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(KPHO)   When you rent a U-Haul to move cross country, please make sure you get the insurance   ( divider line
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2005-03-20 05:38:38 PM  
Let's not also forget that they charge $5 (non-refundable) for just making your reservation. However, once it is made, it is $50 to cancel it. That includes cancellations made because they didn't reserve what you need at the time you need.
2005-03-20 05:42:53 PM  
Needle Guy-
I'm guessing you've never called the 800 number to reserve a truck? They store different equipment at different uhaul locations, so they are supposed to call you a few days before the move and confirm which dealer has the truck or trailer you need. Your "airport" analogy is about as far off as you can get in regards to this situation. (I've had the same thing happen to me and had to drive an extra 140 miles round trip to pick up the effing trailer. That being said, I'm in the same boat that this happens at all "do it youreself" moving places)
2005-03-20 05:44:54 PM  
When you make a reservation with U-Haul, they specifically tell you that they will call you 24 hours ahead of the reservation time to tell you where the truck will be.

That's what they told me too. Add me to the list of people Uhaul didn't call back and had to play phone tag, waiting on hold for an hour or two with random customer service people trying to figure out where I'm supposed to go to get my trailer.
2005-03-20 05:49:55 PM  
SchlingFo said:

The random gas stations and businesses that rent Uhauls are generally very crappy.

If you go to a corporate-owned Uhaul center, you'll get excellent service.

My experience with U-Haul differs for the worse. I was dealing with my own aunt who tried to guarantee that I could get a truck on a certain day. I asked months ahead of time, and she kept asking the U-Haul higher-ups about the availability of trucks, and they swore they were just growing on trees and coming out their ears--yes, you'll definitely have one to give to your nephew, blah blah. No forseeable problems. No worries. Well, two days past the end of our lease and one landlord whap upside the head and one attorney fee later, we still had no truck and ended up driving two hours to get the only remaining truck from BUDGET that was left in the state. Budget was great. They had it ON THEIR LOT or else they wouldn't have rented it to us.

Uhaul screwed us good, and it had nothing to do with anyone but the company itself. When we called every other moving van place in the phone book, they all said, "Lemme guess, UHaul stood you up too?". That told me something. That and UHaul's refusal to refund deposits when they don't give you a truck, but that's another story.
2005-03-20 05:50:20 PM  
Big Merl:

You guys, I'm concerned about the guy in this. He lost all his porn. I think we as Farkers have a duty to make sure he gets a new porn collection. I propose we start a new charity "Porn for the poor"

Maybe I am reading too much into the article, but I get the feeling if these guys lost any porn that it was all gay porn.
2005-03-20 05:52:35 PM  
I used to work for U-Haul. It's all true.
2005-03-20 05:56:31 PM  
I just rented a truck from Uhaul today. Needless to say, it broke down (fuel pump) and I spent 3 hours in a farm's driveway waiting for them to send a mechanic, and then a tow truck. Then the tow truck driver tells me that he picke dup the exact same truck yesterday when it broke down on some other poor schlub. The Uhaul is currently still sitting in a parking space outside my apartment.
2005-03-20 05:59:50 PM  
Damn, I had no idea U-haul was so bad.

I mean I knew they were bad from personal experience.

If U-haul sucks this badly, and this many farkers are pissed off at them. Where are they getting the NEW suckers from to stay in business???

/and why don't we here more about arson, or shootings, or something???
2005-03-20 06:00:46 PM  
/hear, H.E.A.R.
//dumb fingers today, too much beer last night.
2005-03-20 06:00:47 PM  
2005-03-20 12:24:30 PM Caradoc
I'm all for invoking the death penalty on people who steal other people's stuff. Housebreaking, car theft, etc., just shoot 'em all. Coming home to find out that someone's broken a lock and taken pretty much everything (including your wedding bands for the upcoming wedding) sucks major ass.

/now waiting for the bleeding hearts to pop up and tell me how much the thieves' lives sucked, and they were forced by The Man to engage in anti-social criminal activity.

I'm all for invoking the death penalty on people who come in and derail threads with idiotic troll remarks. Coming into an online message board to find out that someone's pissed in the comment pool sucks major ass.

Now before the bleeding hearts pop up and tell me how much the trolls' lives sucked, how they lived in their parents' basement and were forced by their lack of friends to vent their dumbest impulses on the intarweb, let me just say...

STFU! Come on people, we've already established this "punishment must fit the crime" crap is just weepy BS for losers and crybabies! Let's all go out and kill everyone who does farked-up shiat! Better yet, let's get the government to do it! Come on people...we all know there'll never be any habitual trolls if you just kill them.
2005-03-20 06:02:00 PM  
Caradoc: How so? There can't be any repeat criminals if you simply kill them.

Something similar has been tried. I'm talking about debtors prison in the Victorian era. No money? Lock'em up, the whole family, then toss the bare mimimum of food in an let them fight over it. You'd think it was enough of a deterent, but poverty sometimes just happens in a capitalist system. Not that I have an answer, but like it was said before, one holocaust every generation won't really thin the herd enough to garantee the benfit you want.
2005-03-20 06:05:06 PM  
U-Haul refused to rent me a truck on my last move because I don't have a landline anymore, just a cell phone. What morons.
2005-03-20 06:10:15 PM  
That is why they call it U Haul. I've used them many times and have never had a problem.

Not that my experience proves anything, but while we're all throwing out anecdotes, I figured I'd toss in my 2 pennies.
2005-03-20 06:10:32 PM  
I have never figured out U-Haul's truck reservation policy. From the outside, U-Haul policy appears to be, "Tell anyone who calls that a truck will be available." That's it. That appears to be the complete and entire policy. The don't keep track of the reservations, they don't reserve the trucks, they do nothing to compare truck availability to truck reservations. They simply answer the phone, tell people that the truck will be available, and put down the phone.

Whatever their policy may be, though, I am certain that their phone reservation system bears absolutly no relationship to the distribution of trucks.
2005-03-20 06:12:30 PM  
Something similar has been tried. I'm talking about debtors prison in the Victorian era. No money? Lock'em up, the whole family, then toss the bare mimimum of food in an let them fight over it. You'd think it was enough of a deterent, but poverty sometimes just happens in a capitalist system. Not that I have an answer, but like it was said before, one holocaust every generation won't really thin the herd enough to garantee the benfit you want.

Why are people comparing theives with the poor? In a way you whining liberals are calling all poor people theives. I support the execution of theives. It would be a benefit to all.

Let me give you a scenario even you liberals can understand. You go into your local wal mart and steal a dale earnhardt towel. This happens, lets say once a week at every walmart across the nation. Walmart raises the price to make up for the lost revenue from the stolen towels. Eventually, after a few cycles, you can't afford the Dale towel. This cycle is real, and happens every day. Theives are only raising the prices and making poor people suffer even more. Kill em all.
2005-03-20 06:13:13 PM  
I, too, think that Uhaul blows. I made a reservation for one of their truck about four weeks in advance. I call 'em up the day of the move to find out where I need to pick up the truck. After waiting on hold for 30 minutes, the sumbiatch told methat they were overbooked and that they don't have a truck for me. Apparently they overbook regularly. Anyway, he said that I was on a waiting list and that I MIGHT get a truck later that evening, but he can't make any promises. After screaming at him for about an hour, I finally gave up and started scrambling for alternatives. It doen't take a genius to realize that it's kinda difficult to find an available moving truck on the last weekend of the month, at the last minute. To make matters worse, the guy who rented the house that I was moving from was planning to move in that night. Somehow, my wife found an available Ryder truck about 40 minutes away, so everything turned out okay, if not a little behind schedule. And here I though Ryder trucks were only used for blowing up buildings.
Anyway, the point is that it's absolutely absurd that Uhaul overbooks its truck rentals, especially at the end of the month. Airlines overbooking is bad enough, but when people are planning to use your truck to move all of their worldly posessions to a new location, it is not acceptable to say "Ummm, er, sorry, no truck for you. We ran out. Yes I know you had a reservation. No, I don't see what the big deal is. The moose out front shoulda told ya."
Screw Uhail! All hail Ryder!
2005-03-20 06:14:42 PM  
Whatever their policy may be, though, I am certain that their phone reservation system bears absolutly no relationship to the distribution of trucks.

A good friend of mine is a manager at U-Haul, and I brought this up a while back. Yes, this is the policy, but it's an unwritten policy. Nowhere is it an actual company rule, but it is passed down in training to say there is a truck available. Get them in the door and try to sell them something is the general idea.
2005-03-20 06:15:29 PM  
Ahh...moving stories...

I wish I could find the picture of the tank transporter I had to use to put my '93 Explorer in tow behind my 14 foot Ryder. That scared the bejesus out of me...driving from Madison, WI to Washington DC, I was sure it was going to detach. I complained about the fact that they wouldn't let me have a normal tow assembly, so I got $100.

I rented another Ryder and we drove it 100 miles until we were pulled over by the cops didn't have a license plate. It was so new they hadn't got one yet. So we had to wait and have them drive another one to us and we had to unload and reload the whole damn thing. Luckily, by complaining we got about $200 back. (notice the trend? Ryder tends to give you money back if you find ANYTHING to complain about).

A friend of mine rented a UHaul and wanted a 17 foot and like someone earlier said, UHaul ended up only having a 10 footer and a trailer. So we load up the thing and went off...we got three blocks and the trailer detached. It skidded past 3 cars and some pedestrians before grinding into the pavement throwing up a ton of sparks. We were incredibly lucky, no amount of insurance would have covered that. I will never ever rent from UHaul, and I probably will never get a trailer again.
2005-03-20 06:17:34 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

'ol reliable
2005-03-20 06:21:22 PM  
Oh, and to add to the fury, when I went to the actual Uhaul store to complain about to having the truck that I reserved, they had the exact size that I needed sitting right there in the lot, unrented. Silly me for asking if I could just use that truck. "That truck is for in-town rentals only". Holy hell I hate that company.
2005-03-20 06:25:15 PM  
I've never had terrible experience with u-haul, but I've always expected them to be crappy, so consequently I've never been let down. The small gas station renters are the worst, but if you're doing an in town move, u-haul is usually the easiest and cheapest route.

These two guys were complete idiots to leave a packed moving van with all their posessions in a mall parking lot. Your best bet would be to find a good spot, and sleep in the van, or park it where you can watch it, or better yet make damn sure you can get keys to the new place when you get there and raise holy hell if you can't.

As to insurance i've always felt its a total rip, until you actually have an accident. The rental companies word those policies in a way that you are totally responsible without insurance and not responsible at all if you pay for it it, though you pay through the nose for it. I liken it to best buy selling service plans, you more than likely won't need it, but they scare monger you into buying it, and then have no problem replacing the item if you happen to bring it in. The service plan fees paid by a lot, more or less subsidize the actual price of the item replaced for a few, in essence they can replace a certain # of computers, and still pull mad profit by replacing a few. Works the same with rental cars. Although to their credit, u-haul didn't try and sell me a service plan on a 15 dollar cd player......
2005-03-20 06:30:14 PM  
Had a failed parking brake on one (as it was sliding down the hill with us inside unloading), overheating transmission on another, a broken liftgate on the third (which blocked the door so we couldn't even get inside) that stranded us for two days until they could find someone to repair it. (Then they tried to charge me for the extra days.) Haven't had working air conditioning on any of them (nice on a 104 degree day.)

I rent from Budget now. All brand-new equipment, available when I request it and far cheaper for one-way moves.

2005-03-20 06:30:38 PM  
they had the exact size that I needed sitting right there in the lot, unrented. Silly me for asking if I could just use that truck. "That truck is for in-town rentals only"

U-Haul policy is that very high mileage trucks or trucks with known mecahnical issues are kept as "in-town only". This is so you won't get halfway to your destination and break down on the side of the interstate.

I used to work for a U-Haul location so I have a pretty good idea of how the business works. Let me tell you guys why U-Haul sometimes has problems fulfilling reservations. You will never have a truck sitting on a lot reserved. U-Haul aims to have their complete inventory on the road at all times. If you reserve a truck from a location in Orlando, the idea is to have someone (who's final destination is Orlando) drop off their truck at the given location just before you pick it up. If the person runs a day late, your truck may never show. This is why U-Haul prefer you to call them when you reach your destination city so they can guide you to a specific rental location. If the location has a truck on Monday and you reserved a truck for Tuesday, they are not going to save that truck for you. They will rent that truck and hope another one comes in early the next morning.
2005-03-20 06:38:41 PM  
I'd love to have 10 minutes in a room with the U-Haul execs with no cameras. Just me and a billy club. farking assholes.
2005-03-20 06:42:04 PM  
I rented a trailer cross country from UHaul. Reserved it a month in advance and got the usual run around the day before and the day of that I needed the trailer. Had to drive an hour the next day (the day we were supposed to be leaving) to pick it up. It was the largest trailer they had (6'x10') with brakes on it (good as were were moving a literal ton of books-42 boxes @ 50 lb/box). When I picked it up, the guy showed me the brake fluid reservoir, opened it up and showed me that it was full (I saw something wet just below the lid). Oh yeah, I got the insurance. Good thing as I slammed a fender onto a gas pump barrier (gotta' make wide turns).

On the trip out west, when ever I had to slow down on the highway, it'd fishtail but I just figured it was the books. It wasn't until I was coming down some long slope going west into New Mexico when we almost lost control. After getting it under control, I pulled over and checked the brake fluid. Was full. I stuck my finger into it and it turned out it was a rubber gasket with a shiny film of fluid. When I pulled it up, was bone dry. I'm pulling almost 3000 lbs (with a 4000 lb Jeep) and not extra brakes. Next stop was at a gas station and, 4 cans of brake fluid later (and a quick brake bleed-always good to bring all your tools with ya'), we were good to go and the trailer was running fine.

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to rent another one from UHaul for the rest of our stuff (not as heavy this time). Uhaul is the only place that will rent a trailer cross country. Penske and Ryder just do trucks. If our house sells for enough, I'm seriously considering buying my own trailer and selling it when I get out west. Either that or a used school bus. I think that would be able to tow my Impala.
2005-03-20 06:49:41 PM  
Welcome to Chandler!
2005-03-20 06:52:08 PM  
The random gas stations and businesses that rent Uhauls are generally very crappy.

If you go to a corporate-owned Uhaul center, you'll get excellent service.

The worst experience I've ever had was with Ryder, and it was a Ryder-owned center.

Uhaul's trucks are generally in shoddy shape, but they're cheap, they'll get you from point A to point B, and the customer service is excellent at the corporate centers.

...said the guy from U-Haul corporate...

Seriously 1 experience can't always sum up an entire company's business performance.

For the pile of worthless anecdotes: I have done U-Haul 3 times and Ryder once; out of 4 experiences, only 1 U-Haul was piss-poor, and the other 3 experiences were great.
2005-03-20 06:57:25 PM  
and yet somehow that's their fault??? that's somewhat akin to saying "add me to the list of people that got farked by Southwest airlines.. I made a reservation a week in advance. No one ever called to tell me where the airport is..."

You don't understand how U-Haul works, do you?

You'll try to make a reservation 6 weeks in advance. They say they'll call 5 business days ahead to tell you which of the 14 local rental places MIGHT have the equipment you want.

2005-03-20 06:58:55 PM  

...said the guy from U-Haul corporate...

Seriously 1 experience can't always sum up an entire company's business performance.

I don't work for U-Haul, I was simply giving my anecdote.

That's why I said, later on, that the best thing is for people to go to the company they prefer.
2005-03-20 07:00:56 PM  
Seriously 1 experience can't always sum up an entire company's business performance.

There's like 40 people in here biatching about Uhaul and there's countless web sites out there doing the same.
2005-03-20 07:04:49 PM  
Wouldn't the best place to temporarily hide the u-haul with the furniture in it be at a u-haul store?
2005-03-20 07:06:04 PM  
never odd or even:

There's like 40 people in here biatching about Uhaul and there's countless web sites out there doing the same.

The plural of anecdote is not data.

Were an actual quantitative study to be done comparing the various truck rental companies, I'd listen to that.

Short of that, I'm going with the company that's treated me the best, and I'd advise everyone to do the same.
2005-03-20 07:08:14 PM  
When you have the death penalty for petty theft, explain the deterrent to tacking on murder and rape to theft of a candy bar?

I mean, if you're going to die anyways, might as well go out in style....
2005-03-20 07:18:23 PM  
2005-03-20 07:04:49 PM supaxi

Wouldn't the best place to temporarily hide the u-haul with the furniture in it be at a u-haul store?

They'd rent it out.

2005-03-20 07:22:00 PM  
I've never had to rent a truck from UHaul, but I've had to buy plenty of boxes from them. I don't know where they get their employees, but somehow they've managed to staff all their locations with the most incompetent,lazy, rude, and ugly people I've ever had the displeasure to deal with.
2005-03-20 07:38:43 PM  
I helped my friends move across the country. They rented a Penske truck with full LDW insurance. The guy wanted to go out and do a pre-inspection for damage, and my friend said with a big smile "Why the fark do you need to do a pre-inspection? I bought LDW!" Heh the guy's face went kind of pale to say the least.

Good thing too. First day we hit some "road debris" and busted the windshield. Penske treated us like gods, covering all the expenses related to the damage and the unexpected stopover it caused.

2005-03-20 08:03:32 PM  
Perhaps I was one of the very few wayyyy outside of the crappy-service, crappy-proudct U-Haul bell curve.

I rented a one-way just a couple of months ago to go from a Seattle suburb (Duvall) to San Jose. I did the reservation on the web. My needs also included an auto-transport. Not really trustung the web reservation, I called the toll-free number 3 days before my move.

The gal I spoke with let me know that the local U-haul didn't have the auto-transport. She got the proprietor of the local U-Haul on the phone (a tiny place run out of a porta-shed) and he went to another U-Haul location (40 miles away) to retrieve the required auto-transport the night before my move.

Since I was doing the whole move by myself, it was imperative that the auto transport and the truck be at the location so that I could load my car on immediately then return to my home to load up.

It was certainly a good thing that I called a few days prior to my actual reservation. I was very pleased at the effort that went into making sure that what I needed was there.

Now, the truck itself was a damned ashtray on wheels. Smelled like one of those smoker aquariums at the airport, and the truck had the Check Engine light on during my entire 1,000 mile journey. The proprietor of the U-Haul assured me that it was just a faulty sensor, but I was still a little nervous. No probs - it got me from A to B. All in all, I guess I got a less than wonderful truck, but I was happy with the service.

On the insurance, I called Allstate (my insurer) to get the skinny on the rental insurance prior to my move. He told me that I was covered for liability simply by having auto insurance thru Allstate. He said that my property inside of the truck was not covered, and he recommended getting the insurance for that, which I did.

To assume that your auto insurance covers you, without actually *checking* with your insurance agent is a little foolhardy. To be so cheap to not get the insurance to cover your belongings is just lame - especially on a long-distance one-way rental. Just consider the peace of mind part of the cost of the move and take the pain.
2005-03-20 08:07:47 PM  
I'm with SchlingFo on this one. I must have moved about 10 different (3 times times for myself the rest were helping friends & family) times with U Haul and I i've only had one bad experience (truck reserved but wasn't there). Go with who's treated you well and in my case that's been U Haul.
2005-03-20 08:11:52 PM  
check engine lights are usually no big deal, unless you're worried about fumes hurting the air we breathe. so, if you're a republican, no big deal ;)

i had the same problem with uhaul and the web reservation when i moved from new mexico to indiana; i recommend calling both the 800 number and the local store to make sure it all works out.

also, a few years back, i had a hitch installed on my car -- and one of the guys drove it into a wall or something. huge dent in the bumper. got the cash from the insurance and the whole move was free. fark my bumper. :D
2005-03-20 08:22:42 PM  
UHaul is fine (read: sucks ass). You guys that are complaining obviously didn't know how to deal with ghetto moving trucks. I have moved up and down the east coast with UHaul and never had an issue. If you want to save money, you have to expect that you might have to put some effort into it. Comparing the prices, nobody comes close - but you get what you pay for. It always kills me when people try to work a bargain and then act surprised when it isn't first class.

Uhaul sucks ass - but it worked for me.
2005-03-20 08:39:02 PM  
God I hate U-Haul. As others have mentioned, "reservations" to them mean absolutely nothing whatsoever. Last summer I made reservations with U-Haul, everything looked A-OK, and then when it came time to get a truck...there were none in THE ENTIRE STATE OF FLORIDA. Somehow that minor detail was overlooked when I made arrangements 2 weeks prior.

I ended up renting from Budget, and everything was great. They actually honored my reservation, and my truck was a 2004 model with 10k miles on the odometer.

The best part came when just as I was pulling the Budget truck into the driveway of my new house, U-Haul called to inform me that they "might" have a truck available for me within the next two days.
2005-03-20 08:47:28 PM  

The tumbler configuration of the door/ignition keys for U-Haul trucks is printed on the outside of the truck. Someone that knows where the number is merely has to dial the number into a key cutting tool and *PRESTO* your U-Haul is pwn3D.

This is done so that they don't have to keep track of keys as their turd-bucket trucks wander about the country.
2005-03-20 09:02:54 PM  
Hopefully those theiving asshats will get swarmed by killer bees... but at the same time: leaving all of your shiat in a mall parking lot? wtfwyt?
2005-03-20 09:10:20 PM  
Moved some stuff from NC to FL, and parked that sucker where I could keep one eye on it at ALL TIMES.

Act like you have something worth keeping.
2005-03-20 09:10:28 PM  
Add this to the list of Uhaul nightmares.
Moving out of state 5 hours away. Have pile of people showing up to help load said truck that day. Have another pile of people who drove TO the town were moving to from about 3 hours away to help us unload. So being on time was a big deal.
We too got screwed by the Uhaul overbooking scheme. I called to see where to pick up the truck. I was told the nearest truck was 3 hours away and I would have to go get it. I pitched a fit and suddenly a truck was available in town. When I went to go get it the store owner told me I had to give them a $100 CASH deposit, nobody bothered to mention this and I had given my c-card over the phone already. We found out after we loaded it and got it on the road that it would not do over 55mph, had no parking brake
you could not leave it anywhere or it would roll. And the windshield had massive leaks. We drove through a rainstorm
and the two guys inside were totally soaked. They said the water coming in was blinding them while they were looking for somewhere to pull over. It was also pouring through the defroster vents so they could not keep the windshield defrosted. We finally get this pile of crap to our destination and uloaded. Thanks to a couple of large rocks we had to use to block the tires. When we dropped this pile of crap off the local office was closed. We dropped the truck off that night and came back the next day to turn in the keys and get our deposit back. They tried to charge us for an extra day (remember they were closed Sunday). They also refused to give us our CASH deposit back. They would do nothing about any reimbursement, we had to call Uhaul. Uhaul basically laughed at us over all
the probs with the truck and only gave US our deposit back after a large amount of arguing. We never got anything for the crappy truck, oh but they did offer us coupons good for discounts on our next rental - yea right.
Used Budget the next two moves, new trucks, decent people and they actually gave us a refund for having to give us a
different trailer at the last minute that we could not get
our car on due to it being too low.
2005-03-20 09:11:42 PM  
I once traveled cross country in a U-haul. It was rather chilly. Wooaaahhhhhahhhh.

/yes boys im available
2005-03-20 09:18:56 PM  
Better yet. Don't rent a U-Haul. I've never seen one, or rented one that was in good shape. The one would barely stay on the road. It was so bad.
2005-03-20 09:23:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

The card to carry for renting cars. They cover as your PRIMARY insurance, the only one. Way better than Amex or anyone else... do the reading...

And they cover you even on international car rental.

Some states like Texas, they do not recognize any out of state insurance... so you aren't covered unless you pay for the rental insurance or have Diner's Club.

Easily worth the $60/year if you rent more than 2 days a year.
2005-03-20 09:24:00 PM  
never park a loaded moving van anywhere except a secure location. Well lit streets, mall parking lots with heavy traffic, and outside the bedroom where you can hear if anything is going on are NOT EVEN CLOSE TO SECURE.

Secure means inside a friends back yard with the gate locked and the dogs out with the truck. And you at the house.

Secure means inside your buddies machine shop, all doors locked and the alarm on.

Secure means driving in shifts and never stopping except for gas and more beer.

Never, ever, leave one in a motel parking lot. The thieves know these trucks for what they are.

Never give them a shot.
2005-03-20 09:25:41 PM  
heh, the few times I've used U-Haul I've been blessed because the horror stories are legendary. You think the company's farked up? Just read about The Founder...(no skilz, sorry)
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