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(VoyeurWeb) Boobies "Mary, a College Girl." Apparently she gets tuition by stripping at what looks like a funeral home (not safe for work)   ( divider line 176
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164085 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Mar 2005 at 11:48 PM (10 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-03-22 09:15:17 PM  
wow, she's pretty sweet looking.
2005-03-22 09:16:21 PM  
Sure nobody could resist my always perfectly shaved pussy with a thing hair strip left
2005-03-22 09:35:40 PM  
Sure nobody could resist my always perfectly shaved pussy with a thing hair strip left

Mary, a College Girl, apparently is not an English major.
2005-03-22 09:35:47 PM  
couple of those shots look like they drug her outta the coffin for the shoot....
2005-03-22 09:37:15 PM  
I think that place looks like a church restroom.
2005-03-22 09:37:53 PM  
Yeah, right. They're all working their way through college.
2005-03-22 09:46:53 PM  
Mary, A College Girl

Hi, I am Stacey....

/She's cute
2005-03-22 09:49:00 PM  
Pretty face, too bad about the eating disorder though.
2005-03-22 09:49:52 PM  
Short cut hair I like as it makes me look like a very young girl you will give highly comments about!

Huhu Grrr!
2005-03-22 09:51:38 PM  
The commentary says "I like the way she moves" yet these are just still pictures.
2005-03-22 10:21:03 PM  
I was just gonna come in here to make a comment about her perfect grasp of the English language but it seems as thought it's already been covered.
2005-03-22 10:29:46 PM  
if she's 20 i'm an astronaut
2005-03-22 10:34:15 PM  
So that's what the average house looks like in Transylvania.
2005-03-22 10:44:41 PM  
She can do without the stupid poses and black lipstick.

/would still hit it
2005-03-22 10:48:46 PM  
I'd hit it after the autopsy.

2005-03-22 11:32:24 PM  
A College Girl

Subject: #20050315-131061 - A College Girl Hi there! I am Stacey, a college girl! Being about 20 years old I look much younger. New meat for you is here and you are blessed to watch my teen-age body with hard outstanding nipples. I am proud to tell you I started to bed guys when I was 14. Sure nobody could resist my always perfectly shaved pussy with a thing hair strip left. Check out for my natural hair color, as I am really dark hair girl. Short cut hair I like as it makes me look like a very young girl you will give highly comments about!

There were pictures too?
That part alone satified me..

Hard outstanding nipples.
2005-03-22 11:35:08 PM  
Oh bob!
The blurb on the next page is even better:

Subject: #20050317-131359 - 3 Different Nude Women An excellent prize of my summer hunt. Before you there is a company of 3 different nude women. One can absolutely enjoy these 3 totally different types of figures. The woman to the right is not to my taste, she is too big. The woman in the middle is better, but she has strangely huge hips at the back of the whole slim figure. Maybe its just not a good foreshortening. And I liked that one to the left

Carry on.
Back to your regularly scheduled fapping..
2005-03-22 11:54:58 PM  
How about them armpits?
2005-03-22 11:55:09 PM  
Someone get her a sammitch!
2005-03-22 11:55:15 PM  
She's pretty cute but that couch is awful.
2005-03-22 11:56:59 PM  

I'd hit it!

[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-22 11:59:43 PM  
She looks at least 26.
2005-03-23 12:00:35 AM  
That biatch is 50, and her page is in engrish.

All her armpit hair are belong to us.
2005-03-23 12:01:40 AM  

How did this get greenlighted?



some of the worst (as in least pleasing, not most vile or anything) internet porn i've ever seen has been on fark. where have you been? anyone who tried to rely completely on regular fark for their porn needs would probably be hanging from the rafters after a few months.
2005-03-23 12:01:44 AM  
i know that girl
2005-03-23 12:02:31 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

ummmm.....maybe after a twelve-pack.
2005-03-23 12:03:34 AM  
2005-03-23 12:04:03 AM  
If you dont like it post your own!
2005-03-23 12:04:04 AM  
Are you kidding me with this?

/I mean, honestly
2005-03-23 12:04:14 AM  
That's all good in the hood.
2005-03-23 12:04:42 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

"Mary Mary - why you buggin'?"
2005-03-23 12:04:52 AM  
Yeah...I guess she's cute in an I-already-have-three-boyfriends-and-have-seriously-contemplated-taking-my-own- life-twice sort of way.

/I didn't say I still wouldn't hit it, though...
2005-03-23 12:04:53 AM  
Come on people. Of all the magnificent women on the internets, we get THIS?

/would still hit it (after a few shots)
2005-03-23 12:05:53 AM  
i visit this site regularly for fapping. weird to see it posted to fark.
2005-03-23 12:06:57 AM  
Her... uh... hair's cute, but... no thanks. She's a bit too thin, I think... I like girls that have a bit more curve...
2005-03-23 12:07:04 AM  
milk white and hairy arm pits
2005-03-23 12:07:04 AM  
i hope nobody honestly thinks the girl has any say on what's written on the website...

blame the pr0nmaster for the engrish.
2005-03-23 12:07:48 AM  
I'd hit it entirely sober.
2005-03-23 12:07:53 AM  
Am I the only one who thinks she's not remotely attractive? And trust me, my standards are already pretty low.
2005-03-23 12:10:46 AM  
I'm drunk right now, and the answer is no.
2005-03-23 12:11:54 AM  
She needs to take a shower or become less of a scary hooker somehow.
2005-03-23 12:12:34 AM  
wow 40 comments, and nobody's made a funeral home/stiffs joke.
2005-03-23 12:14:26 AM  
Somebody call Blade, he missed a vampire.
2005-03-23 12:14:52 AM = gayest men on the planet.

She's hot.
2005-03-23 12:16:37 AM  
if her boyfriend died i might get a woody

/comment 41
//no joke (i mean, not good, or engrish)
2005-03-23 12:18:03 AM  
I'd hit it
2005-03-23 12:19:23 AM  
Morticia and Gomez called, they want ther living room back.
2005-03-23 12:20:31 AM  
go to her site and you'll discover her name is also Merry.
2005-03-23 12:22:09 AM  
I'd take out the belly piercing, then hit it like there was no tomorrow.
2005-03-23 12:25:34 AM  
i probably wouldn't hit it unless i had a 12 pack in me.

why yes, i DO usually date supermodels.
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