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(Las Vegas Review-Journal)   The ghosts of Liberace, Elvis, Bugsy Siegel and a devilish vortex are sucking away the souls of vacationing midwesterners. Also their money   ( divider line
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2005-03-14 01:41:07 PM  
And yet midwesterners continue to insist that they aren't cultureless.
2005-03-14 01:45:40 PM  
Don't forget the ghost of Dale Earnhardt.
2005-03-14 02:00:27 PM  
Hey doccm9, how's this for midwestern culture - fark you!
2005-03-14 02:01:43 PM  
"a devilish vortex "

A phrase that Courtney Loves OBGYN uses from time to time.
2005-03-14 02:02:16 PM  
'I paid to see a ghost.'

Huh? Exactly how dumb can you be?

/Just cuz I paid to get into the champagne room doesn't mean I'm getting head
2005-03-14 02:04:02 PM  
Flange!: ey doccm9, how's this for midwestern culture - fark you!

Sounds about right.
2005-03-14 02:05:14 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-14 02:06:53 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Didn't RTFA.

/sorry about previous post. Mods, please delete.
2005-03-14 02:07:18 PM  
I played poker in the Flamingo just last month. I definitely saw some of the dark side. And it was awesome.
2005-03-14 02:08:13 PM  
Words simply cannot express how dumb some people are.
2005-03-14 02:12:38 PM  
Liberace was a great pianist but he sucked on the organ.

/had to be said
2005-03-14 02:21:55 PM  
"Ready or not" they're as dead as Lauryn Hill's career.
2005-03-14 02:24:57 PM  
The commentary also covers tourists who've killed themselves at the Stratosphere and Luxor hotels and now, some say, still hang around.
Considering the way that most of these people killed themselves that's a pretty funny statement.
2005-03-14 02:26:20 PM  
"I'll be damned if I let some foreign, graffiti writin', soul suckin', son of a biatch in an oversized cowboy hat and boots take my friend's souls and shiat 'em down the visitors toilet! "
2005-03-14 02:29:32 PM  
But, he adds, "it's not a Halloween show. It's not a ride. It's not supposed to be a Haunted Mansion (ride). It's a legitimate parapsychology tour with a haunted show upfront."

[image from too old to be available]

"We're not weirdos! We're legitimate paranormal researchers! Legitimate, I tell you!"
2005-03-14 02:31:48 PM  
There was only one Midwesterner mentioned and they were from a suburb of Chicago. I think the Hawaiian should have been singled out for abuse. There are currently more Hawaiians living or visiting Nevada than on the islands themselves. Oh the things you can learn watching PBS.
2005-03-14 02:33:56 PM  
The ghosts of Liberace, Elvis, Bugsy Siegel, and a devilish vortex

If you thought a devilish vortex was bad, wait until you see the ghost of a devilish vortex.
2005-03-14 02:50:51 PM  
The tours begin Friday through Monday at 9 p.m. with a half-hour show -- a sort of truncated version of "Shock" -- in the Celebrity Room of the Greek Isles

I've been to the Greek Isles. With about 12 slot machines in a living-room sized casino, it ain't sucking away nobody's money.

(Their Rat Pack show kicks ass, though)
2005-03-14 03:00:22 PM  
Last Call
2005-03-14 03:02:29 PM  
Woo hoo!
2005-03-14 03:02:43 PM  
You mean people from the midwest have souls? I thought they all gave them to Jeayzus.
2005-03-14 03:02:49 PM  
My favorite part is that Redd Foxx's spirit had to be appeased? How scary is Sanford? In fact if you have to be haunted, he'd be farking great!
2005-03-14 03:05:07 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
"I wish my brother George was here."
2005-03-14 03:05:22 PM  
Why would you bash midwesterners?

1) Most of us voted for Kerry
2) We have higher income and more education than most of the country
3) We are neither southerners nor westerners.

Seriously, bash all the inbred cowboys and rednecks and leave us alone.
2005-03-14 03:06:41 PM  
I'm still haunted by the $10 hits of Makers Mark I had at The Bellagio ...

//won $600 playing Craps
2005-03-14 03:06:58 PM  
Now can we remove the Nielsen boxes from that part of the country? Please?

Before Hee Haw comes back...
2005-03-14 03:08:56 PM  
Redd Foxx actually had the 'big one' onstage during an awards ceremony. By the time it was realized he wasn't joking, he was dead.
2005-03-14 03:12:51 PM  
Mr. Clarence Butterworth,

Actually, while working on another television series for NBC, The Royal Family, Redd Foxx died, on the set, of a heart attack on October 11, 1991.​l_Redd_F oxx
2005-03-14 03:14:15 PM  
Sort of like John Ritter.
2005-03-14 03:14:53 PM  
Wake 'n Bake

Why bash the Midwesterners?? That's like asking why the sky's blue!

I keed (frosh year roomie was from Iowa) :-)
2005-03-14 03:27:59 PM  
I love this quote:

[image from too old to be available]

Some say that the spirit of a small boy still haunts Henderson's Fox Ridge Park. Robert Allen, who directs the Haunted Vegas Tour, says participants occasionally have seen the swing on the right move, apparently on its own.

Thats haunted alright! Or as I like to call it: WIND!
2005-03-14 03:40:46 PM  
Yeah, I saw the exact spot where Redd Foxx bought it on Paramount studios. Supposedly his ghost is haunting that area every night. Then again it could be Star Trek's relevance trying to come back from the dead. A lot of death down there at Paramount.
2005-03-14 04:04:30 PM  
An excellent supernatural Las Vegas novel is Tim Powers' Last Call (see about midway down that page), which is the ultimate novel about playing poker with Tarot Cards...
2005-03-14 04:18:36 PM  
"The ghosts of Liberace, Elvis, Bugsy Siegel and a devilish vortex are sucking away the souls of vacationing midwesterners.."

I thought they were going to walk into a bar...
2005-03-14 04:23:46 PM  
Mr. Clarence Butterworth

Redd Foxx actually had the 'big one' onstage during an awards ceremony. By the time it was realized he wasn't joking, he was dead.

You might be thinking of actor/comedian Dick Shawn. That exact thing happened to him during a performance.

/Heil, baby
2005-03-14 08:10:44 PM  
i'm seriously considering giving this tour a try. sounds interesting and atypical of the usual.

/lives in vegas
//hates tourists
///wrong place to live, i know
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