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(Some Guy)   Underwear of the Confederacy (not safe for work)   ( divider line 241
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2005-03-20 06:59:10 AM  
I wish I would've had my camera on me at the time... today, I saw a little red Miata parked at Circle-K, with the confederate flag "license plates" (with gold chain covers, no less) bolted on below the real license plates, front and back. Gadzooks.
2005-03-20 07:00:01 AM  
I am proud of the Texas Republic and have much joy that we still reserve the right to secede (sometimes I really wish we would), but I am referring to the Confederacy.

I, and many others as well I think, do consider the Conferacy to have been it's own nation, although a short-lived one. It is more a matter of feeling than a matter of fact.
2005-03-20 07:04:36 AM  
johndough writes: am proud of the Texas Republic and have much joy that we still reserve the right to secede

No state has the right to secede.

It is more a matter of feeling than a matter of fact.

Fine. I suppose different people can view the same episode differently.
2005-03-20 07:10:35 AM  
Seriously, Southerners who fawn on and on about the Civil War are messed up. It's like the otaku nerds who think that if they fly to Japan they are going to get assaulted by cat-eared robotic girlfriends that are going to want to suck their cocks all day.

In this case its just mindless romantacism of an era and people who actually really didn't acomplish all that much. Just look at how subtley they alter (or misinterpret) history in order to reinforce their fantasy view of the period...

Historical tidbits: did you know that only the uber-rich could even afford a slave? Not too many slaveowners existed.

Because like, a little slavery is ok and stuff. You know, not every German killed Jews in WW2 either. Still doesn't make the holocaust acceptable. Classic moral relativism in order to rationalize why its ok to love their evil forbears.

Did you know that Jefferson Davis was in the process of throwing out the whole slavery system legislatively as Lee surrendered at Appomattox?

The system that they wanted to move to would be termed aparthied in modern parlance. See how well that worked out for South Africa.

Did you know that the Confederacy was outnumbered 4 to 1, had to dress in clothes made of grey cotton blankets, had but one foundry that could produce cannons, and was so underequipped that the Southern soldier sometimes had to steal a gun to use from the field of battle, all while recieving sparse to no pay?

So what? Did you know that every time a hammas suicide bomber blows up 40 jews he also kills himself. What amazing dedication don't you think? What its not? Oh thats right, because most people recognize that sacrificing yourself in order to perpetuate evil isn't farking noble.

And with all that, it still took 5 years for the North to win because all of the intelligent field officers fled to the South when the war broke out because that's where their hearts and minds led them.

Replace "hearts and minds" with "homes" and you would be more correct. There was no strong affinity for the Southern "cause" asides from ideology that was strongly connected to where people came from. People who were Southerners in the army went south and people who were Northerners went north.

Just another baseless fantasy from yet another southerner infatuated with a bunch of B.S.

Slavery is an evil institution. Aiding and abetting an evil institution is not noble no matter how much you want to romantacise the men and women who did so. Surely many of them were not evil individuals, but still they freely gave their aid and support to a rephrensible system slavery. If they chose to give this support because they truely believed in the system of slavery then they were evil individuals. If they did so out of ignorance or out of familial responsibility then they should be pitied for being pathetic human beings.

There is nothing nobel about the Confederacy or its views on slavery or even the actions of its soldiers in supporting such a morally bankrupt system. It's amazing how the same southerners who go into fits of apopelectic rage over the support and celebrity status that groups and individuals give to suicide bombers and terrorists can so blithely be "proud" of their "heritage" when it comes to the Civil War. Obviously they are far too dim to draw the connection between their romantacised view of the Confederacy and its soldiers to that of an Arab who loves and supports such evil groups as Hammas or Islamic Jihad, or dare I even say... Al Qaeda.

But please, by all means go on with pronouncing your "pride" all over the place and send your simple brain into loops of rationalization about how you definately are not like anyone who would support terrorism. I mean, they're brown and stuff - right??
2005-03-20 07:13:21 AM  
A lot of ignorance out there about the South from people with old stereotypes and a distinct lack of first hand knowledge. Thanks to TheGoblinKing my fellow south carolinian for at least injecting some sense. My experience tells me that if anything the south is much more racially integrated than the north. Black and white people have lived together a very long time down here. Can't even begin to catalog the atrocities commited by the Union during and after the War of Northern Aggression. And to all the hippy liberals that think they are so enlightened so they can judge an entire region, culture, history, and people: get a life.
2005-03-20 07:17:05 AM  
I dont understand all the fuss about display of confederate flags. They serve an important purpose:

[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-20 07:20:16 AM  
redstater writes: A lot of ignorance out there about the South from people with old stereotypes and a distinct lack of first hand knowledge.

If you're talking about the people who are defending the confederacy, you're right.

And to all the hippy liberals that think they are so enlightened so they can judge an entire region, culture, history, and people: get a life.

But, you feel enlightened enough to judge them?

2005-03-20 07:30:55 AM  
* The fact that racism still exists in every state in the US today leads me to doubt that free "blacks" lead a dignified, respected existence in the free North, slavery or not. The root of slavery and racism was the lack of consideration for Blacks as equal human beings, and that was just as bad in the North. Let a Black man try to date a white woman, hang out in white social spaces, run a business on equal footing with whites, etc. in the Civil War era North... ha!
* Their politics preached one thing, but their social practices told the truth (kinda like the current administration -- run by a Southerner, to our embarrassment). The civil war was all about politics, don't let anyone fool you into thinking that either side took black people seriously as equals.
* And whatever their politics, the North was more than willing to snuggle up in their clothing and blankets made of slave-picked-and-milled cotton, and have a nice cup of rum, or sugar in their tea and cakes, all grown by or traded for slaves.
* I'm not proud of slavery, that would be crazy. And I don't hate Southerners or Northerners. I hate hippocrites.
2005-03-20 07:32:47 AM  
Ahhh, you are correct, Texas doesn't have the right to secede. I had taken for a fact what many Texans over the years have believed without taking a look for myself. Foolish, I know, I should never take what another says for fact without checking for myself.
2005-03-20 07:37:44 AM  
Also from the fine folks at Confederate Warehouse:

[image from too old to be available]


[image from too old to be available]*


[image from too old to be available]

or perhaps

[image from too old to be available]

* credit to verbotener Handgriff from a Photoshop contest back in September.
2005-03-20 07:41:02 AM  

well i guess this is a good thing, its kind of like a last min reminder to the girl that the guy wearing them has the mental capacity of a paperclip and probability has the genitals to match

Typical Yankee gloating. If you hate the Southland so much, why don't you and your army stay out of it?

Angel of Death:

At least the Germans have the decency to be sorry, or at least to pretend to be sorry, about the whole Third Reich thing.

The Germans pretend to be sorry for losing aggressive wars and committing genocide.

You want us to be sorry for losing a defensive war and NOT committing genocide?-- (That was done by Union troops against the Plains Indians) that is to say, You invaded us, and beat us, and for that we have to be ashamed and sorry?
/Deo Vindice
2005-03-20 07:44:08 AM  
Not safe for work? Where? In the South? Oh.
2005-03-20 07:45:06 AM  
Sorry I had to leave for a second, shooting victim in ER and then a seizure patient. I never took a position that slavery was somehow "o.k". Angel of Death I did not "miss the point". I took the position that equating "Stars and Bars" on underpants to Nazis or Nuclear bombs was just silly. I still hold that opinion. Racism is every bit as prevelant today in North as it is in the South,East or West. The "North" treated the South very badly after the Civil War. This left a bad taste in the mouth of my grandparents generation.To try and defend the CSA is impossible without trying to defend slavery itself. It is easy for the "winning" side to claim the high road. The South's history of lynchings,poll taxes, and Jim Crow were all detestable--Just as it was inexcuseable for carpet baggers,land grabs,and the forcing of state and local governments to accept black officials to positions of power.
Northerners have no basis of comparison to what it was like to be a defeated nation.Licoln had planned to welcome the South back in the folds in a kinder manner than occured after his assasination. Many of the Southerners that now fly the Confederate flag today or display the Rebel insignia toay are indeed "ignorant" in that they do not know how offensive it can be to some. They associate it s something distincly southernin the same fashion as they would Dale Jr,gun racks on pick ups,cornbread & collard greens.We are not all bass-ackward,mullet wearing,trailer living rednecks.We got our share of Goobers and Gomers same as the North.

Southern and proud of it.
2005-03-20 07:45:25 AM  

You've got to be farking kidding me; your debating north vs south? Your not serious are you? Just in case go off yourself and tell your sister goodbye...
2005-03-20 07:52:05 AM  
Typical Yankee gloating.
Does anyone have anything to say besides:
"We invaded your ass and beat you so that proves you're Hitler?"

BTW that's official public school history of the War of Northern agression.
2005-03-20 08:03:14 AM  
[i]Can't even begin to catalog the atrocities commited by the Union during and after the War of Northern Aggression. And to all the hippy liberals that think they are so enlightened so they can judge an entire region, culture, history, and people: get a life. [i/]

But you can generalize the Civil War as "The War of Northern Aggression"? How about we call it the "The War on Southern Depravity"?

I've lived on both coasts and I saw quite a bit more racism living in Boston than I did in Oakland, and it's a no-brainer that not all people believe the same things. Thanks for the news, Captain Obvious. Next you're going to let us know that not all Germans were Nazis in WW2.

As for generalizing, at least learn the difference between a hippy and liberal. Learn the difference between the people that fought for cival liberties in the '60s (and continue to fight) and the people that sat around smoking pot all day. No, they are not one in the same, not even close. Disreputable, generalizing dingbats sold the public on that belief to undermine legitimate fights.
2005-03-20 08:03:18 AM  
Just keep using slavery as a smokescreen so you can avoid thinking/talking about the real reasons the Civil War was fought.

/OBEY indeed.
2005-03-20 08:18:16 AM  

But you can generalize the Civil War as "The War of Northern Aggression"? How about we call it the "The War on Southern Depravity"?

More proof of my definition of "war crime".

There is only one war crime: LOSING A WAR. (depravity, atrocity same def.)
He who loses is a war criminal, he who wins, won waging a heroic "war on depravity."

Germans: War criminals.
Soviets: Heroic defenders of freedom who judged the germans.
(Never mind the Gulags, just ignore the Genocide!)

Southland: War Crimanals, depraved etc.
Yankeeland: Heroic fighters for all that is good.

Q- which one invaded someone elses land, and killed 600,000 people on a political whim?

(________?) Felt like invading France, Greece, Yugo, Russia etc for fun conquest and power.

(________?) Felt like invading Virginia, Carolina, Georgia etc for fun, power and conquest.
2005-03-20 08:29:29 AM  
Confederate Underwear? Finally the flag is put to good use: catching the shiat.

/confederate flags suxor.
2005-03-20 08:32:43 AM  
One thing that most yankees forget to mention in a flame war against the south (its politically correct to be a racist against the people of the south up north) A high percentage of the slave ships flew the american flag. That's right. The star spangled banner flew on slave ships and NOT ONE flew the confederate flag. But lets not talk about that folks, lets just hate southerners, Its easy and PC at the same time.
2005-03-20 08:36:55 AM  
Georgia has a new state Flag, if nobody has noticed.
The flag contains no reference to the stars and bars.
It was kinda a big issue down here.
So next time you start spouting off about flags and the state support of confederacy (slavery), check your facts.

Georgia State Flag
2005-03-20 08:43:40 AM  

check your facts
2005-03-20 08:46:44 AM  

I'm a filthy pinko-librul Canadian moran hippie, and I happen to like the American South. Granted I've never been there, and my conception of Southerners and Southern life is highly romanticised and somewhat ridiculous, but I'm a fan, nonetheless. I'm also on their side on the whole Confederate flag issue, and commonly refer to Lincoln as the Northern Agressor and mean it.

Hold on a sec, I think I can see this from your point of view...just let me step back and reposition myself, ok--there, i'm ready.

[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-20 08:47:08 AM  
I'm a Southerner.

I grew up in NC, lived in WI, and now live in VA. Where did I encounter the most overt racism? Wisconsin. I had never been to a place where racism was so blatant until I moved to SE Wisconsin.

Also, during a Civil War reenactment, Wisconsin refused to let anyone reenact Confederate soldiers because it was "offensive". Seriously.

I'm just saying it's not fair to label half the country as "racist" because of a war that happened 140 years ago.

/hates racism
//loves the South
///still a dirty liberal
2005-03-20 08:47:45 AM  
I checked out all their products. Conspicously absent from the bumper sticker page is the one that reads, "GENERAL SHERMAN, WHERE ARE YOU NOW THAT ATLANTA NEEDS YOU"

/ Atlanta suburb resident
2005-03-20 08:58:48 AM  
Wow. Just wow. There are some incredibly stupid people in this world, and it worries me. The Civil War was NOT about slavery (initially, at least, until Lincoln turned it into a moral battle), and the world after emancipation wasn't that hot for blacks, either.

The Emancipation Proclamation was ONLY passed after the battle of Antietam (Northern Victory), and ONLY FREED SLAVES IN REBEL TERRITORY (read, non-rebelling southern states/regions got to keep their slaves)

Seriously people, this is American history 101. Don't try to win this argument with your blind moralizing; it doesn't work in this land of education. Lincoln's assault on the South was unconstitutional, as there was/is no proviso ragarding the use of force on a seccessionist state.

So, in conclusion, "Northern" states had slavery. Most northern states without slavery STILL didn't allow blacks to vote, and the Emancipation Proclimation was passed after a Union Victory in order to weaken the South, not as a truly moral gesture (see fact: not all slaves in the south were freed). So much for a moral victory, then.
What are we left with? A question of states rights, and the general ability of a state to tell the feds to shove it.

/Southern born and raised.
//I hold the door for ladies
///probably smarter than you. Don't lose any sleep over that, though.
2005-03-20 09:15:06 AM  
I heard or read somewhere that it was Lincoln's intention to send all slaves back to Africa at the end of the Civil War. For this, the nation of Liberia (Liberation) was formed. John Wilkes Booth assasinated Lincoln and the plan fell by the wayside.

Does anyone know anything about this, and if so, please enlighten me/us.
2005-03-20 09:20:48 AM  
There used to be a couple of pro wrestlers that competed on the southern indy circuit called The New South, who wore the stars and bars on their tights and carried the Confederate flag to the ring (and often used it as a weapon).

The ironic thing is that one guy was black and the other was Australian.

/got nothin'
//thinks the idea of a black and an Aussie calling themselves "New South" is hilarious
2005-03-20 09:21:38 AM  
In five short years, the Confederacy and its flag never amassed the violations against humanity that the Union and its flag have flown over for all of its history.

It was the Union flag that flew over the occupation and destruction of the native people and land.

It was the Union flag that flew when the U.S. invaded Cuba, the Phillipines, and created the third world.

it was the Union flag that flew over Japanese internment camps sixty years ago.

It was the Union flag that flew over the napalming of various Asian villages.

Today, the Union flag is being systematically raised in various Middle-Eastern countries.

So you can gripe about the Confederate flag all you want. Indeed, the flag flew over some horrible atrocities. That's true of any flag. There are also some great accomplishments done under every flag, the best of them usually anaccounted for in history books, as they are done quietly by individuals.

But before you gripe about symbols of hate and destruction, consider why you choose to skim over the long and bloody history of our own flag.

/raised in Alabama
/living in NYC now. Aware of ridiculous yankee righteousness.

2005-03-20 09:22:09 AM  
What upsets me about discussions about the flags of the Confederacy is the lack of understanding people have about those flags. These people see a Confederate battle flag and immediately mark it as a symbol of hate and racism.

This is the battle standard many Confederate regiments carried into battle
[image from too old to be available]

This is the official flag of the Confederate States of America, commonly referred to as the Stars and Bars

At First Manassas (Bull Run for those of you above the Mason-Dixon line) in July of 1861, the first major engagement of the war, several Confederate regiments discovered that with little or no wind or with smoke on the battlefield, the Stars and Bars and the Stars and Stripes are indistinguishable. In an era of massed formations, that's a problem. A handful of Confederate naval units were using the flag with the diagonal cross, and it's popularity spread.

I have ancestors on both sides of the conflict, so I have a deep familiarity with the heritage of both sides of the war. Many Southerners have a sentimental investment in the Confederate battle flag because their great-great grandfathers fought and died under that banner. Here in North Carolina, fewer than one percent of the population owned slaves, and few others ever expected to be in such economic prosperity to need slave labor. Yet, thousands of Southerners enlisted in state regiments.

We look at the causes of the Civil War through the prism of 140 years. In that time we've had drastic changes in industry, civil rights movements, wars, and rasial tension. The context of the causes of the war has been lost. Famous author Shelby Foote put it best. "Before the war, you would say the United States are. After, you would say the United States is." In an age of total industrial and commercial interdependence and globalization we have a difficult time understanding that for the first 90 years of America's history state governments were the principal governing body.

During those 90 years there was continued legitimate debate about where the final decision of government rested. Lincoln's election worried many southern state governments because they believed Lincoln would expand the power of the federal government at the expense of state governments. When Lincoln called for an army to invade those states after they had announced their intent to secede, thousands of citizens of southern states elisted in state regiments in order to repel the invading army.
2005-03-20 09:23:56 AM  
That image just didn't want to work, so here is a replacement:

[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-20 09:30:17 AM  
Hum - well, as they say, the Victor writes history, and I've personaly never seen the history books written by the victor write the loser in any sort of flattering light.

Civil war was foremost about the South's preference of strong state rights, rather than a strong federal rule. One of the many rights was the right to own a slave, but this was just one of many rights. It just happened to be the most juicy for the historians to write about.
2005-03-20 09:43:43 AM  
I think alot of what the problem is here is the north has no idea that this plays into the greater rift between southern values and northern values. The south hates being told what to do. The south also likes carrying grudges. Having been both a southerner and a New Yorker at the same time (lived down south for a decade) I can tell you that the quickest way to get a southerner to not like you and tune you out (as opposed to being reasonable) is to start waxing righteous about something that's theirs while at the same time belittling their whole culture.

Most northerners (I'm looking at the New Yorkers in specific here) have no idea just how true that scenario is between north and south and how this has created not only this problem with the confederate flag but also our greater problems with the politics being thrown around by the leadership today.

I cannot tell you how many times I've heard northerners spout off about the south..constantly overgeneralizing about everyone down there. How many times I've heard the hillybilly and inbreeding refrences even though you can drive two hours or so north of Manhattan and find the exact same thing in certain parts. Point is, people are people and people are different and you should be considerate of the person rather than juding where they come from.

All this conflict is, as stated at the beginning of this post, is disgruntled southerners lashing out at northern elitists for butting in on something that should be south vs. south and ONLY south vs. south. If the blacks in the south (who originally had issue with this) were the only ones complaining about this and it was handled internally they probably would have already achieved in removing the flag from most state institutions and symbols. I honestly believe that. But no, it's got to become a nationwide thing and then its easy for a politico to come out and say.."Look at what the liberals are doing to you! They hate you and your culture, so vote for me and God..because if you don't the baby Jesus will cry! Damn those northern elite liberals!"..because of all the stupid coke railing NYU kids that bide time being 'activists' before taking a position in daddy's company or inheriting the hard earned wealth from the preceeding generation for free.

Now on top of being a southerner and having southern mannerisms I'm also a liberal elitist in the light that I believe we should be tolerant and should try to help out society where possible. I don't, unlike others in this (NY) town, force my beliefs on others. Like a southerner, i remain polite about it.

And that's what the south wants..for you to be polite...and non-condescending.

Oh and also, I'm black and I have a confederate money clip ;).

/you lose pal.
2005-03-20 09:45:04 AM  
majority of the south mistreated black people during the war... and there are still racist undertones today.

Since the war, the majority of southerners have been viewed as slow, half-witted, unintelligent, hillbilly rednecks.

everyone is wrong. everyone is. stereotypes are a biatch.
2005-03-20 09:47:44 AM  
forcebender -

The most juicy for the historias to write about? Yeah, darn that liberal media. The right to actually OWN a human being is not that big a deal they always latch on to the negative.
2005-03-20 09:50:33 AM  
The American flag has JUST as much blood on it as the Confederate flag.

Mexico lost the war, yet down here in Texas their flag still flys.

Japan lost the war, yet the Japanese students on campus still have their flag.

And guess what? The Native Americans lost their war, yet they still fly their flags all over the place. They even have their own little reservations with their little communities and I'm quite sure that they too are proud of their heritage.

But according to some of the farkers above, they all should be ashamed of who they are. Anyone who has ever lost a war should never show their face in public again. They should keep their flags hidden. They should never speak the word "heritage" or *gasp* "pride".

America has its own dark history, with trying to kill off all of the Native Americans, enslaving blacks for 200 years, locking up innocent American citizens of Japanese decent during WWII, dropping a freaking NUCLEAR BOMB on a city, keeping blacks segregated from whites, oh, and invading a country in the Middle East for oil. Therefore, we should no longer fly the American flag nor should we be proud to be Americans nor should we say anything about our heritage.

That is all.
2005-03-20 09:53:08 AM  
And I'd also like to echo the fact that I've personally had more incidents of blind profiling and sterotyping up here in NY than I ever had in Florida.

/just saying.
2005-03-20 09:53:57 AM  
This thread needs more rebel cowbell
[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-20 09:58:51 AM  

I'm from Texas and I'm proud of the heritage here BUT that does not mean I am proud of everything that has ever happened here, especailly NOT proud of producing the current POTUS. When it comes to the rebel flag I would say that streotypes are dangerous things but not always as unfounded as some want to think. If you see a confederate flag on the back of a truck how many times out of ten does it mean that that occupant is a racist scumbag? Obviously this is a generalization and not true in all cases but certainly enough to warrant people having a negative attitude towrds this symbol. So I would argue that it's not just history that makes me wary of the flag but also it's current use as a symbol of hate by various groups.
2005-03-20 10:00:44 AM  
paganized: The Civil War was not about slavery, thats just the moral spin they put on it later

Let's run a little search-and-replace on that statement...

The Iraq War was not about freeing the Iraqi people, that's just the moral spin they put on it later...

interesting, very interesting.
2005-03-20 10:01:06 AM  
Except from Lincoln's speech:
"A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved -- I do not expect the house to fall -- but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing, or all the other. Either the opponents of slavery will arrest the further spread of it, and place it where the public mind shall rest in the belief that it is in the course of ultimate extinction; or its advocates will push it forward, till it shall become alike lawful in all the States, old as well as new -- North as well as South.

Have we no tendency to the latter condition?"

I.e. he preferred slavery. Its flattering to think that your honorable ancestors defeated those backward, unenlightened rebels, but as with any war, the noble justifications come after the bloodshed, not before.

You can find the full speech at History Place.
2005-03-20 10:05:15 AM  

paganized: The Civil War was not about slavery, thats just the moral spin they put on it later

Let's run a little search-and-replace on that statement...

The Iraq War was not about freeing the Iraqi people, that's just the moral spin they put on it later...

interesting, very interesting.

Yes history does tend to repeat itself.
2005-03-20 10:10:49 AM  
Okay, so back to the clothing.... the bikini is reversible, to a "more innocnet, eye pleasing blue".... Now, it's the same bikini, so they aren't talking about revealing skin.... I guess they feel that the display of the Confederate flag ins't innocent.

Personally, I would prefer it became a more-innocent burqa... that model ain't pretty.

And the United States Marines (sic) Corps sticker made me smile.... not that I am poking fun at the dumb south, understand. My ancesters go back to Lee, on my fathers side. For some reason every brood of kids in my family has one with Lee as a middle name, as a reminder of.... something.

I'm not having kids.
2005-03-20 10:21:25 AM  
You would't think the Confederacy had lost that war with all the "Y'awlers" the US has in their government.
2005-03-20 10:21:28 AM  

Am I the only one that thinks this guy has a small deformed dick?

Oh the woman model is total white trash:
[image from too old to be available]
I'd still shank her with my porksword though. Repeatedly.
2005-03-20 10:31:44 AM  

the quickest way to get a southerner to not like you and tune you out (as opposed to being reasonable) is to start waxing righteous about something that's theirs while at the same time belittling their whole culture

Sounds like American foreign policy in general
2005-03-20 10:35:18 AM  
Ah, the Confederacy. Everyone's favorite treasonous enemy combatant. I proudly fly a symbol that says, "I'm glad they killed 200,000 Americans." Yup, that's something to be proud of!

So, since they love traitors, does that make them liberals?
2005-03-20 10:38:06 AM  
Awwwwwww... ain't he cute.

[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-20 10:39:19 AM  
Originally from Illinois,I moved to Savannah Georgia in 5th grade. I repeatedly got the shiat beat out of me for talking "kinky."
Once I spent the night at a friends house (yes, we rummaged through his dad's stock of pron all night and playing Atari 2600 pitfall) and in the morning, his live-in the home Alzheimer's grandfather chased me out of the house calling me a damn yankee because I wouldn't eat grits for breakfast.
2005-03-20 11:11:23 AM  
i live in tennessee. yes, the civil war happened a LONG time ago. yes, the south lost. yes, people who talk about the glory of the confederacy are dumb.

really though. think of all the good things that we have now that black people are free citizens. all the full prisons, the violent drug offenders. gangs. rap music. a mass of lazy bastards sucking off the governments welfare titty.

oh yeah, southern people talk dumb and they all live barefoot in trailers and have sex with cousins.
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