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(AP)   Landlord gives 4000 percent effort to rid building of roaches   ( divider line
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26646 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Mar 2005 at 3:27 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-03-12 10:33:34 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Coulda been worse.
2005-03-12 10:49:02 PM  
I bet the roaches still didn't die.
2005-03-12 10:54:54 PM  
I bet the land lord's gonna be giving a lot of 'free rent' passes out shortly.
2005-03-12 10:59:24 PM  
I, for one, need to know the nationality of the landlord. Not for any other purpose other than "to know".
2005-03-12 11:37:06 PM  
I bet the land lord's gonna be giving a lot of 'free rent' passes out shortly.

Perhaps, but wouldja' want 'em?

/got's me free tickets for ValuJet flights...
2005-03-13 12:09:02 AM  
Ohh the place didn't blow up.

/what a letdown
2005-03-13 01:25:50 AM  
If you've ever been to Stamford, CT, then this shouldn't be a surprise. Filth + stupidity.
2005-03-13 01:45:41 AM  
40 cans? That's like using a bazooka to kill a freaking ant.
2005-03-13 03:36:48 AM  
I could see setting off 2 or 3 cans just to be hardcore. 40 cans is overkill though. It's also a waste of money. Also, how did he synchronize that? Did he run through the house with a gas mask activating then one at a time or what?
2005-03-13 03:37:24 AM  
Wasn't there a MythBusters when they found out how many roach killer thingies it would take to explode? I remember catching the beginning of an episode where they were setting up roach killers wearing gas masks and hazmat suits and were preparing found-in-your-home detonators, but I didn't get to watch the rest of the show.
2005-03-13 03:40:33 AM  

That Myth Busters was on today. They put a bunch of them in a house and set them off and remotely lit a match. There was a big flame and it was explosive enough to blow out a couple of windows.
2005-03-13 03:42:23 AM  
The MythBusters episode was on again yesterday. Short answer: yes, the roach bombs can blow your house up. Also confirmed via some dude from (I think) the EPA.

They use a propane or petroleum propellant to spit out the poison, and that is what goes boom. They blurred out every can in the episode, which kind of clues you in early on that it is going to work.
2005-03-13 03:44:23 AM  
Capt. Trevor Roach of the Stamford Fire & Rescue Department said.

2005-03-13 03:45:47 AM  
Had a similar problem recently in Athens (Greece, not GA). Found that hitting them with the empty insecticide can was far more effective than waiting for the contents to work
2005-03-13 03:47:59 AM  
Capt. Trevor Roach..

ROFL... Now THAT is funny... (But it is late, I am tired, and most anything seems funny)
2005-03-13 03:56:18 AM  
Make the tenants clean it up. They weren't the landlord's roaches. Maybe if these people knew how to wipe off a counter once in a month, or brought out the garbage. Just because you live in an apartment doesn't mean you have to live like a pig.
2005-03-13 03:59:29 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2005-03-13 04:02:11 AM  
And to think, if I had never bothered to read this thread, I wouldn't have found out there was a Starship Troopers game in development.
2005-03-13 04:04:18 AM  

[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-13 04:39:30 AM  
That is freaking hilarious!!!
2005-03-13 04:39:49 AM  
Cockroaches are the one thing that really freak me out. Our last rental place was Cockroach Central, even though we kept that place spotless - no food scraps anywhere, all food in plastic containers, benches/tables clean, etc. The problem was more the house itself was old and had lots of nice moist areas underneath for cockroaches to live in. *shudder*
2005-03-13 04:41:10 AM  
farking asshole landlord needs to sufficate in his own bug spray for releasing that stuff WHILE TENANTS WERE IN THE BUILDING!!! You're supposed to evac the place before you release the spray!
2005-03-13 04:42:22 AM  
That made me exprell rum n pepsi from my nostrils.
2005-03-13 04:43:42 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-13 04:44:05 AM  
Zander Barcalow: "How could this happen?"

Carmen: "We thought we were smarter than the bugs." *pout*

[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-13 04:44:07 AM  
I'll take coachroaches over rats any day.
2005-03-13 04:56:00 AM  
"Several tenants had to stay in a temporary shelter and a hotel because of a landlord's attempt to fumigate a ten-family home. The landlord apparently touched off 40 cans of cockroach fumigate at the same time Thursday morning."

40 cans was a little excessive. It seems like one can per family would have been sufficient.
2005-03-13 05:02:51 AM  
Fcke yue morher farkin ashcoal dom ass biatches LLL@0lt3.
2005-03-13 05:08:42 AM  
That's why I keep a cat in each room. They keep the bugs under control. I've only seen one roach in the house in 25 years. I did have some ants a few days ago and just killed them by hand ( My room is cat free because of my pc and cameras so I have to kill crawlies myself) but cats are good at pest control.

I've used a bug bomb and it sez on the can NOT to be in the house for the whole day. It would help if you "could" read the can...
2005-03-13 05:32:25 AM  
Heh, I submitted this last night and it didnt get approved, someone else submits it and it does... Oh well, I tried :)
2005-03-13 06:26:17 AM  
Jeebus. You can tell that the writer has never been infested with the foul beasties.

13 years ago, I was living in this townhouse. I wasn't the best housekeeper, but we didn't have any roaches.

Until the new neighbors moved in, that is.

These frkkers moved in, and BAM! It was cockroach city after that.

Those rotten neighbors moved into their place, and I got invaded by the disgusting little bastards. It was horrible!

Finally, my cousin came over with this god damned, heinous, Satan-spawned, petroleum-based bug-killing shiat to unleash Armageddon on those filthy little six-legged monsters. I mean, this is the stuff that slumlords use to clean out the worst of the worst tenents. right?

Anyway, here comes my cousin Jeff with this Ecocide-in-a-Bottle. He sprays this unholy shiat all over my apartment, and I have to crash with friends for a couple days so I don't grow a second head or a new arm.

When I came home a few days later, my place was friggin' STERILE. Nothing lived there but the kind of bacteria that like to hang out near deep-ocean volcanic vents.

I heard afterwards that my cockroach-bearing new neighbors had to go to the hospital because of the toxic cloud of retribution.

Fark 'em. They brought pestilence into to my house, and deserved to suffer for their transgression.

I still laugh when I think about those dirty bastages, lying in hospital beds, gasping for air because of my cousin's solution for the pestilence they had wrought.

If the landlord in the article had to unleash the Cockroach Four Horsemen, then so be it! The residents were probably a pack of no-hygiene-using, no-soap-using, poop-flinging Third Worlders anyway.

In fact, he would have probably been better off dropping a handfull of pellets into a can of Zyclon-B, and then burning the building down and collecting the insurance money.

Hey, if you can't deal with the consequenses of bringing in cockroaches, and are going to get sick when the landlord has to clean 'em up, then you should clean your ass up and stop living like a goddamned animal.
2005-03-13 06:38:54 AM  
This story really bugged me.
2005-03-13 06:41:07 AM  
so towel how do you really feel?
2005-03-13 07:09:20 AM  
2005-03-13 07:10:23 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-13 07:18:20 AM  

2005-03-13 07:34:56 AM  
I used Zodiac flea bomb once in my old apartment. I had feral kitties outside and would let 'em in once in a while. Anyhow, got a little flea problem as a result. Put three small bombs in the place, and let me tell you, those things killed EVERYTHING!
2005-03-13 07:42:49 AM  
Mythbusters Covers The name, Of All, The Stuff They Use, With Mythbuster Brand, So No One,Will Get In Trouble, Leagly Or Otherwise, Weither The Myth,Is Busted, Or Plausable!!

Also, The Redhead Chick, On The New Shows, Is Hot!!
2005-03-13 07:48:17 AM  
hehe right on towel

cept the third-worlders were prolly from Arkansas :P
2005-03-13 07:59:43 AM  
Tenants with roaches? That reminds me!

[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-13 08:13:31 AM  
Also, The Redhead Chick, On The New Shows, Is Hot!!

I could have just made fun of your commas, but I think I'll just nod my head in agreement.
2005-03-13 08:54:07 AM  
Thank You, You Are So Kind!
2005-03-13 09:02:02 AM  
Yes, but did he hang a "mission accomplished" banner up afterwards?
2005-03-13 09:04:54 AM  
You filthy Cock a Roach

/Tony Montana
2005-03-13 09:11:14 AM  
Didn't a similar story make Fark headlines a year or two ago. I seem to remember the guy setting off a bunch of bug bombs and blowing out one of his walls.
2005-03-13 09:14:11 AM  
TowelTheDoor: The residents were probably a pack of no-hygiene-using, no-soap-using, poop-flinging Third Worlders anyway. In fact, [the landlord] would have probably been better off dropping a handfull of pellets into a can of Zyclon-B, and then burning the building down and collecting the insurance money.

You win the "most outrageously stupid of the day" prize.
2005-03-13 09:20:10 AM  

2005-03-13 10:28:40 AM  
Edgar would not be happy.

[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-13 10:29:17 AM  

I live in Stamford....what in the hell are you talking about.
Filthly? Stupidity? Have you ever driven around, North Stamford or Shippan? There are some really beautiful houses there...which would lead one to believe that some fairly intelligent people inhabit them, of course, thats a broad generalization, but come on. Its a city of over 100,000 people, there are some shady areas, but what city doesn't have them? Its sandwiched in between greenwich, darien, and new canaan, not exactly where I'd want to live, but they are very nice places. Where they hell are you from?
2005-03-13 10:33:42 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Kari sure is cute.
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