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(Expatica)   Gas in Holland hits the equivalent of $6.74 per gallon. Bet they're sorry they gave up Indonesia   ( divider line
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5225 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Mar 2005 at 7:21 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-03-25 11:07:02 PM  
At least in the Netherlands they know that Washington DC ain't the capitol of Kopenhagen.

/dumbass Yankeestanis
2005-03-25 11:12:36 PM  
Wait, isn't Kopenhagen the capital of Denmark? Americans don't know WHAT Kopenhagen is, how can they say Washington DC is the capital of it?
2005-03-25 11:13:29 PM  
Does cheap gas make you more happy?

/hasnt read any comments.
2005-03-25 11:30:36 PM  
This means that it will now cost $1.75 to drive the length and breadth of Holland!
2005-03-25 11:51:51 PM  

Do a google news search on Roscoe Barlett, Hirsch SAIC or peak oil.

If you think gas prices are high now, well, they'll be $10.00 a gallon within a couple years. But nobody will care because we'll be in a global economy depression and possibly at war with China over the world's remaining oil sources in the Middle East.

Gas will never reach $10.00 a gallon, because we can currently produce crude oil from leftover turkey parts and electronic waste parts (oil is just a bunch of carbon atoms). It costs $80 a barrel to do this though, so its still cheaper to import it from the middle east, even if we're paying $60 a barrel. If the OPEC Cartel raises their prices higher than $80 a barrel, they'd be committing economic suicide. They are nowhere near as powerful as in the 70's.

The only reason oil is expensive as hell now is because of the price fixing schemes pulled off OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries). They all get together and say "hey, how much can we screw western civilization today?" and estimate the maximum price they can charge by limiting production output. They know that we could use more factories, but opening more factories would mean more supply and that would hurt their profit margins.

We won't run out of oil anytime soon. We're always finding new ways to get (and find) the black stuff, and we can even make our own now above the surface.

As a concerned environmentalist though, I would still like to see more public transportation and people not driving 6MPG H2 to pick up their kids from soccer practice. CO2 emissions are a greater problem than running out of oil.
2005-03-26 12:03:45 AM  

dude I personally met an American couple in Amsterdam that asked me where they could find the Statue of the little mermaid because it was the thing they really wanted to see here in Denmark.
first time i realized that steotypes could be true.
2005-03-26 12:13:40 AM  
Ha, as americans we are so spoiled. I live there 6 months out of the year with my man and I tells you, compared to the rest of the world we are spoiled.
2005-03-26 12:58:04 AM  

1. The Melo Malo (Sp?) is a great Dutch blues club that is mostly locals. It is off the Liedseplein. I normally HATE blues clubd but there is something surreal about hearing the blues in Dutch. Especially if you are taking part in the local flavors. *wink*

2. Try Salvia if you haven't. Look in the "Smart Shops" (the Dutch rule!). Be sure to sit/recline in a comfortable place where you won't be hassled for a good 1/2 hour or so. The Vondelpark is a great place to chill.

3. Say Austublift (aust-yu-bleeft, or something like that) when you hand someone money or get your change. It is kind of like saying 'thank you' and will make others appreciate that you are trying to speak their difficult language.

4. Check out any of the markets that you happen to be near. I have gotten some great stuff at the Dutch equivalents of the flea market. There are several and they all end in -plein. Better than any tourist gift shop.

5. Indonesian food.

6. Go to any Albert Hein grocery stores (everywhere) to get the best deals on food-related booty. Chocolate, cheese, etc. are the cheapest there or at any other local grocery. Buy something wierd.

Hope that helps.
2005-03-26 01:38:04 AM  
It's all tax. Ergo, it's their choice for it to cost so much. The parliament could drop the prices any time they want too, they chose not too.

/no pity
2005-03-26 02:43:13 AM  
I live in holland, this is our prime minister:

[image from too old to be available]

Needless to say living here sucks ass. Think his harry potter look is rediculous? You should see his health and social security plans.
2005-03-26 02:48:06 AM  

Using the GDP as a measure how wealthy your country is just shows you bought into your governaments propaganda ("US is The WiN!!"). Did your precious GDP get everyone in your country decent healthcare? education? tranportation?

A set of rich companies do not make for a healthy economy. Take WalMart, they make a shiatload of money by selling cheap stuff to needy americans who are too stoopid to recognize that the stuff they bought was made for a fraction of what they paid in countries where the governament doesn't enforce proper labor laws. WalMart practically admitted this by refusing to let your own governament check on the working conditions in their foreign based factories. So what happends to the money? Check your Forbes top 10 richest basterds in the world list. Your not on it, but the owners of WalMart are.

Thats capitalism for ya. No I don't think socialsm is the answer, but I do believe that within 50 years we will look back in shame and be emberassed to admit to our kids that "no we didn't see it while it was happening right in front of us".

/end rant

2005-03-26 02:57:48 AM  
subliminalman...just got back from Amsterdam on Monday. Here are some culinary suggestions:

1) Horde any and all stroopwafels you can get your hands on. Trust me.

2) If you're adventurous...find a street market, scout for a fish booth, get a fresh herring sandwich on a roll with onions and a pickle. It's fresh off the boat.

3) Any beer on tap will taste heavenly.

4) Dutch chocolate ain't too bad.

5) Beware Febo.

As a parting shot, here's a funny pic I took last weekend at a street market in Amsterdam...

[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-26 03:10:10 AM  

It's late. I had a few drinks. I mis-read your comment and don't really know why I went of on such a tirade. Don't take it personal, most Dutch people are just as (ab)normal as you merkins. We whine about politics and the weather. We claim to know where the grass is greener. Ok, bad example, we know more about grass. I wonder, why can't we all just get a bong. Make love not war, or as my wise grandma used to say, make Thee not love.

omg I should shuddup now...
2005-03-26 06:25:29 AM
2005-03-26 07:27:24 AM  
I'm Dutch and Canadian (whoo dual citizenship!) currently living in Holland. In Canada, we're in the car everyday. Since arriving in Holland, I can count on my fingers and toes how many times I've been in a car. If you're planning on going a long distance, you take the train. Otherwise you bike on your fancy thousand dollar bike with lights and bells and shiat. And "long distance" is completely different from Canada. I'm living in the east of Holland, and it's a huge day trip to go to Amsterdam by car. The trip is maybe two hours. And yeah, SMART cars creep me out still.
2005-03-26 07:33:32 AM  
I am american and living in germany. Don't talk about gas prices till you see the price over here. 1.50 eur for a liter. That's about 2 bucks = a liter = a quart ~ or around 8 bucks US for a gallon. It hasn't really changed in the last two years that I have been here.

Oooh. An arm and a leg for gas now. What is that... 2.00/gal in the US? Come back when it gets over 10$ a gallon and quitcherbichin.

Gotta give props to Holland though for their price. Does it come with a free car wash for each liter? :)

/See, the Iraq war wasn't about gas now was it?
//Otherwise US gas prices would be around 50cents a gal.
2005-03-26 08:34:34 AM  
I bike on my fancy 50 dollar bike with crappy bell and lights thatonly work when it isn't raining. It's ugly enough not to get stolen but I can still haul ass on it. Does not need gas, that's all that I worry about. Plus I get to ride mass transit and trains for free during the week! Who needs gas? I saw a huge truck, a bog huge dodge ram or something pull into a gas station yesterday, his fill-up must have cost like 100 Euro. Sucks to be him.
2005-03-26 09:07:34 AM  

Just out of curiousity, do you know what Holland's current unemployment and GDP growth statistics are?

CIA World Factbook is your friend.

GDP - real growth rate: -0.7% (2003 est.)

Unemployment rate: 5.3% (2003 est.)
2005-03-26 09:15:26 AM  

I am going to holland in sept, but I plan to use no gas. Anyone that has been there I would welcome your advice on what to see and what to avoid.

If you're in Amsterdam, check out Boom Chicago. You can save money on the ticket price using the coupon from the free magazine.

In fact, while you're on their website, have a look at the "Real Amsterdam" section - some useful info there.
2005-03-26 11:06:18 AM  
Fuel cost: $0.74
Taxes: $6.00

Score one for socialist societies?
2005-03-26 12:09:13 PM  

If you think gas prices are high now, well, they'll be $10.00 a gallon within a couple years. But nobody will care because we'll be in a global economy depression and possibly at war with China over the world's remaining oil sources in the Middle East.

Didn't I hear the same sort of stories back in the 70's. Oh ya I did. Tin foil is not good for the head it causes Alzheimer's disease.

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