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6801 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Mar 2002 at 12:00 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-24 12:06:00 AM  
humorous, all these farkers tryin to get the 1st.
I will drink another beer now.....
2002-03-24 12:07:01 AM  
Mordor has nuke sites, heh.
2002-03-24 12:07:10 AM  
Don't call them shorty, they got nukes.
2002-03-24 12:07:59 AM  
2002-03-24 12:08:49 AM  
Weirdest. Modding. Ever.
2002-03-24 12:08:53 AM  
heh, nice one Mods, moving the "Boobiesers" attempts to the bottom. Oh, btw, thought up a new Fark drinkinubianme, drink when they post a "cool" tag, sure to be a fun time with that one.
2002-03-24 12:09:36 AM  
Bad Sinfluence, please know that I was mocking motoman.
2002-03-24 12:11:13 AM  
AAAAGGGGGGG! I've been lumped in with the alpha enty tards. DAMN you MODS!
2002-03-24 12:11:39 AM  
Virion: Mine wasn't a "Boobiesers" einstein. I have TotalFark. If I wanted to be 1st, I could have.
2002-03-24 12:12:01 AM  
Why are things running backwards? What the hell was with that site? That wasn't amusing. I'm not even drunk anymore, and things aren't making sense. I'm gonna go crack open a Harp.
2002-03-24 12:12:54 AM  
Did I say Damn you? EEr, I meant MODS are cool!
2002-03-24 12:14:22 AM  
2002-03-24 12:14:36 AM  
Kolacky, I was talking about the people that flood in with pointless irelevent p 0 sts to get the first, not you! Geez, don't get so offended over a comment. Don't tell me a guy posting "first?" was a legit p 0 st. Oh, and I am seriously annoyed by the filter...
2002-03-24 12:15:14 AM  
2002-03-24 12:19:29 AM  
2002-03-24 12:20:52 AM  

2002-03-24 12:22:50 AM  
Nice one, StephenV. Remember to ask for the political prisioners to be set free.
2002-03-24 12:25:30 AM  
Remember, I'm the guy with the jpg of a gun.
2002-03-24 12:29:07 AM  
just checking the time in the us of a
2002-03-24 12:55:27 AM  
03-24-02 12:09:36 AM Angry Inch
Bad Sinfluence, please know that I was mocking motoman.

Angry Inch There were at least 6 or more when I posted, ya'll got deleted because you were not worthy....
I am watching middle earth with the rest of the wizards, no trolls cannot hang with us..............
Time for more brew of the god's...... BEER....BEER.....
2002-03-24 12:59:20 AM  
So what exactly is the record for longest thread without a single topical post?
2002-03-24 12:59:39 AM  
Not that being topical would be in any way appropriate at this point :)
2002-03-24 01:10:11 AM  
i will start: THAT WOULD BE COOL. I want to read that book.. nah i want to be that kid... *cry*
2002-03-24 01:55:01 AM  
2002-03-24 01:55:49 AM  
Last P 0 s t !!
2002-03-24 02:02:20 AM  
At last the decadent monarchy will be overthrown and the working man will ascend into dominance!
2002-03-24 05:53:37 AM  
Check it out, there's Whoville!
2002-03-24 06:25:34 AM  
Hehehe, Halfling Stalin, a 3 foot tall stalin...

2002-03-24 10:55:01 AM  
2002-03-24 11:31:22 AM  
Fu'cking Noob Tards
2002-03-24 12:00:52 PM  
2002-03-24 12:02:52 PM  
2002-03-24 03:30:14 PM  
I'm surprised, with that vision in mind, Tolkien isn't more popular among Farkers.
2002-03-25 01:37:46 AM  
fark this shiatty thread.
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