Sure, it wasn't a nice thing to shout but grow a pair for farks sake.


From the English they normally are taunted with "Two World wars and one world cup, do daa, do daa" (hummed to De Camptown Ladies) and:

Hitler, he only had one ball,
Goering, he had two but very small,
Himmler had something simmler,
But poor old Goebbels had no balls at all.

(to "Colonel Bogey March").
2005-03-28 08:19:22 AM  
"Tee hee, I bet you'd care about soccer if your team was any good at it..."

Yes, but what about the men's sports?
2005-03-28 08:23:29 AM  
I enjoy beans very much. I eat them with a fork.
2005-03-28 08:23:52 AM  
The crowd booed the U.S. national anthem and a spattering of fans chanted "Osama! Osama!" before play started, and shortly after Lewis' goal.

!Viva Mexico!
!Viva Aztlan!!lol!

At least this was in Mexico when they boood the US national anthem. It's worse when they do this in America.

We don't really have to worry, because it won't be long until the Star Spangled Banner is no longer played at California and Tejas soccer games. Then the residents there can cheer their own anthem.

!Viva Mexico!!
2005-03-28 08:24:26 AM  
And we still don't deport these people?
2005-03-28 08:24:28 AM  
2005-03-28 08:25:56 AM  
I'd say the taunting worked better that they could have imagined. Just look at all the bitter whiners in this thread it's getting to. Grow some thicker skin you nancys.
2005-03-28 08:32:43 AM  
No taunts of Osama can take away this:

Mexico 0:2 United States
2005-03-28 08:34:43 AM  
Mexican Americans don't like to just get into gang fights,
they like flowers and music and white girls named Debbie too.

Mexican Americans are named Chata and Chella and Chima
and have a son in law named jeff.

Mexican Americans don't like to get up early in the morning
but they have to so they do it real slow.

Mexican Americans love education so they go to night school
and they take spanish and get a B.

Mexican Americans love their Nana's and their Nono's and their
Nena's and their Neno's........ Nano Nano Nena Nono!

Mexican Americans don't like to go to the movies where the
dude has to wear contact lenses to make his blue eyes brown
cause don't it make my brown eyes blue.....

"And thats all i got, how do ya like it?"

Thanks Cheech.
2005-03-28 08:37:08 AM  
"71-year unbeaten record at home against the Americans"

Who's whos biatch?
2005-03-28 08:44:09 AM  
Shiftless: Shiftless

And we still don't deport these people?

Who is "we", and who is "these people?"

Soon we will be deporting these people back to England or Europe or wherever the hell you Gringos come from!!
/But the fine senoritas, those we will not deport!
//!Viva Mexico!
2005-03-28 08:46:24 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
Most of the world hates the USA.
2005-03-28 08:48:42 AM  
A few tried to burn a small American flag but ended up trampling on it.

These people are too stupid to even start a fire. Why waste time even getting upset about this? Does the lion even blink an eye when the mouse insults him?

We are the most successful, powerful, free, and rich country in the world. We are bordering one of the most impoverished, uneducated, misguided, economically ruined countries in the world. They are jealous, bitter, and resentful of our success. Mix that with social ignorance and state issued propaganda and - Ole! You have this kind of stuff going on.
2005-03-28 08:49:10 AM  

Mark my words. The US will have a competant mens world cup team within 10 years. It saddens me in a way, because when that happens I will be forced to talk soccer with buisness partners when I'm in Europe. Right now I can just sort of shrug and say "sorry. American".

// just because you don't like the source doesn't make the news untrue.
2005-03-28 08:49:22 AM  
20 percent of Mexico's economy comes from Los Estados Unidos. That's 1/5th of their economy. People from Mexico migrate to the US, send their money back home to Guadalajara, and use the roads, parks, and inviarble JAILS that your and my tax dollars pay for.

Ever wonder why Presidente Vincente Fox WANTS people to migrate from Mexico to the US illegally? It's because all of HIS money is here. Those guys better be kissing our ass.

Blow 4 billion, build a wall.

/Didn't RTFA
2005-03-28 08:51:48 AM  
Can we give Texas back to them? Is it too late?
2005-03-28 08:53:59 AM  
Fark the Mexicans and the 2 bit whore they rode in on.
2005-03-28 08:54:47 AM  

you basterds

Hope you all burn in Taco Hell
2005-03-28 08:56:35 AM  
"They are jealous, bitter, and resentful of our success. Mix that with social ignorance and state issued propaganda"

I see the strategy here. Use our own social ignorance and state issued propaganda to fight theirs. Like the idea that people hate us because we are succesful.
2005-03-28 08:59:23 AM  
I wonder why US fans aren't allowed to chant INS when playing Mexico at home.
2005-03-28 09:00:29 AM  
1)Get to the round of 16 in the World Cup, beating Portugal in the process.


3)The "WORLD" still thinks you suck at soccer
2005-03-28 09:02:36 AM  

"Most the world" is making a general assumption about all citizens of the US. They assume that all Americans agree with US government policy.

My government, which is supposed to be employed by me, did not ask me if I wanted to make war on other countries. It simply did what it wanted to and it continues to do what IT wants to do whether I like it or not.

DISCLAIMER: The following statement is a personal opinion. The poster is in no way encouraging the actual act.

I can think of no better reason for a revolution than a government ignoring the will of its people.

The government of the United States of America is out of control.
2005-03-28 09:04:24 AM  

very true my friend, the US government is out of control and an embarassment to the citizens it represents
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