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(KIRO-TV)   Washington town auctioning off the privilege -- nay, the HONOR -- of presiding over a testicle-cooking contest   ( divider line
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2005-03-14 06:38:28 PM  
It takes balls to compete in that contest.

2005-03-14 10:04:43 PM  
Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.
2005-03-15 03:35:48 AM  
This is gonna be a balls-out competition...
2005-03-15 03:37:12 AM​995149&r d=1&ssPageName=WDVW

theres the auction, cheap cheap cheap
2005-03-15 03:37:36 AM  
My friend loves telling this story where she's helping her grandparents castrate pigs and she tied the rubber band wrong. Blood squirted eeeverywhere. Her mother took a picture of her covered in it, still holding the knife.

Nothing more intimidating to a teenage boy than, "Hey, look at this bloody picture of me cutting off testes."

//city girl gone country is a castration gone wrong
2005-03-15 03:38:26 AM  
This gets a 'cool' tag, while the female Iranian race car driver is merely 'amusing'? That's a load of cooked bull...
2005-03-15 03:40:12 AM  
Nay, the HONOR!
2005-03-15 03:44:22 AM  
Nay, the HONOUR!

/British, but got nuthin', by Jove!
2005-03-15 03:45:09 AM  
*is anxiously awaiting the Washington State Trifecta for this morning....*
2005-03-15 03:45:37 AM  
Golden Palace to the rescue!
2005-03-15 03:45:47 AM  
Tasty testis!
2005-03-15 03:48:46 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

anyone... anyone...?
2005-03-15 03:49:42 AM  
I can't believe Seattle has no better news to report on than this...

2005-03-15 03:51:51 AM  
Cooking testicles?? WTF

That's just nuts...
2005-03-15 03:53:55 AM  
Nay, the HONOURE!

/must...suppress...power metal lyrics...
2005-03-15 03:54:39 AM  
This is nowhere near Seattle. I've never heard of this dip little town. Although in Montana every year I remember they had a Testicle Festival. Never went... not one of my great regrets...
2005-03-15 03:55:09 AM  
I guess there's nothing much else to do in Concunully. Central Eastern Washington is teh boring.
2005-03-15 03:56:14 AM  
Dammit - Dan beat me to that one...
2005-03-15 04:40:40 AM  
Someday I will attend the Gilroy Garlic festival. This I vow.
Not really related, except that I can eat garlic.
2005-03-15 05:11:52 AM  
I've actualy BEEN to this town. It's nothing. There is a bait shop/convenience store, a restaurant, a lake with a dock, a huge campground, and miles of ranchland all around. That's it. I got to see a cattle drive go through when I was there once. It's really in the middle of nowhere too. It's right on the East side of the Cascades, kind of near the Canadian border. The closest major town is Omak, the Okanogan County seat. For everyone outside of Washington, that's really the middle of nowhere. Northeast WA is just miles and miles of wilderness. The only reason you'd want to visit this town is if you hate civilization, I guess. Hell, I'm suprised they ever got an article as big as this one.

Now I'll go back to never posting.
2005-03-15 05:13:48 AM  
Seriously, "testicle festival" is a great slant rhyme.

Oh, and a farker needs to sack up and join this contest. (sorry)
2005-03-15 07:08:09 AM  
I wonder if Drew is interested....
2005-03-15 07:30:28 AM  
2005-03-15 07:53:11 AM  
Psycho lesbian feminists everywhere rejoice.
2005-03-15 07:53:46 AM  
How are they cooked?
2005-03-15 07:59:18 AM  
Mmmmm... Americaballs...
2005-03-15 08:07:04 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Poor Guy :(
2005-03-15 08:14:16 AM  
Is it true that American women, after mating, kill and eat the males?
2005-03-15 08:22:59 AM  
There's a testicle festival in Ryegate Montana in June every year, and some of my friends and I were on a cross-country trip and decided to stop by that day and party with the people there. We had the time of our life at the festival and ended up getting invited back to a party at some house in the middle of an alfalfa or something field. The tap on the keg didn't work, so someone pulled a rifle out of their car and shot a bullet hole into the side of the keg, and everyone spent the rest of the night pouring beer out of the hole... I'd go back anytime, and I'd recommend it to all of you as well.
2005-03-15 08:38:49 AM  
Here in Stillwater, OK there's an annual calf-fry (AKA testicle festival) at a place called Tumbleweed's. It's been held every year for well over a decade.

It's always a big hit... country music and drinking... Git yer tickets now!
2005-03-15 08:42:41 AM  
I think I'll pass.
2005-03-15 08:58:26 AM  
You gotta admit, they've got the balls to do that.
2005-03-15 09:04:29 AM  
Bah. This is nothing compared to the insanity that goes on at the Testicle Festival ("Testy Festy") in Montana every year.

(portions of site may be NSFW)
2005-03-15 09:06:46 AM  
Dockmatt7: The tap on the keg didn't work, so someone pulled a rifle out of their car and shot a bullet hole into the side of the keg, and everyone spent the rest of the night pouring beer out of the hole..

Hunter S. Thompson would be proud.
2005-03-15 11:20:48 AM  
What a great family event for Fathers Day weekend. I wonder what they do on Mothers Day weekend.

Map of Conconully
2005-03-15 12:20:19 PM  
And their slogan? "Have a Ball!"
2005-03-15 01:46:15 PM  
this headline made me laugh. Nay, GUFFAW.
2005-03-15 01:59:35 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2005-03-15 03:53:23 PM  
Anything involving pain about the testicles makes mine creep inside my chest cavity.
2005-03-15 04:14:30 PM  
"Marilyn Church of the Chamber of Commerce says some people plan their summer vacations around testicle festivals."

Who are these people?? Imagine, waiting all year to mow down on football sized reproductive organs.

Actually, I used to hold my own Testicle Festivals, but the HR department asked me to tone it down.
2005-03-15 05:39:22 PM  
It's testacular!
2005-03-15 06:36:31 PM  
Fresh nuts roasting on an open fiiiire...
2005-03-15 06:38:25 PM  
Zylon: "More testicles means more iron!"

//disturbed that he remembers odd minutia like that
2005-03-16 03:04:10 PM  
Sponsored by BIG BULL beer, the beer w/ the clean cold taste.
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