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(AZCentral)   Mom paid babysitters with marijuana   ( divider line
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6190 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Mar 2002 at 5:28 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-22 05:28:54 PM  
Shweet! I'll "watch" your kids for a joint!!!!
2002-03-22 05:29:08 PM  
Was it color-coded marijuana?
2002-03-22 05:29:10 PM  
in that case, you could pay me minimum wage
2002-03-22 05:29:14 PM  
What's so wrong about this, I pay my babysitter with oral sex.
2002-03-22 05:29:54 PM  
Her lawyer calls the verdict "frightening" and says they may appeal.

uh ok
2002-03-22 05:30:00 PM  
Joint custody
2002-03-22 05:30:59 PM  
"...and no bongs for the kids after 7:00!"
2002-03-22 05:31:02 PM  
Hey, isn't this is common practice in Moorhead Minnesota?
Would this be news in Jamaica?

2002-03-22 05:31:35 PM  
Do you want to know why they call it Moorehead?

Or why it took an AZ paper to report on it?

I'd better sit down, I'm getting dizzy.
2002-03-22 05:31:50 PM  
No kiddin. Won't the Man ever lighten up? Nothin' wrong with chillin with the rug rat's while hittin a splif. I mean, c'mon.
2002-03-22 05:32:13 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Wow, a second relevent post for this pic today. Could be a Hat Trick.
2002-03-22 05:32:14 PM  
heh heh heh he said "joint"
2002-03-22 05:32:36 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2002-03-22 05:33:44 PM  
I love how they used the word "weed" in there as well, very nice

2002-03-22 05:33:50 PM  
Babysitting is all about getting stoned, this just takes it full circle. Since most of the money earned from babysitting (at least here) goes towards hash, then this deal would save alot of time :)
2002-03-22 05:37:59 PM  
Pot doesn't screw up your judgement.
2002-03-22 05:38:53 PM  
This mom seems to be as sharp as a marble!
2002-03-22 05:39:32 PM  
I really don't see the problem in all this.
2002-03-22 05:40:30 PM  
This reminds me of the one time I paid my babysitter with some black tar heroin and a bowl load Thai Bud.
2002-03-22 05:40:37 PM  
Well god damn! I need to think over a serious career change now...
2002-03-22 05:41:02 PM  
Contemporize, Man!

Man, I got the munchie.
2002-03-22 05:41:49 PM  
i don't weed to teens and letting them smoke in front of the kid? that may be a little too far...
2002-03-22 05:42:06 PM  
"Graff was found guilty of two counts of child endangerment and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor."

Change the laws already.
2002-03-22 05:42:46 PM  
Man, I gotta go drop a deuce
2002-03-22 05:43:17 PM  
How did she pay her lawyer?
2002-03-22 05:45:26 PM  
she tried to bribe the arresting officer with nice bong rip
2002-03-22 05:45:51 PM  
now if she were really smart she would turn the sitter out as a cam whore, seems to be the trend sweeping the nation

2002-03-22 05:48:35 PM  
This reminds me of the one time the next door neighbor's babysitter came over to my house after the "shorties" were asleep and we sparked an owl.
2002-03-22 05:49:04 PM  
I live right by Moorhead... why couldn't she hire me to watch her kids?
2002-03-22 05:51:15 PM  
CandyPink Come on down to Farkansas, you can watch my kids.
2002-03-22 05:51:28 PM  
An even better story, linked from the same page. Talk about bad luck.

CLEARFIELD, Pa. - A man was rescued from an overturned logging truck, only to be killed by a coal truck.

Robert Arnold Jr., 37, overturned his truck on a bridge Thursday, spilling logs onto the road. The drivers of a van, an ambulance and another truck helped him to safety.

But minutes later, a coal truck plowed into the vehicles stopped at the accident site, killing Arnold.
2002-03-22 05:52:57 PM  
What's the rate of pay?. 1-hr = a joint? 2-hr = a nickle of homegrown? 3-hr = a dime bag of Humboldt County Skunk bud?
2002-03-22 05:53:12 PM  
"How much did she pay you honey? A couple of joints and a bong rip."
2002-03-22 05:53:22 PM  
hmmmm... did I hear someone say "Thai bud"? ahhhhhhh...
2002-03-22 05:53:42 PM  
Hey, at least she didn't pay them with an eighteen wheeler of Keystone Light.
2002-03-22 05:53:56 PM  
Damn, I've been payin my babysitter with cash this whole time. I will have to reme,ber to pay the way Clarkins does,
I'll let her give me a hummer...I will even let her do a bong hit.
2002-03-22 05:54:03 PM  
Or Natural Light for that matter.
2002-03-22 05:54:24 PM  
"smoke the illegal weed in front of the children."

This would be the only thing that bothers me. I'm all for pot, but I was at a friend of a friend's once who had 3 kids aged 4-12. The 2 younger ones were in the room and they (their parents) asked if I'd roll a joint (mine). No problem, but I simply couldn't bring myself to roll and smoke a joint in front of 2 children, as with wide eyes they examine my every move. I'm far from a kid person but I just couldn't do it. Kids don't need to be exposed to that kinda thing until they're old enough to make their own decisions. Pot is pretty much harmless when used appropriately in moderation.
2002-03-22 05:54:36 PM  
Keystone light rocks !!!!
2002-03-22 05:54:39 PM  
so they where making 420 an hour? :::giggle:::
2002-03-22 05:55:17 PM  
Hell come to Texas Candypink, everything is bigger here including the buds.. ;)
2002-03-22 05:56:42 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-22 05:58:32 PM  
I usually pay my babysitters with a "nasty sanchez" then I draw a map of Hawaii on their stomachs.
2002-03-22 06:00:54 PM  
your right about that feeling. i once bought from this guy i knew, a little. went to his house and he rolled up a blunt and smoked it in front of his 12 and 10 yr old kids. that was the first and last time i will smoke in front of a kid. easily the lowest feeling i have ever had.
2002-03-22 06:20:39 PM  
Yea same here Lancer, I know some folks, really respectable people, we went to there house and we smoked a doobie in the living room with her 2 and 12 year old kid. Then the 12 year old started doing ninja stuff, so I know he got the contact high. I felt really sorry for the two year old that was there.

'I second-hand smoke 2 joints a day.'
2002-03-22 06:26:35 PM  
but not a ONE of you give two shiats about crackin a beer or smoking a cig in front of a kid..

id rather kids smoke weed than drink or smoke cigs..
2002-03-22 06:27:54 PM  
I actually have a friend (who's now 27).. her mom was totally farked up and gave her a toke or two before bed "to help her sleep" when she was 3-12.
My friend thought she could fly until she was 14.. yes, like Peter Pan.
2002-03-22 06:28:11 PM  
It would be great if the national currency was weed. I bet alot of those homeless people would go out and get jobs.
2002-03-22 06:35:42 PM  
It's quite obvious the mother should have the children removed from her possesion immediately as she obviously doesn't give a shiat about the childrens welfare. A real mother would not condone stoned teenagers "guarding" her children. And the "cool" tag is just wrong.
2002-03-22 06:37:21 PM  
This is a problem only because Uncle Sam doesn't have his dirty little fingers in this business transaction. Note to government: make it legal, tax the bejeebus out of it and stop this charade you call "drug war".
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