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4259 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Mar 2005 at 5:02 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-03-11 09:41:16 AM dc's rock station!!!
2005-03-11 09:43:03 AM
2005-03-11 09:43:09 AM  
I like listening to talk.

I listen to either the stream at (local NPR station),, or I've only been listening to online radio for a couple of days, but BBC has a pretty big library you can select from, with music stations, comedy, news, and so on.
2005-03-11 09:43:27 AM  
zack morris phone

Thanks, great minds listen alike. :D
2005-03-11 09:43:49 AM  
Great Live365 station here:

All sorts of heavy, melodic, progressive, and power metal. It also streams in 64k mp3PRO. Full capabilities for requesting songs from his collection. It also doesnt hurt that I know the guy running the site. True metalhead!
2005-03-11 09:46:51 AM ... ...
2005-03-11 09:49:06 AM  
Seriously, WOXY is the best radio station ever. During the week they have live djs and never have commercials. They take requests. When they went off the air I tried several other stations, KEXP, Radio XY, SomaFM, Indie103, WFMU, cd101. None could hold a candle to WOXY.
2005-03-11 09:49:13 AM  
I'm glad to see The Current getting lots of mentions. I ordered Sirius about 6 months ago because I was so sick of the radio here in Mpls. I'm thinking of cancelling because I never listen anymore.

Check it out
2005-03-11 09:50:26 AM

60's psychedelic b-sides that seems to never repeat itself.

2005-03-11 09:51:20 AM  
My best classical WebRadio : KXPR (based in Sacramento, CA)
2005-03-11 09:51:34 AM  
Pops new window. It's GOOD stuff. My favorite channels are Vocal Trance and Chillout.

[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-11 09:53:49 AM  

That is a great alt americana station out of Knoxville, TN with no commercials other than listening to the DJ's plug the supporters that donate to keep the station running.
2005-03-11 09:56:05 AM  
Definatly like peopel have been saying. Ipersonally like the Hardcore station myself.

Then might i also recommend, you can find these by looking on Shoutcast:

Secret Agent: The music for you Stylish, Mysterious, Dagerous Life.(Lounge like music, like what you hear in James Bond)

Turn up the Ska (Ska, and lots of it)

Japan-a-radio.(Jpop and Anime)
2005-03-11 09:56:20 AM  
KOL!! Hell yeah! has some annoying popups at first, but good euro/dance/trace tracks.
2005-03-11 09:56:46 AM  
When you're in a mellow mood, check out Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio. Very nice stuff. (pops)
2005-03-11 09:56:47 AM  
2005-03-11 09:57:35 AM  
I can wholly recommend the Austin public radio station KUT. Of course there is NPR coverage in the drive time hours, but the the music shows are excellent, especially:

Blue Monday
Jazz etc.

Live Stream is here.
2005-03-11 09:58:05 AM  
97X...Bam The future of Rock and Roll
97X...Bam The future of Rock and Roll
2005-03-11 09:58:17 AM  
you with the navy? my brother has been stationed in Misawa several times throughout the past few years. VP-1. no longer with the squadron though.

I was in the Navy. Now, my wife is. She was actually in VQ-1, on two different occasions. I was an intel dork. Now, I am just a dork. Currently watching it dump snow, again.
2005-03-11 09:59:36 AM  
Again, and it bears repeating, you guys have given me tons of stuff to check out, and I totally appreciate it.

Thank you so much, my ears are happy.....
2005-03-11 10:00:52 AM for indie streaming and radio has a pretty diverse selection and no commercials.
2005-03-11 10:01:53 AM  
tarrant84, Albert Frankenstein, fypon are all right, y100 rocks is the way to go... if not that, you can always sign up for a free XM radio trial for 3 days... they accept mailinator email addresses
2005-03-11 10:03:06 AM  
91.7 wsum college radio.... Madsion, WI ...

91.7 wmse college radio... Milwaukee, Wi ...

I wish 89.9 wort was online
2005-03-11 10:03:48 AM  
It's already been said, but it needs to be repeated: WFMU. It's the only radio I listen to these days.
2005-03-11 10:06:46 AM  
I agree with a lot of the people who said KEXP, very solid station.I also really like the BBC online stuff. When I need to be entertained I listen to one of there old radio thrillers, and when I'm in the mood for some crazy material that I know I've never heard before I listen to there Experimental station (which isn't that experimental) and get a good dose on new material. That's my thoughts

BBC Online
2005-03-11 10:07:15 AM
student radio at ut-austin
my show is on saturdays at 7pm
2005-03-11 10:08:31 AM  
Up here in Alberduh, we have a public broadcaster called CKUA, at and they redefined eclectic for me. One morning, I was treated to Jimi Hendrix in Little Richard's backup band, Kongar Ool Ondar (a Tuvan throat singer), Frank Sinatra and the news, in that order. The programmers do their own playlists and most are working musicians as well
2005-03-11 10:10:17 AM

A great station
2005-03-11 10:10:26 AM  
Also, 3VOOR12 out of the Netherlands is worthy of a listen from time to time.
2005-03-11 10:10:28 AM  
Another vote for here
2005-03-11 10:14:57 AM  
Yup, Shoutcast is great - search hundreds of stations, sort by bandwidth. It has many of the big stations, and of course several run by pimply techno-wieners from their basements. Also, you can usually find somebody broadcasting the Howard Stern Show, which is good if you're in a Sternless sector.
2005-03-11 10:16:26 AM  

You can also put me down for the BBC. I listen to 2hrs online to the BBC World Serivce a day and lots of their archived material is quite good.
2005-03-11 10:16:32 AM  
BIG fan of here. Glad to see all the props. "Drone Zone" rocks my world.

Not-so-much of a fan of WFMU - to my tastes, they seem to worship at the altar of the Cult of the Obscure. ("If you've never heard of it and I have, then that makes it cool.") I always hear things I have never heard before when I check out WFMU - but I very seldom hear anything I would want to hear again.

Did I mention how amazingly fantastic is?

Thanks to everyone, I am getting some great suggestions here - can't wait to check them out from home (work is a radio-free zone).
2005-03-11 10:16:48 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Rhapsody is great. On demand juke box or pick a radio station. Only $10 a month.
2005-03-11 10:19:51 AM  
Creamy Radio -- Mostly rock -- a great mix of mainstream, indie and unknown music. No commercials and little chatter. I've discovered quite a few great bands there.
2005-03-11 10:20:04 AM  
I'll agree with the assessments of Egg Radio. It's free, no commercials and has a great mix.
2005-03-11 10:23:14 AM  
If you are into metal...

They have a free low bandwidth stream with ads and an mp3PRO stream through
2005-03-11 10:26:00 AM  
Launchcast is what I use. I pay for it and like it. the great part is I hears new bands. This is how it works:

A song is played by XTC which I rate highly. Someone else has rated XTC high and also rated Carbon Leaf highly. It then plays Carbon Leaf and says "Recommended by people who like XTC" or something like that.

This is exactly how I found Phantom Planet, Neil Finn and Carbon Leaf to mention a couple.
2005-03-11 10:26:19 AM  
Besides WXRT out of Chicago, there is also The Drive, a very decent collection of 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s rock.

Even better this weekend, as they are playing "deep tracks" on their main station... and DEFINITELY BETTER that they also have a deep tracks stream that is internet-exclusive.

(sample log of deep tracks playlist:)
09:00am I WILL by BEATLES






09:23am DEJA VU. by CSN&Y
Album: DEJA VU
2005-03-11 10:27:21 AM  
And launch is only about 4 bucks a month.
2005-03-11 10:28:13 AM  
I sure miss WRLT, though.
2005-03-11 10:28:39 AM  
Team 990 - Sports talk radio out of Montreal, QC
2005-03-11 10:30:41 AM  
Shirley and Spinoza.....the best!!!
2005-03-11 10:31:28 AM  
Not gonna search the thread to see if anyone else listed it. By far the greatest is It's free, and there is every genre of music you imagine, other than Gregorian chants.
2005-03-11 10:31:37 AM  
2005-03-11 10:31:38 AM  
I'd have to agree with SomeChiGuy. XRT streaming out of Chicago is FANTASTIC. And KelBel plugged WLS-am 890 Talk. They were great, until they underwent their conservative extreme makeover. One of their better talk show hosts, Jay Marvin, was unceremonieously given the boot. He surfaced last week in Boulder, CO on 760 AM Boulder's Progressive Radio. He's on from 6a-10a Mountain time. Catch him, he's great!
2005-03-11 10:33:47 AM  
2005-03-11 10:34:08 AM A great radio station. The weekday morning DJ, Hal Anderson was voted the 36th greatest canadian of all time! Kind of a joke, but that's what happens when you let the public nominate and vote. Avril Lavinge made the top 100 list! common!
IP [TotalFark]
2005-03-11 10:37:18 AM  
2005-03-11 10:37:29 AM  
Wow! lot's of posts here, so I apologize if someone has already big upped our new twin cities radio revolution 89.3 "the current". It is a public radio alt-music format. You can hear hippity hop music, a samba and !!! all in one set.
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