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(retroCrush)   Gallery of 2002 Actress Oscar Noms wearing little or nothing (not safe for work)   ( divider line
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26987 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Mar 2002 at 5:21 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-24 05:24:23 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-24 05:24:31 PM  
Oh yeeeaah!
2002-03-24 05:24:40 PM  
ok enough "cool" this is at least "boobies."
2002-03-24 05:25:41 PM  
I posted this with the Boobies tag..
2002-03-24 05:26:46 PM  
We need a warm tag to combat the cool tag.
2002-03-24 05:27:11 PM  
Argh! I didn't type Pirst Fost, I actually typed the B word. Does the new FarkFilter automatically make any post with the B word in it become last? What the hell?
2002-03-24 05:27:22 PM  
Yeah this proves the mod are messing around.
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2002-03-24 05:27:59 PM  
Jennifer Connelly is awesome. And Halle. But the rest don't do anything for me.
2002-03-24 05:29:15 PM  
that's one helluva Nicole Kidman shot in there too... I don't think I've seen that one before...
2002-03-24 05:31:50 PM  
And Judi Dench wasn't that bad 70 years ago or whenever that picture was taken...

But I agree with above postings: Jennifer Connelly is just gorgeous.
2002-03-24 05:32:26 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-24 05:33:53 PM  
Helen Mirren is *still* a babe at the age of 57.
2002-03-24 05:35:29 PM  
Who cares about these chicks ?
I wanna see this new love of my life, Laura Herring, totally nekkid. BOING !
2002-03-24 07:31:54 PM  
Is it just me, or is Jennifer Connely a farking goddess?
2002-03-24 07:45:48 PM  
Is it just me, or is Jennifer Connely a farking goddess?

That Maggie chick is like 68 yrs old, I wonder what flick her boobies are shown from.

2002-03-24 07:49:53 PM  
Where are the Nicole Kidman shots from? Must see more...

2002-03-24 07:55:16 PM  
Kezza -> Eyes Wide Shut
2002-03-24 07:56:26 PM  
Ugh. Maggie's a dog, at any age.
2002-03-24 08:20:39 PM  
Ok men, they just showed Jennifer on TV at the Red Carpet show, and her boobies are GONE. I don't know what happened, she must have gotten implants and then regretted it or something, but she is FLAT.

2002-03-24 08:28:43 PM  
The main reason I like Jennifer is because she looks like a girl I know closely. And her boobies are REAL.
2002-03-24 08:43:58 PM  
Mmmmm, Jennifer Connely, goddamn.
2002-03-25 12:10:38 AM  
mmmmmmmmmm . . . Laura Herring . . .
2002-03-25 05:22:09 AM  
Finally....something deserving of a "Boobies" tag, and it's "Cool"? WTF?

Crazy High Guy
2002-03-25 05:32:40 AM  
Outshined, she had a kid. That doesn't do good things for your bustline. (Also, it may have been the dress she was wearing.)

Damn...Nicole Kidman looks, like, a human being instead of a Barbie doll! w00t!
2002-03-25 08:10:44 AM  
Mythago: you noticed that, too? At first, I was a little disappointed . . . but the more I think about it, the more I like it.
2002-03-25 08:42:48 AM  
Alas, blocked from work
2002-03-25 10:05:22 AM  
I used to work in a video store, and I remember that Jennifer Connelly was a softcore porn star.
2002-03-25 10:05:39 AM  
hey what we need is a bunch of screen caps of the dresses that were a little on the transparent side, heard there were a few I didn't watch the show, porn was on instead
2002-03-25 10:56:41 AM  
Nicole Kidman bush.

I knew she highlighted her hair!
2002-03-25 11:18:37 AM  
C'mon, Mythago, you can't look at this picture and tell me she didn't have some sort of major reduction or something.
2002-03-25 11:21:14 AM  
By contrast, this picture was taken on the set of Mulholland Falls, in 1996. And that ain't a padded bra.
2002-03-25 11:37:22 AM  
sfotw: My Momma told me my eyesight would go bad eventually. Now, what to do about these unsightly palms...

So...where are all the farkettes demanding equal weener-time from Denzel? Russell? The 'other' one-eyed monster from Monsters Inc.??
2002-03-25 12:21:41 PM  
Outshined, comparing the first and second pics you posted, it looks like she added a little weight - which can do WONDERS for a woman's figure!! I don't like broomsticks!!!
2002-03-25 04:07:11 PM  
Jennifer Connely is great. It is unfortunate that it appears that she has gotten a little (okay, a lot) smaller, but she's already made the stuff that counts. Speaking of which, Career Opportunities was pretty funny, even after the third viewing (in a row, we rented it for the five hour ride to Disney World).
2002-03-28 01:37:23 AM  
I'm reviewing this a few days late, but that middle picture of Nicole Kidman is the greatest nudey shot of a movie star - EVER!!
wow. I always thought she was good-looking, a little skinny maybe, but "ok" none-the-less.
damn, I was waaay off!
jeeezzus chrisp!
2002-06-22 12:07:48 AM  
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