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6143 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Mar 2002 at 11:16 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-23 11:19:15 PM  
"So I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out."
2002-03-23 11:20:15 PM  
Awesome game... Pascal Trepanier got the piss beat out of him. Avery kicks ass.
2002-03-23 11:20:35 PM  
He shoots, he dies!
2002-03-23 11:22:57 PM  
Pascal Trepanier got a cut lip and was bleeding quite a bit out of it, but it was still only a cut lip. Hardly what I would call getting the piss beat out of him.

I was disappointed that the refs wouldn't let Hasek and Roy go at it though.
2002-03-23 11:23:42 PM  
i hate these mother fark3rs, they should all fu*k off, and then die, and burn in mother farklng hell. A$S Holes
2002-03-23 11:25:08 PM  
what are u talking about breakaway?
2002-03-23 11:26:02 PM  
Yeah, they are. It was also funny when Belfour was on his ass, and he started hacking at some player with his stick.
2002-03-23 11:27:24 PM  
I'm with you Breakaway995. I hate Detroit and Colorado too. Go Stars! I like Keaner, Mike Keane, though.
2002-03-23 11:27:27 PM  
Well your coverage in Colorado must suck, because I saw Avery pounding away and that french faggot for a good minute or so. Then a nice shot of him in the penalty box with a pretty severely swollen mouth and a pretty blood jersey. Ah well he's a puss anyway, just like the rest of the Avalanche team.
2002-03-23 11:27:52 PM  
anyone remember when belfour hit kurt maltby in the crotch with his stick
2002-03-23 11:29:12 PM  
So what isn't [image from too old to be available] nowadays
2002-03-23 11:30:29 PM  
Belfour is well-known for nailing guys in the balls with his stick. He's a hack. He's also a headcase and should probably seek help.
2002-03-23 11:31:14 PM  
Hmmm i was unawares this was cool day...
2002-03-23 11:37:30 PM  
and what a fight it was...boy did the Sabres suck it up tonight - worst hockey ever.
2002-03-23 11:43:47 PM  
2002-03-23 11:44:16 PM  
Wulfblood: Belfour's insane, and stupid. I used to have some respect for him, until his little run-in with the cops where, if I remember correctly, he basically said they could set the bail as high as they wanted because he had billions of dollars. Then there was the dressing room trashing a few weeks ago...
They put him in at a Leafs game I was at a week ago, and all the crowd did whenever he had the puck was chant about how much he sucks. It was great.
2002-03-23 11:46:51 PM  
Belfour may be insane, but he's still a great goalie.
2002-03-23 11:47:58 PM  
The Detroit-Colorado rivalry was getting a bit tame. Glad to see they still have that burning hatred towards each other *wipes tear from eye*
2002-03-23 11:50:22 PM  
Belfour sucks, at least Turco doesn't go trashing locker rooms.

Yes I know it's RealVideo and RealPlayer is more decaf than decaf itself but if you're a Canucks fan or a Salo hater it's worth it.
2002-03-23 11:52:13 PM  
"Hasek got 2 [penalty minutes] for leaving the crease"

I'm sure that this actually means something.
2002-03-23 11:52:53 PM  
Go Flyers! Brashear is hard-farking core..
2002-03-23 11:54:53 PM  
Goalie fights RULE. I wanna see the Lightning get into the playoffs, and just as time expires in the deciding game, have a big fscking melee at center ice. If Cicarelli's coming back, it could happen.
2002-03-24 12:03:19 AM  
I thought it was pretty chicken-shiat of Hasek to come running in behind Roy. Roy must not have heard him, must have had his rings in his ears.
2002-03-24 12:11:18 AM  
Belfour's not a great goalie. He's good. Not great.
2002-03-24 12:18:34 AM  
Fugg all you Belfour bashers !!!
I smoked crack with Eddie and Hasek back in '91 when they both were on the 'hawks and they were really cool guys. Plus they paid for all the crack, hookers, and trashed hotel rooms. And the fights they got into, always over who was getting that last rock. We are talking goalie fights, right ?
2002-03-24 12:22:06 AM  
This is what I wanted to see.......

[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-24 12:23:24 AM  
Kukuman: Who was that?
2002-03-24 12:31:05 AM  
Best Goalie fight I've seen so far this year was the Felix Potvin vs. Jani Hurme. Hurme couldn't take off his trapper and kept biatch slapping Potvin with it until an Ottawa player on the bench leaned over and untied the laces so he could take it off.
2002-03-24 12:33:29 AM  
Kukuman: Goddamn! Now *that* was an ass beating.
2002-03-24 12:45:44 AM  
So refreshing to see REAL "sportsmanship", in which opposing teams actually act out their hatred toward each other in acts of pure violence.

None of that sissy stuff that they teach to all the kids these days: It's not if you win or lose its......PUSSIES!
2002-03-24 12:55:14 AM  
Cheshire_cat_sf: Who was who? If you're talking about the fight, that was Cloutier vs. Salo, back when Cloutier was on the Rangers and Salo was on the Islanders.
2002-03-24 01:09:29 AM  
Hockey fights are the best fights in sports, bar none!

Fans chanted "Roy! Roy!" as the officials separated the players.

Fans: [image from too old to be available]
2002-03-24 02:04:50 AM  
I still have the picture from that Hurme/Potvin fight on my door.
2002-03-24 02:24:09 AM  
All I have to say is that Hasek is a big pussy and Roy could kick his ass any day of the week. Avs rule.
2002-03-24 03:16:48 AM  
Bird: no shiat. Hasek should thank the hockey gods that he tripped over a stick right before he got to Roy, and that the linesman kept them split up.

There was no real chance of the goalies going at it anyway. Only two players fighting + 2 linesman and 2 referees = more than enough officials to go around, and thus no chance for a goalie fight.
2002-03-24 03:19:42 AM  
Goalie fights suck. Please, let's watch two yogurt-slurping, yoga-practicing millionaires with no upper body strength and lemon-sized fists hug each other and fall to the ice in a heap of futon-legwear. Cool.
When kids start playing (street..)hockey the pussy plays goalie. If they're good enough pussies they graduate to the NHL. Undisputable truth.
Sometimes they use the gym but only to tone their stupid asses. Fact.
And Patrick Roy is a pussy like the rest of them. A rich, talented pussy. So there.
2002-03-24 03:45:38 AM  
My friend was goalie for our street hockey team (probably the biggest and strongest of us too) and I bet he could easily kick the crap out of you Crackpot...
2002-03-24 05:18:14 AM  
Mugatu - I don't know... I can hold my own. Either way, he's an exception to the rule. Well, my rule. But good for him.
2002-03-24 09:14:49 AM  
Well it's good to see that not everyone thinks that Ed Belfour is a great goalie. This make the third time that Roy has been into it with a Wings goalie, and he won the first two. I wish the refs had let them go at it to, because hasuck is a toothpick, and would have gotten beaten down just like osgood and vernon. Go avalanche!
2002-03-24 09:50:55 AM  

I don't know where you grew up, but it was always the 2 best players on the pond (usually the guys who played in organinzed leagues)because the games just sucked if they played forward. Skating around everyone and then easily sliding it past someone who couldn't even stand. No you always want your best and most atheltic in goal or else you end up with a 56-43 score.
2002-03-24 01:01:48 PM  
Bel4sucks: Roy didn't win the first two fights. But thanks. I just remembered why I hate Avalanche fans.
2002-03-24 06:54:35 PM  
Red Wings Suck !!
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