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(NCBuy)   Parents naming their kids after food. Names like 'Veal' and 'Cappuccino' prove some people shouldn't have kids.   ( divider line
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5013 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Mar 2002 at 9:13 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-22 09:15:29 AM  
I wonder if Ce'Andre is a food?
2002-03-22 09:16:53 AM  
It's hard enough to find coffee mugs and key chains with Odd spellings of commone names like Michele with one 'L' and Bryan with 'Y'. Kids are going to feel completely left out of getting kitchy souveniers.

Why do people think that odd and original names will make their kids feel better about themselves?
2002-03-22 09:17:59 AM  
People are stupid. What ever happened to tough names like, Bob, Mike, Joe, and ones like that. They they have sissy names like Dylan, Taylor, and Todd. anyone know who said this?
2002-03-22 09:19:39 AM  
Submitted as, 'Fat people are naming their fat kids after their favorite fattening snack treats.'
2002-03-22 09:20:55 AM  
George Foreman Grill Jr.
2002-03-22 09:21:18 AM  
Lemonjello Jones.
2002-03-22 09:21:31 AM  
I think I will name my kid krispy kreme.
2002-03-22 09:23:30 AM  
What? No kids named Quorn yet?
2002-03-22 09:26:32 AM  
Here's a name I don't get: Topher Grace
2002-03-22 09:27:27 AM  
anyone remember the SNL skit with Tim Meadows and the only occasioanlly funny black woman where they were making fun of the wacky ass names that black children have? Not to sound racist but black people have been doing this for years.
2002-03-22 09:28:10 AM  
I'm waiting to hear some woman call her kids Watermelon and Chittlins.
2002-03-22 09:28:27 AM  
BoCoMoFo, exactly. What the fark is Tucker. I just like how he said TOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDD!!!
2002-03-22 09:28:59 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-22 09:29:18 AM  
actually meshman his name is Christopher Grace...but he goes by Tohper
2002-03-22 09:29:36 AM  
Chanle51, don't forget his twin brother, Orangejello.
2002-03-22 09:29:49 AM  
Or how about, "Hey Scampi, get your ass in the house!"
2002-03-22 09:32:28 AM  
One highschool in Gainesville, FL had a pair of black sisters named Lashieka and Lasanga. *shivers*
2002-03-22 09:32:32 AM  

I've heard of a kid called "Chevette".
I mean, at least name it after a nice car.
2002-03-22 09:33:28 AM  
"Emma Jean, what say we namin' our new baby after food like them sophisticated city folk do."

"From this day on you be called Squirrel."

2002-03-22 09:33:50 AM  
Go clean your room Latrina!
2002-03-22 09:36:31 AM  
At my brother's wedding, one of his wife's relatives was a child of about 5. His name was Aston Martin.
2002-03-22 09:37:20 AM  
Here's a silly one - Anfernee.
2002-03-22 09:38:26 AM  
The article read like it was online names not actual birth names or am I just stupid?

My wife had twins in her class named Andonius and Andarius.

There's the joke/urban legend about the mother who said the hospital named her daughter for her female but pronounced fee mall ee. Or Sh thea ed, spelled shiathead.
2002-03-22 09:39:38 AM  
"Tapioca, have you taken out the garbage yet?"
2002-03-22 09:40:48 AM  
Cheddar?! Why not Velveeta?
2002-03-22 09:43:32 AM  
I'm naming my first born son Happy Meal Matzug.

Hows that for a timeless classic?
2002-03-22 09:43:54 AM  
Whats the problem here?
At least the parents of these kids weren't Greek,
Hi this is my brother Soulvaki and my sister Tzatsiki.
2002-03-22 09:43:59 AM  
My cousin used to work for an immigrant agency and the two strangest names for children she has ever seen were: Ketchup and Vagina. I'm not making this up. These people wanted to give their children English names so they could "blend in" and they thought those words were beautiful. I mean if vagina didn't have the meaning it does, it sounds pretty. But, maybe I'm biased.
2002-03-22 09:44:20 AM  
You are killin' me Chanle51.
2002-03-22 09:45:07 AM  
I used to substitute teach in the city here, and some of the names I encountered:
Orangejello (O-ran-he-lo)
Lemonjello (La-man-he-lo)
shiathead [w/out the a] (shi-tade)

When that last kid (only about 8 years old) handed me her homework with that name on it, I almost sent her to the office.
2002-03-22 09:45:41 AM  
Other great food names for kids:

Ramen (Everybody loves Ramen?)
2002-03-22 09:46:03 AM  
Damn, if only I was born during today's times!!! WHY MOM, WHY?

-Asparagus Jones
2002-03-22 09:46:59 AM  
I swear that some woman in front of me in line at the video story referred to her child as "Beefy."
2002-03-22 09:47:05 AM  
My daughter went to school with this girl whos last name was Early. Her parents named her Brighton. *shakes her head*
2002-03-22 09:47:32 AM  
more kids need to be named after the Iron Chef. Call your kid Kaga, or something.
2002-03-22 09:48:03 AM  
Speaking as a child of the 80's, I think playing this frivolous and capricious name game with children is cruel. Parents should think of their progeny as children, not conversation pieces.

Oysters Newburg
2002-03-22 09:48:03 AM  

No one should name a human Cappuccino
2002-03-22 09:48:21 AM  
what a article...

i'd bet that most if not all of these names were made by people lying on the domain registering form.

in other news, Adolf Hitler lives in Mexico.
2002-03-22 09:48:48 AM  
Wasn't Biggie Smalls named after a meal at Wendy's or something? Although that makes no sense but then again... there is this really short chick with a big butt here at work and we call her Little Big Ass.
2002-03-22 09:49:43 AM  
I actually did go out with a girl named Cinamon (her real spelling). She was so hot she rarely got any flack for it though. Lucky.
2002-03-22 09:49:56 AM  
Soup McFly.
2002-03-22 09:50:09 AM  
It really is sad how people mess with their children's names. I seriously doubt some parents ability to foresee that their kids names do in fact go on with them forever.

Its like a game, who can come up with the most bizarre yuppy name or "African" sounding name out there. And now they add food to the list. This kind of crap really pisses me off.
2002-03-22 09:50:37 AM  
trying again...

what a article...

i'd bet that most if not all of these names were made by people lying on the domain registering form.

in other news, Adolf Hitler lives in Mexico.
2002-03-22 09:51:18 AM  
Diogenes: Hot chick, named Cinamon? Did she end up as a stripper?
2002-03-22 09:51:44 AM  
My wife tought at a school with a child whose name was pronounced "Peneese".

It was spelled "Penis".

The mother thought it sounded French. (true story) This girl is probably 14 now and I'm sure has a life of pure Hell.
2002-03-22 09:52:12 AM  
Bah, insert "stupid" in between 'a' and 'article'.

Also insert stupid after "Stalinism is very".

HTML is too difficult for me. And I'm a farking web developer...
2002-03-22 09:53:06 AM  
If I have a kid I'm not giving it a traditional name either. I think I will come up with something totally different like Prince did. My kid's name is going to be a smell. They will have to carry around a card with the smell on it. If someone asks the kid it's name then he/she will hand out the card and someone will have to sniff it.
2002-03-22 09:53:16 AM  
I'm naming my firstborn Adolph Oliver Nipples
2002-03-22 09:53:29 AM  
I met a guy named Gaylord Focker once...nice guy, but a male nurse, so eh.
2002-03-22 09:54:20 AM  
Ok I'm am not lying about this but I do email administration so I see all sorts of weird names but the best so far is.... Lata Beer. NOT LYING! I SWEAR!
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