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10165 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Mar 2002 at 1:40 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-22 01:43:28 PM  
He could always do Lost in Space II
2002-03-22 01:43:42 PM  
the horsemen are saddling their steeds...
2002-03-22 01:43:59 PM  
How you doin?
2002-03-22 01:45:23 PM  
No, this is going to be good in a "watch astounding careers of bad actors go down in flames" good. Remember how all the "seinfeld" spinoffs were going to rule television? Not. Sank without a trace.
2002-03-22 01:45:24 PM  
Gott in himmell!
2002-03-22 01:45:31 PM  
Avoid the Apocalypse- Kill your television Now!!
2002-03-22 01:45:39 PM  
Well at least its not a I-Mockery "Week of the rom hack" spinoff.
2002-03-22 01:45:47 PM  
who cares? he is just a stupid farker anyway.
2002-03-22 01:45:51 PM  
last line: s/good/sense/
2002-03-22 01:46:41 PM  
This link is going to point to the wrong page in about an hour. See this page for the story about the Friends spinoff.

Or if I farked up the link.
2002-03-22 01:47:05 PM  
My my, will you look at the time? Shouldn't we be getting a deluge of Cosmiverse headlines any second now?
2002-03-22 01:47:44 PM  
Cool! Now I can finally watch Conan at a reasonable hour!
(story above)
2002-03-22 01:47:47 PM  
I give it 6 episodes
2002-03-22 01:47:52 PM  
didn't anybody read the last sentence:
An NBC spokeswoman said Wednesday that "there are no discussions whatsoever" about such a series.

I looked up rumor in the dictionary...
2002-03-22 01:49:13 PM  
....Jump the Shark fodder
2002-03-22 01:49:19 PM  
Aisles Says He's Fighting A War Against CNN

(story on same page about FOX News Channel chief Roger Ailes. Apparently has hired the same headline writers that post on FARK...)
2002-03-22 01:51:23 PM  
I think we need a new tag, "Apocalypse"
2002-03-22 01:52:08 PM  
Bring back "Top of the Heap!" Man can that LeBlanc guy act... Anyone see Lost in Space? You'll actually believe that a man can fly a spaceship through a disintegrating planet's core!
2002-03-22 01:52:44 PM  
Is the site for London Daily Mirror?

I searched by Matt LeBlanc, Friends, and NBC television. No entries for Wednesday the 20th for Friends or NBC and none at all for Matt LeBlanc.

This might just be bullshiat.
2002-03-22 01:54:01 PM  
Victorinox, nice drop in. I love that site. Read it daily until I found Fark.
2002-03-22 01:54:26 PM  
Love the show, absolutely LOVE Courtney and Jennifer, but have a feeling these actors should be saving their money now, because this has been their big shot at the big time...
2002-03-22 01:56:00 PM  
Carp, could you imagine, every week, Joey says, "How YOU doin'?" to a different celebrity guest. Or...On a very special episode of "Joey", Joey meets Christopher Reeves for the first time after his cyborg operation.
Must Miss TV!
Jeesh...Hollywood sucks!
Isn't it time for a beer yet?
2002-03-22 01:56:48 PM  
It is safe to say that if you are a radio personality it is a good idea not to brag about what you are stealing.

Sports Commentator Is Sued After Admitting He Pirated TV Signals

DirecTV has sued Imus in the Morning personality Sid Rosenberg after the sports commentator bragged on the air about having his DirecTV smartcard altered to enable him to receive pay-per-view sports broadcasts and movies without paying for them. As reported by today's (Friday) New York Post, Rosenberg told Imus during his radio show on March 11, "I know a guy, and he'll zap the card for you." When Imus observed that doing so would be stealing, Rosenberg replied, "It's not really stealing ... DirecTV charges way too much money."
2002-03-22 01:56:56 PM  
The Blade 2 stuff sounds interesting. Hasn't that Friends show gone off to a dark, cool place to DIE?
2002-03-22 01:59:23 PM  
i actually liked the Married with Children spin-off he was in. I think it was called "Top of the Heap".

the show was pure crap, but Joey Lauren Adams spent all of her time in very very teeny shorts.
I laughed, I cried, I rubbed one out. not necessarily in that order :o)
2002-03-22 02:02:07 PM  
God, Matt LeBlanc can be a funny man (I dislike "Friends", but I admit it has its moments), but this _theoretical_ series would tank! Julia Louis-Drefus' series "Watching Ellie" just got axed, and apparently it didn't even completely suck. Yawn, elf needs sleep, badly.
2002-03-22 02:02:30 PM  
Proud to say I have never watched Friends in the first place. It sounded like a god awful idea to me when it first came out.
2002-03-22 02:02:54 PM  
spinoffs almost always suck balls. the only shows that come to my mind with successful spinoffs are all in the family, happy days, and diff'rent strokes. oh, and i guess perfect strangers, but family matters was an assy show depsite its popularity.
2002-03-22 02:05:46 PM  
He will now experience the "Seinfeld" syndrome : His solo effort will be as crappy as all the efforts of Jason Alexander, ect. Soon he'll go from being a well known tv actor, to doing 10 -10 - 321 commercials and being the corner sqare on Hollywood Squares.
2002-03-22 02:08:20 PM  
Frasier is sometimes pretty funny. But yes, especially recently - spinoffs don't work.
2002-03-22 02:11:01 PM  
unless it is called "Rachel's Nips", I don't want to hear about it.
2002-03-22 02:14:40 PM  
For every "Jeffersons" or "Laverne and Shirley", there's an "After MASH" or "Brady Girls get Married".
2002-03-22 02:17:52 PM  
The terrorists have truely won.
2002-03-22 02:18:35 PM  
Trapper John, MD was pretty good, though. W*A*L*T*E*R sucked, though. radar was cool and all, but he's not a leading man.
2002-03-22 02:20:21 PM  
He has a plethora of film opportunities i'm sure...exspecially after the smash hit "Ed".

Was is me or could that monkey really act?
2002-03-22 02:20:21 PM  
He has a plethora of film opportunities i'm sure...exspecially after the smash hit "Ed".

Was is me or could that monkey really act?
2002-03-22 02:21:54 PM  
I think MADtv's version, where Ross is terrified of the new black chick, would be better than anything Joey could do, with the possible exception of gay porn.
2002-03-22 02:21:56 PM  
If you do watch friends, or know someone who does here's an easy way to ruin watching it ever again. Listen specifically for the laugh track. Not only is it almost the same EVERY time, but the way it shuts off immediately before the next line is delivered, and sometimes just faintly comes in between lines is so annoying that you wonder how you ever missed it. After you first start listening for it suddenly it becomes really hard NOT to hear it for what it is.
2002-03-22 02:23:15 PM  
btw, great farkin headline, whoever!
2002-03-22 02:35:11 PM  
Farked? I just looked and can't find mention of Friends anywhere.
2002-03-22 02:35:43 PM  
I liked this little bit:
"The organization Mothers Against Drunk Driving had scheduled a news conference in Washington for today (Thursday) to condemn the NBC policy and to call for tougher regulations for all alcohol ads, including those for beer and wine."

So, its not really "Mothers Against Drunk Driving", its "Mothers Against Drinking, Period". Wonder if Carrie Nation is still a member?
2002-03-22 02:46:30 PM  
Hey the least successful Friends star wants to do a spinoff of his one claim to fame? Imagine that! He can always do Doritos commercials I guess after his spinoff tanks
2002-03-22 02:46:56 PM  
See my earlier post.
2002-03-22 02:47:15 PM  
Diogenes - Go to Gma's post of 03-22-02 01:46:41 PM.
Thanks Gma!!
2002-03-22 02:48:08 PM  
"I just looked and can't find mention of Friends anywhere."

Same here. An alternate link was posted earlier in this thread but there's nothing about Friends there either.
2002-03-22 02:51:27 PM  
It's at the bottom of the page.
2002-03-22 03:09:35 PM  
The only 'friends' spin off that I've heard of is called: "Vicodine"
It's based on a middle of the road actor in Hollywood.Our hero spends 22 minutes every Thursday eating fistfuls of the "painkiller to the stars" and loosing then gaining weight. It's kind of like "The Osbournes", 'cept there is less humor and tatoos...
2002-03-22 03:13:58 PM  
moved to

2002-03-22 03:14:41 PM  
rats. just do it yourself...
2002-03-22 03:26:58 PM  
Personally, I am looking forward to watching this spin-off series if it ever happens!*

*Note: Spin-off series must also cast Wil Wheaton as the neighbour and Christopher Walken as the boss. Visits by Cliche Kitty and Farkman are also encouraged.
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