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(Rum And Monkey)   What kind of drunk are you?   ( divider line 83
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8765 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Mar 2002 at 6:45 PM (13 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-23 12:22:39 PM  
apparently, i'm an 'Angry Drunk'. bah!
2002-03-23 05:12:13 PM  
2002-03-23 06:49:13 PM  
I'm an angry drunk?? hmm....
2002-03-23 06:50:11 PM  
2002-03-23 06:50:15 PM  
WEEE! Not a "cool" post!
2002-03-23 06:50:52 PM  
I should just mention that it's more or less true. Unless there's a category for paranoid conspiracy wacko drunk - that happens sometimes.
2002-03-23 06:52:20 PM  
I'm a drunk who's not drunk.
2002-03-23 06:53:34 PM  
I'm an "I'm So Drunk" drunk. That's so inaccurate it's laughable
2002-03-23 06:54:43 PM  

The best question was the "wanky tottle" one :).
2002-03-23 06:55:42 PM  
Kewl, it may not be accurate (it's not accurate) but it's funny if you toy with the questions to see what they get.
2002-03-23 06:56:08 PM  
I think I like the cool links better
2002-03-23 06:56:35 PM  
Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path.
2002-03-23 06:56:59 PM  
2002-03-23 06:57:16 PM  
not very invasive - it did cater to the huggy drunk though... I'm not that. I'm a
2002-03-23 06:57:45 PM  
What the fark is a chunder monkey??
2002-03-23 06:57:55 PM  
My name is feralbitey... and I'm an "alcoholic"... *snicker*...

Yeah. Right.
2002-03-23 06:59:40 PM  

But I *never* barf! Well, almost never...
2002-03-23 06:59:54 PM  
My name is Virion...and I'm a Farker. *people mumble words of support*
2002-03-23 07:05:39 PM  
2002-03-23 07:06:33 PM  
Pssssh. It takes more than that to get me drunk!

What kind of drunk are you?
2002-03-23 07:08:38 PM  

2002-03-23 07:15:21 PM  
My Mormon name is DeLaVerne Montone!
What's yours?
2002-03-23 07:17:33 PM  
2002-03-23 07:17:37 PM  
I'm a thirsty drunk.
2002-03-23 07:18:46 PM  
Well, I think this just about says it all.
2002-03-23 07:18:56 PM  
My Mormon name is Davenport Shore Deloris!
What's yours?
2002-03-23 07:19:50 PM  
Im a drunk who hates lame polls
2002-03-23 07:22:06 PM  
I hate lamb poles too!!!!
2002-03-23 07:23:32 PM  
I am a

Those cocksmokers at my school always picked on me! boo hoo!!!! Look who's laughing now though, I'm gonna nail me this hot European chick while they're stuck with the cheerleaders they knocked up senior year! [ /drunk ]

Damn, a bunch of other cool tools on that site too. Unlike most of the stuff today, this does deserve a tag.
2002-03-23 07:26:53 PM  
2002-03-23 07:27:42 PM  
My Mormon name is Markay DaMonite!

Heh, nice one, BigJimSlade
2002-03-23 07:29:54 PM  
My Mormon name is Jelissa Amaree, but all my Colossal Death Robot friends call me "Bender."

Which Colossal Death Robot Are You?
2002-03-23 07:30:24 PM  
Iss like drinkieng. iT makes ne happys.
2002-03-23 07:33:50 PM  
I'm an alcoholic? shiat, I could have told ya that.
2002-03-23 07:35:23 PM  
2002-03-23 07:39:14 PM  

Which Evil Criminal are You?
Heh...wait a second, that's NOT a good thing...
2002-03-23 07:40:32 PM  
2002-03-23 07:42:21 PM  
That poll didn't make any sense... I'll have to try it again when I'm sober.....
2002-03-23 07:45:01 PM  

What kind of drunk are you?
2002-03-23 07:46:01 PM  

What kind of drunk are you?

Now, off to the bar with me. Two pints of Guinness, here I come. If only all my friends hadn't left for Spring Break. I hate drinking alone.
2002-03-23 07:51:28 PM  
2002-03-23 07:52:17 PM  
But I don't need friends, because...

2002-03-23 07:56:36 PM  
Well it told me I was an angry drunk. I don't think it has my true category of "Sleepy Drunk" in it's database
2002-03-23 08:04:02 PM  
Don't Fark with me because...

Take the Affliction Test Today!
2002-03-23 08:08:39 PM  
Is there a naked drunk? I didn't see it, but I'm pretty sure that's me. At least that's what the police report says. Argh.
2002-03-23 08:14:32 PM  
I am: Syphilus/Charles Manson/Chunder Monkey/Robocop.

Wow. What a combination!
2002-03-23 08:19:13 PM  
at least I don't have issues

What kind of drunk are you?
2002-03-23 08:19:45 PM  
2002-03-23 08:26:32 PM  
I am rabies, hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore

Take the Affliction Test Today!
2002-03-23 08:28:59 PM  
hey does anyone know if there is an "if I was a kitchen appliance I would be [blah]" test?
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