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14880 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Mar 2002 at 5:57 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-24 05:58:54 PM  
Not very.

2002-03-24 05:59:45 PM  
I'm very dumb!
2002-03-24 06:00:32 PM  
Tests make me all nervous...
2002-03-24 06:00:50 PM  
I don't need to open this, i am a farking genus.

2002-03-24 06:01:09 PM  
2002-03-24 06:01:34 PM  
I am neither smart nor cool. Ah, well.
Hi Bumjube!
2002-03-24 06:02:41 PM  
Better to be a smart dumbass than a dumb smartass.
2002-03-24 06:03:04 PM  
WTF is with all the "cool" links lately?
2002-03-24 06:04:03 PM  
next cool tag gets the adolescent years pic
2002-03-24 06:07:58 PM  
I can't wait to see everyone posting their scores and trying to be all nonchalant about it.
2002-03-24 06:08:12 PM  
Your score is: 84
2002-03-24 06:08:43 PM  
Hiya Zorgon!
*makes kissy faces*

I did the verbal test.

"Above the population average, but in the normal range."

I may have done better if I hadn't guessed the last 10 or so questions. On the other hand, I may have done worse.
2002-03-24 06:09:37 PM  
...or explaining reasons why they didn't do as well as they should have.
2002-03-24 06:12:29 PM  
Remember... Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.
2002-03-24 06:12:43 PM  
"All persons scoring 126 or above on any of our tests may become a member of the society."

Anyone else see that King of the Hill? Makes me expect to be sold a Ph.D. for $999...
2002-03-24 06:14:33 PM  
i must be smrt because i always get gooder grades than anybody in my clas.

i also get to leave in my very own shorter yellow bus at the finish of nap time.
2002-03-24 06:15:39 PM  
Smart enough to not take this crock of a test.
2002-03-24 06:17:08 PM  
Ohhh, I got 145 on the Verbal. That's really.... uh..... good.
2002-03-24 06:17:45 PM  
Flibbertigibbet: Ditto.
2002-03-24 06:17:45 PM  
So then I did the Ultimate IQ test, and I got 116, but I didn't do so well because my 3 year old is painting her lips with red texta and telling me it's lipstick, and hubby is home sick from work and he keeps wanting me to empty the bucket he has been throwing up in....

I think that about covers it all...
2002-03-24 06:30:45 PM  
Why is there so many unfolded patterns questions? Argh!
2002-03-24 06:31:01 PM  
I hope this isn't based on speed of answering...otherwise all your folks with dial-up will be stupider than the rest of us.
2002-03-24 06:32:07 PM  
I suck
I scored 104
Im just so damn.....average
But average for guessing them all!
2002-03-24 06:33:55 PM  
got to question 8 before ADD kicked in and wanted to start breaking things. i give myself a 200 for being smart enough to quit the god forsaken thing, thats the true test of intelligence.

what do you see in this pattern????????
2002-03-24 06:34:23 PM  
i took the verbal test and once i had answered my 25 questions it went back to question 1 without giving me a score. i want a farking score. i'm pisssed. there questions are bullshiat.

penis:transitor radio::book:?

c)elevator music
2002-03-24 06:35:35 PM  
What the Hell is up with all those stupid 'x:y as bison:*' questions?
2002-03-24 06:37:40 PM  
i guess none got that...their
2002-03-24 06:38:33 PM  
Idiot writers, they make a thing with small numbers and ask you the fill in the missing number. When there are small numbers tons of patterns occur.
2002-03-24 06:39:29 PM  
i'm going to go watch 'Galdiator'..
2002-03-24 06:41:35 PM  
I took the Verbal IQ test . . . got a 108 which means "Above the population average, but in the normal range."

I'm normal.
2002-03-24 06:41:38 PM  
I'm impressed that no-one used the S-M-R-T song yet
2002-03-24 06:42:41 PM  
(98) the logic test is HARD.. i guess i'll never be a real Vulcan. meh :(

2002-03-24 06:43:56 PM  
IQ tests are bullshiat.
2002-03-24 06:44:05 PM  
btw i put A for every answer on the ultimate just now (including the write ins) and got 111
2002-03-24 06:47:07 PM  
That "ultimate IQ test" seemed to test my abstract spacial visualization abilities, not my IQ. Either way, it was boring, and the only decent estimate of your IQ can be found in your official high school transcripts, and even that one has a +/- 10 point innacuracy.
2002-03-24 06:50:23 PM  
Yeah, I agree, this is bullshiat. Even if you get a high score (over 127), you have to pay for membership. It's just an ego-stroking for anyone who wants to shell out the bucks for a certificate.
2002-03-24 06:52:21 PM  
103. *strangles average label*
2002-03-24 06:52:37 PM  
Don't waste your time on this, the ultimate IQ tests is 3 hours of testing to see which one fits in a huge pattern.
2002-03-24 06:53:56 PM  
$50!! Bah! I'd rather have 10 really good milkshakes.
2002-03-24 06:54:08 PM  
hahahaha i breezed through the "quest for exceptional intelligence test" in 3 minutes with minimal reading and just typing in random stuff and i still got a 100. hahahahaha. i'm still average.

i am so smart!
i am so smart!
i mean, S-M-A-R-T!
2002-03-24 06:54:50 PM  
scores for doing all A

ultimate: 111
verbal: 110
logic: 104
culture: 95
exceptional: 100
2002-03-24 06:54:58 PM  
Scored 130 on the logic test, but I've been puffing on my bong today cause I ran outta papers and haven't got the motivation to go to the store and by more (that's what weed does to ya').
2002-03-24 06:57:45 PM  
These tests are bull, yes. Pointless, frustrating, and created just to give people that think they're hot shiat something to brag about.

135 verbal, biatch! Suck it!
2002-03-24 07:04:45 PM  
Something to brag about? I've been a member for like six months, and aside from having my certificate hanging in my office I've never bragged.

Granted I did only pass by four points. =[
2002-03-24 07:15:01 PM  
122 on Ultimate. Not bad since... "I've been drinking again."
2002-03-24 07:17:38 PM  

I scored in the 99.9th percentile on the spatial reasoning and pattern matching of the ACT's, but holy shiat!

Is it just me, or did the "unfolded polygon" portions (I had three in a row) seem like pointless busywork to anyone?

Sure I could have gone over all of them facet by facet, but would doing so really prove that I'm more intelligent?

I figured out the fist one, guessed at the second, and then quit the test. Not fun.
2002-03-24 07:18:25 PM  
TV's_Frank: "That "ultimate IQ test" seemed to test my abstract spacial visualization abilities, not my IQ."

After the fourth "which of the following can not be formed from the unfolded pattern" I said to myself, I got better shiat to do than strain my eyes looking at these damn images. I mean, I could figure it out, but shiat, I would fall asleep from boredom first. And after staring at them for a while, the damn colors started to blend together. Maybe I should get my eyes checked.
2002-03-24 07:19:58 PM  
Find the four letter word that best fits in the second set of parenthesis.

did anyone else put in fark? i took the ultimate test and got a 124. i missed my invite by 2 whole points!!! i may not be gifted, but at least i am above average. i wonder if the people biatching about taking the test are worried about what they might score??

What does your score mean?
70-84 Well below the population average.
85-99 Below the population average, but in the normal range.
100 The population average.
101-115 Above the population average, but in the normal range.
116-125 Significantly above average.

A score of 126 or above qualifies you to become a member of the International High IQ Society.

127-140 Gifted.
141-159 Highly gifted.
160+ Profoundly gifted.
180+ Universal genius.

Factors that may have adversely affected your score include lack of sleep and/or physical, mental, or emotioal distractions.
2002-03-24 07:23:13 PM  
gnaw : psyche :: hour : ___?





2002-03-24 07:29:22 PM  
SqueezeTruck: The correct answer there is wrote. Who knows why?
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