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(News24)   Man accused of shoplifting turns up at the hospital naked, drunk, and covered in red paint   ( divider line
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2005-03-14 10:03:38 AM  
You really need to RTFA on this one very very Pulp Fiction esque
2005-03-14 10:10:37 AM  
Caught red-handed, among other things.
2005-03-14 12:01:43 PM  
reminds me of a grocery store here that was run by the Hells Angels, NOBODY shoplifted there. They dont call the police... Although it seems that this guy may have been innocent, soooooo not really the same, sorta, kinda...
2005-03-14 12:05:04 PM  
Shiat, that sounds like a typical weekend.
2005-03-14 02:09:56 PM  
That's no way to go through life, son.
2005-03-14 02:20:29 PM  
Dammit, Cosmic_Music beat me to it. Dammit dammit dammit.

2005-03-14 03:45:06 PM  
Was he fat and stupid, too??
2005-03-14 03:46:40 PM  
Was he drinking the red rum?
2005-03-14 03:48:41 PM  
Obviosuly one of those in-bred red necks
2005-03-14 03:55:52 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-14 03:56:18 PM  
2005-03-14 03:56:59 PM  
I Hate when that happens
2005-03-14 03:58:00 PM  
Holy Frak... remind me never to buy alcohol in Johannesburg.
2005-03-14 03:58:47 PM  
Usually a story like that has a virgin in it...

/only that wasn't paint...
2005-03-14 03:59:09 PM  
Wraithstrike: Don't buy alcohol in Johannesburg.
2005-03-14 04:00:49 PM  
Tosche said he was threatened with torture if he didn't finish the bottle.

[image from too old to be available]

2005-03-14 04:01:27 PM  
he was only wearing a red coat...
2005-03-14 04:06:36 PM  
You start out life naked, screaming, and covered in blood. Live an interesting enough life and you go out that way too.

although my favorite has always been. I want to die peacefully in my sleep like my grandpa. Not screaming in terror like the passengers in his car.
2005-03-14 04:07:19 PM  
I just thought up the perfect punishment for the store owner, it involves a bucket ouf paint and a steel rod.

Do onto others...
2005-03-14 04:13:41 PM  
2005-03-14 04:15:25 PM  
worthless without pics.
2005-03-14 04:17:21 PM  
woulda been funnier if he had been stealing paint.
2005-03-14 04:19:14 PM  
porr guy. :( Kill the shop owner
2005-03-14 04:24:31 PM  
I was unable to drink it all, so they forced my mouth open and poured it down my throat.

Roger Thornhill surrenders.
2005-03-14 04:33:37 PM  
Son of Thunder,

Teenagers from Outer Space?

/Where's the Gargon Herd?
2005-03-14 04:34:26 PM  
That was a pretty good article.

/doesn't think that banana really belonged in that Microsoft commercial at the end of the article
2005-03-14 04:43:33 PM  
2005-03-14 05:17:55 PM  
Was his name Town?
2005-03-14 05:18:38 PM  
Run Ronnie RUN!
2005-03-14 05:27:45 PM  
Allegedly Shoplifted, stripped naked, painted red, beat with a metal rod. Not so hard to believe.

I orginally read the headline to mean stripped naked, painted red, Allegedly Shoplifted. Very hard to believe.

The sequence of events is very important in cases like this.
2005-03-14 05:43:21 PM  
Sounds like an episode of "Arrested Development."
Even though that's blue paint.
2005-03-14 05:45:16 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"If he is to be sacrificed to Kaili, why is he not painted red?"
2005-03-14 06:34:55 PM  
I'll drink to that!
2005-03-15 02:16:12 PM  
Hey if you can think of a better way to show up at the hospital, I'd like to hear it.
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