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2005-03-24 01:33:32 PM  
My family has been incredibly supportive of me because playing baseball is what I've always wanted to do. But there has to come a time when I take some of this (muscular) weight off and forget what other people think or want me to do.

If I want to live until I'm 80 years old, I'm going to have to become a leaner-type, cardio-type individual who keeps his heart rate up. I'm not going to fight that losing battle against my weight when I'm retired and my metabolism slows down.

Read: Nah, the fact that I'm coming back from my injury 20 pounds lighter has nothing to do with me coming off steroids or HGH. It's a conscious decision for the betterment of my future health. Yeah, that's it.

2005-03-24 01:39:16 PM  
My family cares about me being healthy. They want me to be healthy when I'm 50, 70 years old. They want me to think about the long term. They make a valid point. I'm going to be 41 this year. They ask me: "Are you going to keep beating yourself up?"

Translation: Get your ass off of steroids before your heart explodes.
2005-03-24 01:39:43 PM  
What a punk.
2005-03-24 01:40:41 PM  
Who cares? Without roids he's just gonna fade away and eventually the media won't give a shiat about him (hopefully). Until then, let's just enjoy the 45 minutes out of the one hour sports center dedicated to Bonds, his family, whether his dog took a solid or liquid shiat, etc.
2005-03-24 01:40:52 PM  
This guy is screwed.

Can you get inducted into the Hall of Fame if you are in prison??
2005-03-24 01:41:09 PM  
My veiw from when i was kid to now has gone from hero to asshat.
2005-03-24 01:41:22 PM  
Hammerin' Hank should go put a beat down on that mellon head
2005-03-24 01:41:43 PM  
Will his peener grow back?
2005-03-24 01:42:16 PM  
Smarter than I give him credit for though, I gotta say. Bet he gets some media ops about long distance running instead of weight training in soon as he begins "recovery" and he'll tearfully admit that he's afraid his long-ball hitting will suffer for the lack of weight training.

Then when he's back in the game and his numbers drop he'll retire and note "I never did fully recover from the injury and my game never could reach the level I had it at before my surgery."

Way to work the press.
2005-03-24 01:42:41 PM  
I'm usually one who feels a little sympathetic for the constant hounding and beating celebrities in general face. Frankly, I don't care how much they make, it gets pretty damn annoying when you can't even take your kid to get a hamburger without having people flocking around interrupting you for some autograph. That being said, this guy is the biggest piece of crap I've ever seen, and the more interviews I see where he's lamenting he's tired and crying, the happier I will be.

Look dude, I believe you "taking the year off" is not steroid related about as much as I believe Whitney Houston that "crack is whack" and thus she never touched it.
2005-03-24 01:42:43 PM  
Did anyone watch Jon Stewart where they had Bonds' interview with the violin music.

That was some funny shiat.
2005-03-24 01:43:14 PM  
F**k you, Barry.

Oh, yeah, you too, Mac.
2005-03-24 01:43:20 PM  
They ask me: "Are you going to keep beating yourself up?"

Translation: "You can live like a king for the rest of your life, why do you keep injecting your decrepit body with horse testosterone?"
2005-03-24 01:43:46 PM  
Dammit, the only season I wanted to go see the Giants a few times is the one Barry mopst likely won't play in.

/has no use for his "*" shirt now
2005-03-24 01:44:44 PM  
The scary thing is that he thinks people are buying this shiat.
2005-03-24 01:47:08 PM  

The Home Run record for me is 61.

And the World Champs are the BOSTON RED SOX!
2005-03-24 01:48:01 PM  
What a coincidenc.

/does not believe in coincidences
//loves using the /
///knows that using the / pisses some people off
////they'll just have to get over it
2005-03-24 01:48:19 PM  
2005-03-24 01:48:22 PM  
Left unsaid: he can "blame" his decline on age (he is 40).
2005-03-24 01:48:44 PM  
Dear Barry,

Shut the fark up.


The World
2005-03-24 01:49:05 PM  
2005-03-24 01:49:20 PM  

Well said.
2005-03-24 01:49:38 PM  
I wish I could have a mistress for many years and blame it on the media.
I wish I could cheat on my taxes and blame it on the media.
I wish I could use illegal drugs and blame it on the media.
I wish I could blame EVERYTHING I do on the media.
I wish Barry would go away because he's a hall of fame jerk with a ego the size of the stadiums he plays in, and he's finally getting what is coming to him. All his actions prove him to be about Barry, for Barry and even his kids are just for his ego.
And for all of you waiting to play the race card, this has absolutely nothing to do with the color of his skin, only the content of his character.
2005-03-24 01:50:04 PM  
That guy needs to just fade away like his muscle mass eventually will. He's no martyr. I'm playing "just for the shrunken' nut ball players" on the worlds smallest violin right now.
2005-03-24 01:51:29 PM  
He's a cheater! I heard his press conference the other day, where he thanks the media for ruining his life with his family. Well - don't cheat! He's been found out and is guilty as sin in the court of public opinion, the one that counts.

Bud Selig is no Kenesaw Mountain Landis. Screw MLB.
2005-03-24 01:51:41 PM  
I hope he enjoys his time off, hell make it an early retiremtn. I would hate to see this loser pass eithert the Babe or Hank.

At least the Babe got his record while battling hangovers. Lou Gehrig played in a state of muscular decay. Those are studs, if you need to cheat, you don't deserve to play.
2005-03-24 01:51:45 PM  
My family cares about me being healthy. They want me to be healthy when I'm 50, 70 years old. They want me to think about the long term.

Just a typo.

healthy should be wealthy
2005-03-24 01:52:50 PM  
What did Gomer Pyle used to say?


Whadda chump....
2005-03-24 01:53:24 PM  
Ask any athlete, when you can't run and do cardio, no matter what you do you should end up GAINING weight because you can't burn off what you eat. I bet that farking media has it in for Barry and will use facts to make him jump off that bridge making his son cry... or something like that I didnt really understand what the hell he meant.
2005-03-24 01:54:06 PM  


Simplicity at it's finest. Excellent, Bent.
2005-03-24 01:54:31 PM  
I don't know what's worse: Him still trying to cover it up, or that some people believe him.

/Or maybe my bad grammar...
2005-03-24 01:54:41 PM  
Nothing wrong with a little planning.
2005-03-24 01:56:07 PM  
Does the * reference the fact that that is what you will find beside all of his records seeing as almost all of his homeruns were achieved using 'roids?
2005-03-24 01:57:45 PM  
How did this get greenlit? It was ALREADY POSTED!
2005-03-24 01:58:07 PM  
You will not see an * next to the records unless you go back and do it for McGuire, Conseco, Sosa, etc. Not going to happen so get over it.
2005-03-24 01:58:14 PM  
Waaaaa! "You stupid media ruined my family!"
Actually, it pretty much started when you had a mistress for 9 years and started MAKING your fmaily an issue. Don't be talking about your family and you kid every day to the media. Wouldnt you want to shield them from all of this?

Barry, you are a complete A Hole.
2005-03-24 01:58:43 PM  
I'm still waiting for JEREMY Giambi to set some records.
2005-03-24 01:58:54 PM  
Barry Bonds

[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-24 01:58:55 PM  

The Bonds apologists, definately.

I remember them in threads a year ago, saying that the evidence was just circumstantial and that they would join in the denunciations if there was ever proof, but even now they're still defending him; they've just changed their tune to "steroids don't help that much."

2005-03-24 01:59:17 PM  
It's gonna be funny this year watching all the players that went on the "Giambi diet". He shrunk last year.
Gonna be plenty of players shrinking this year.
2005-03-24 02:00:34 PM  
this Barry Bonds hatred seems to be an entirely press related problem. I mean, he's a popular player, which means he has to talk to the press pretty much every day or he's made to look like a jerk. Jordan suffered from the same thing. If you had a gaggle of press outside your office every day, good or bad, second guessing you and critiquing your performance, you'd eventually look like a jerk too.
2005-03-24 02:00:36 PM  

You will not see an * next to the records unless you go back and do it for McGuire, Conseco, Sosa, etc. Not going to happen so get over it.

I will not get over it. ;-) Make me!

I think we should start from scratch. Erase all the old records and ... that way everyone will have a chance to hold a record for something minor.
2005-03-24 02:00:41 PM  
What's even more pathetic is how irrelevant baseball has made itself. What the hell good are records or even keeping score if cheating is given a blind eye? Why even record that someone hit X number of home runs in their career when you have admitted steroid abusers blasting those records to the stone age?

I used to be the biggest baseball fan...but since the strike, I can't watch it. It's not a sport and hasn't been since it became "big business". The only way major league baseball has a chance to redeem itself is for the owners to stop jerking around the game, vote in a new commissioner who is clinically proven to possess both brains AND testicular mass, and come down with a zero tolerance policy for cheating of any kind.

No juiced balls, no corked bats, no spitballs, no illegal drugs, no performance enhancing substances...just friggin' baseball the way it's meant to be played.

Until that happens, it's no more a sport than pro wrestling.

/rant off
2005-03-24 02:00:52 PM  

I don't think you'd find any true baseball fan that doesn't want asterisks on every roided plyer's records. That's not true. Many of us just want them exounged completely. Fark the asterisk.
2005-03-24 02:00:53 PM  
Actually that would be a great way to get over it. Put a * beside all the asshats that did 'roids.
2005-03-24 02:01:25 PM  
superoogie: if there was ever proof

That's the thing. There is no "proof"... yet. Granted it's highly unlikely he didn't do HGH or steroids in some form, but there is no proof. Alledged leaked grand jury testimony and hear say from his whore do not equal proof.
2005-03-24 02:01:27 PM  
Is football next? What would the NFL be without 'roids'?
I guess society expects them to do the juice.

I can't wait till we get a pro golfer on roids. That is gonna rule.
2005-03-24 02:01:51 PM  
you people are farking idiots. hes had 3 surgeries in the last couple months and isnt even sure if hell be able to play this season... how the hell can he be expected to be as big as he was when completely healthy? ive seen friends who play baseball in college come off not-so-serious injuries much less built than they previously were.
2005-03-24 02:02:02 PM  
this is all because he is black.
2005-03-24 02:02:20 PM  
how's he going to explain the man-boobs?
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