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(   Bismark N.D. sets world record with 1800 snow angels   ( divider line
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947 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Mar 2002 at 6:59 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-23 07:00:46 PM  
Yea, so...
2002-03-23 07:01:10 PM  
spiffy??? as if anyone gives a shiat??

mom, is that you moderating again??
2002-03-23 07:02:16 PM  
Beat it!
2002-03-23 07:03:32 PM  
Hey- at least it's [image from too old to be available] and not farking [image from too old to be available]
2002-03-23 07:05:12 PM  
Better send over the 1,000,000 italians.
2002-03-23 07:05:27 PM  
at least it's not
2002-03-23 07:05:58 PM  
BLARG arf rragh grr... Dammit potbreath, someday I'll learn HTML.
2002-03-23 07:32:52 PM  
"It's a mother-son thing. He is a Guinness book freak. We've gotten them for I don't know how many years," said Gail Stevens, 54, of her 18-year-old son, Chuck.

um....I don't know, somewhere between 1 and 18?
2002-03-23 07:38:24 PM  
all the cool links i send in and this one gets posted?

i'm not reading it.
2002-03-23 07:54:29 PM  
people from north dakota are ga-hay, anyways.
2002-03-23 08:02:48 PM  
Q:How many angels and sit on the head of a pin?
A:Measure an angel's a$$ and devide by the area of the pin.

Class dismissed.
2002-03-23 08:04:57 PM  
I'd be more impressed if a couple hundred people wrote their names in the snow without using their hands- in a Times New Roman font. I think I'd pay money to see that.
2002-03-23 08:11:57 PM  
20/20: Or one of those Olde English calligraphy fonts.
2002-03-23 08:22:05 PM  
Ever notice how most world records are for things that the average person considers stupid?
2002-03-23 08:37:43 PM  
Bri- Minnesotans aren't much better
2002-03-23 09:51:16 PM  
People still have snow in March? Damn, I got a sunburn today.
2002-03-23 11:06:10 PM  
Minnesotans couldn't make that many snow angels cause we haven't had any farking snow this winter.

What's the record for mud-angels?
2002-03-23 11:57:39 PM  
2002-03-24 12:04:48 AM  
Ha! Minnesotans are better!?!? You're the freaks with the accent from the movie "Fargo"!

... I hate fargo.. So boring... GET ME OUTTA HERE!
2002-03-24 12:06:13 AM  
Farking A.. how do you edit!?!?.. hehe I typed You're instead of "they're"...

Hey hefe... Come to the LAN party this friday!
2002-03-24 01:38:21 AM  
2002-03-24 05:07:13 AM  
Let me just say that this does NOT make me proud to be from ND. *sigh*
2002-03-24 11:16:28 AM  
A fine example of what an average ND winter does to a hayseed's brain.
2002-03-24 12:12:49 PM  
That is the most exciting thing to happen in this state since Dave Barry came to, I gotta get outta here.
2002-03-24 03:02:27 PM  
Yeah.. He musta really felt special... Us naming a lift station after him and all....
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