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(Reuters)   Irish pensioner has won compensation after being refused entry to a Dublin pub because of his age   ( divider line
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2002-03-22 12:55:18 PM  
good for him.
2002-03-22 12:55:57 PM  
Has anyone ever been to Slane Castle? Thinking about going to a concert there. How is it?
2002-03-22 12:56:08 PM  
i gonna post before cormee
2002-03-22 12:56:21 PM  
How many pints of Smithwicks will 1000 Euros buy?
2002-03-22 12:56:45 PM  
He's just trying to successfully pickle his liver.
2002-03-22 12:58:31 PM  
"Door staff informed him that only "regulars" were being admitted."

Why hell sonny, I eat my prunes and oat bran. I'm as regular as the sun rising.
2002-03-22 12:58:53 PM  
Jeremiah O'Reilly, 72, was 1,000 euros (617 pounds) richer on Thursday after Ireland's Director of Equality Investigations ruled in a landmark case that he had been discriminated against by the trendy cafe-style Q Bar in central Dublin.

How many DOLLARS is that??

(I'm just a lazy American who needs to be told.)
2002-03-22 12:59:22 PM  
Nothing's worse than an old Irish in drunken stupor
2002-03-22 12:59:26 PM  
About $1000, RiverRat.
2002-03-22 12:59:44 PM  
**I also need to be told when to close my tags***
2002-03-22 01:00:04 PM  
Buy em a wee pint on me
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-22 01:01:10 PM  
Thanks G-Man
2002-03-22 01:01:50 PM  
Sounds like they should move the place to the Sunset Strip...replete with velvet rope.
2002-03-22 01:02:37 PM  
Hey Pseudo Psy

leave my wife OUT of this.
2002-03-22 01:03:41 PM  
I know that pub - its such a dump, the guy was lucky to be refused entry.

Brooks -slane castle is a brilliant venue - its supposed to be the best natural ampitheatre in the world (whatever the fark that is)

lol spaslomytic
2002-03-22 01:04:39 PM  
trendy cafe-style Q Bar in central Dublin

OMG how ill informed is this reporter?!?!
2002-03-22 01:06:07 PM  
dang Cormee, now they can't renovate that "dump" because of the settlement he got...
2002-03-22 01:08:43 PM  
RiverRat: its only just been renovated and reopened - hence the strict door policy, it was an even bigger dump berore that - real good place to get a beerglass in the face
2002-03-22 01:10:39 PM  
sounds like they "planted" this story for some free advertising then......

all in all, a small price to pay for exposure on Drew Curtis' FARK...

2002-03-22 01:11:50 PM  
and yes (for any others out there) I KNOW it wasn't FREE...
2002-03-22 01:14:22 PM  
i can only dream of the day i'm kicked out of bars just cuz i'm old...a man can dream i guess
2002-03-22 01:14:36 PM  
Euro1000 = 250 Pints of Smithwicks
2002-03-22 01:16:50 PM  

Have you heard anything about a U2 and Oasis show at Slane this summer going round? I've seen some rumblings on the message boards and such, but no confirmation. That would be a farking mega show.
2002-03-22 01:17:38 PM  

It is not fair to tease, I still have 3hrs 45 minutes until I can have one of those.
2002-03-22 01:17:49 PM  
I expect revolting children pissed about not meeting height requirements for rides in amusement parks next
*lawsuits to follow
2002-03-22 01:19:39 PM  
If I send you 1000 euros will you send me 250 pints? Dirty bastards won't send it to America cause it would compete with Bass or some such crap.

While you're at it, would you send me some mussels from Foxes?
2002-03-22 01:20:30 PM  
Brooks - U2 played Slane just last summer, but yeh that would be one helluva gig!
2002-03-22 01:20:32 PM  
What I want to know is... is the guy a regular patron of the bar? Now I don't know what the laws are there but in the US they can refuse to let you in for any reason. They don't even have to tell you what that reason is. That's why you see signs that say "proper attire required".
2002-03-22 01:21:19 PM  
is this an Irish thread we seem to takin over, in the same way WE built America............woops
2002-03-22 01:22:32 PM  
I like how you just throw around the word "we". Have you ever even been to the US?
2002-03-22 01:23:21 PM  
Pharoh87: Sorry about that. Forgot it was still early. Ah, the hell with it, I'm going for one now.

*Runs for the pub*
2002-03-22 01:24:06 PM  

Yes been meaning to thank you. Saved us Polacks a lot of work. Kudos on the subways BTW.

(kidding sort of)
2002-03-22 01:25:25 PM  
The Irish are responsible for our Subways? Good, now I know who to blame.
2002-03-22 01:26:21 PM  
I tried but could not get in the standard was to high or something(or i might of been cant recall )
2002-03-22 01:28:07 PM  
Seem to remember watching some Discovery Channel thing about the subways, apparently the only people they could get to go underground were the Irish. Called them sandhogs. If memory serves that is.
2002-03-22 01:30:23 PM  
Actually, they just went underground to get away from the rest of the Nuuu Yawkers.
2002-03-22 01:31:57 PM  
The Irish are responsible for Subway....does Jared know this
[image from too old to be available]
do these people LOOK Irish?
2002-03-22 01:33:11 PM  
Where are all the conservatives complaining about "Special rights for old people? ". Hummmph.
2002-03-22 01:34:37 PM  
Don't get me wrong. I have Irish ancestors and personally like Irish folk in general. As a matter of fact I'm going to Connolly's here in Manhattan in about 10 minutes. Great Irish pub. I'll get some cornbeef and hash to salute you with Sir.
2002-03-22 01:35:41 PM  
Looks like they could all fit in those pants at the same time.
2002-03-22 01:36:55 PM  
Except for maybe the guy all the way to the right. Notice how they made sure he was on the fringe of that photo? They should have put him behind the pants. But then again that wouldn't make the pants look that big in comparison.
2002-03-22 01:36:56 PM  

subway not Subway

*beats head against the wall*
2002-03-22 01:42:23 PM  
(56k) -the "sandbags" of 1916 were just tryin to hide as every decent irishman knows , its the best way; nothing wrong with cornedbeef if its got a decent side order.
2002-03-22 01:44:56 PM  
I bet that weight-loss nerd has huge folds of excess Jabba-the-Hut skin. No one ever mentions that, but that's what you get when you lose 100 pounds. In fact, he probably has enough for a plastic surgeon to craft into wings.
2002-03-22 01:56:10 PM  
I think that it's pretty annoying when a private club has to conform to public laws when it pertains to allowing people to enter. Ageism, sexism, whatever, if a private club wants to do it, it's their perogative. Now if a drop of public monies is involved, that's a horse of a different color....
2002-03-22 02:07:38 PM  
uh, Hero tag?
2002-03-22 02:18:59 PM  
humble as i sit in silence
2002-03-22 02:25:17 PM  
Sarcasm (intended) not sarcasm
*eagerly awaits 4:20
2002-03-22 02:30:30 PM  
I like the Irish.....everyone should own one.
2002-03-22 04:15:46 PM  
How does one become a 'regular' if you never are allowed in the place?
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