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4261 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Mar 2005 at 5:02 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-03-10 10:33:45 PM  
submitter here. I live on a military base in Japan. The only radio choice I have is AFN Misawa, and it sucks. Lame music mixed in with propaganda.

any thoughts?
2005-03-10 10:33:55 PM
streams from Chicago. Pretty great for commercial radio.
2005-03-10 10:39:53 PM
Netscape Radio

I've messed with all three, you can sort through the rubble and find some really nice stations specific to your tastes.
2005-03-10 10:40:13 PM
2005-03-10 10:42:58 PM  
I'm lazy. I've just used Winamp and for a long time. They seem to have a decent selection of Rock and Electronica, but not much Country.
2005-03-10 10:43:57 PM  
wpab is pretty cool if you are into conservative talk radio. I listen at work a lot.
2005-03-10 10:44:47 PM  
2005-03-10 10:48:01 PM  
If you like listening to talk radio then is a good choice
2005-03-10 10:48:06 PM  
Y100 Rocks

A very popular alternative rock station. It has the old Philadelphia Y100 DJs, plays a lot of good stuff, and Y100 Sonic Sessions.

It's the 7th most popular station in the country right now, and they have lots of live broadcasts, and some celeb DJs-- Jack Black was on the other night.

I highly recommend it.
2005-03-10 10:54:45 PM  
<a href="">BBC - Radio Homepage</a>

Never listen, just found it on Google.
2005-03-10 10:56:05 PM  
tarrant84: Y100

I second that. Whenever I am out in the Philly area I turn my radio to Y100.
2005-03-10 10:57:24 PM

24-hour newsfeed, 24-hour really cool music, or their standard programming. One of the best public radio stations in the country.
wil [TotalFark]
2005-03-10 10:57:38 PM  
Egg Radio is a great eclectic alternative mix.

Soma has got you covered in the underground, electronic, ambient department.

Indie 103.1 FM from here in Los Angeles is the best thing on traditional radio since early 80s KROQ. (Which means nothing to you unless you're local, but trust me that it's good. :)

What do you like, Submitter? I'm sure the power of Fark can help you if we know what you're looking for.
2005-03-10 10:58:07 PM  
2005-03-10 10:59:08 PM

indie radio, not listening to people whack it.
2005-03-10 11:00:22 PM  
Albert Frankenstein:

I second that. Whenever I am out in the Philly area I turn my radio to Y100.

The online station is *WAY* better, because they have so much lattitude in what they can play. Everything from Mars Volta to Nirvana, plus lots of sonic sessions.
2005-03-10 11:06:16 PM  
You could always sign up for XM Radio online.
2005-03-10 11:08:06 PM is simply great for trance and any number of other techno genres. I've been listening to this station since at least 1999.
2005-03-10 11:08:40 PM  
2005-03-10 11:10:48 PM  
If you like talk radio, I love to listen to the Love Doctors on WZZR, who are native here in West Palm Beach, Florida. It's a pure call-in talk show, with the topic set by the callers. It's great listening if you ask me. Their website is (with pop goodness!) They're on from 10a to 3p eastern, btw.
2005-03-10 11:11:06 PM  

you with the navy? my brother has been stationed in Misawa several times throughout the past few years. VP-1. no longer with the squadron though.
2005-03-10 11:11:54 PM  
tarrant84 Thanks for that station, I think i will check that out tomorrow,been looking for some work tunes.
Geetings, going to check that one too.Although spank is what caught my eye..
Submitter Try for some Americana Kinda country, blues and the occasional Zappa.
2005-03-10 11:12:36 PM  
oh, by the way, i recommend soma for your online listening needs depending on your taste as wil pointed out above.
2005-03-10 11:13:56 PM  
My g/f listens to all the time. It's house/progressive/tech/experimental.
2005-03-10 11:16:30 PM

/Seattle station
2005-03-10 11:18:00 PM  
Go to You can search by genre. The playists will open in iTunes. And best of all, you can record the streams using something like Radio Lover or Streamripper into little MP3s and it's 100% legal to do so.
2005-03-10 11:21:43 PM  
If I lived closer to East Lansing, I would listen only to The Impact

Recently, I've been listening to SayHy Radio. Run by a high school student, and they play bands local to our county. Limited playlist but lots of good stuff.
2005-03-10 11:22:59 PM  
As Wil mentioned, Eggradio is cool

I also listen to KNAD and RockChicksRadio some too..
2005-03-10 11:27:45 PM  
Another vote for Shoutcast.
2005-03-10 11:27:52 PM  
Launch on Yahoo is pretty cool....they have a pretty decent selection, and even with the free version let you block artists you don't like and skip songs...
2005-03-10 11:32:05 PM  
If you like talk:
the edge in pittsburgh, carries don and mike feed.
tony kornheiser on sports talk 980
those are the main ones i deal with every day.....

hope that helps a lil
2005-03-10 11:39:22 PM  
My fav morning station to stream is Kexp out of Seattle It is an independant station and the morning show is all about indie rock it is amazing.
2005-03-10 11:52:51 PM  
For a small high school radio station, these guys are very good...

2005-03-11 12:05:33 AM gives a comprehensive list of stations by locale, web availability, and format
2005-03-11 12:14:34 AM  
Best internet (rock) radio station that I know of:

9412 - The Rock Station

Others I listen to (all online broadcast of commercial radio, not that there's anything wrong with that):

96 Rock - Atlanta's Classic Rock Station
96.7 - Atlanta's New Rock Station (I use this one mainly to listen to the east coast broadcast of LoveLine)
91X (I use exclusively to listen tot he west coast feed of LoveLine if I'm up late)
2005-03-11 12:22:06 AM  
Ladies and gents...

wdvx is the greatest online radio station in the world.

/has it already been said?
2005-03-11 12:23:37 AM  
Holy crap. I have a ton of stations to check out. You guys, collectively, as a group, kick arse. Thanks for all the links.

Also, first greenlighted(greenlit?) thread. Wooteration ensues.
2005-03-11 12:31:56 AM  
WFUV, Fordham University's Voice

From Fordham University in the Bronx, NYC. Yeah, it's a "college" station, but the DJs are excellent and the selection of tunes in amazing. Saturdays and Sundays during the day/afternoon is all Irish/Scottish music.
2005-03-11 12:33:05 AM  
I'll second the recommendation for KEXP. John in the Morning rules.
2005-03-11 12:49:18 AM  

What do you like, Submitter? I'm sure the power of Fark can help you if we know what you're looking for.

I am into most music. I have only a few exceptions, they are New Country, Acid jazz, jazz fusion, new punk, rap-metal, and Radiohead.

I dig anything from Johnny Cash to Outkast. Old punk is a fave, as is classic rock, the occasional hair metal jam, old r&b, really a wide range of tastes.
2005-03-11 12:50:17 AM  
I am listening to KEXP right now, I likey, nice mellow stuff right now.
2005-03-11 01:00:37 AM  
I've been enjoying the variety on

Good selection, but you have to search and sift to find the good channels.
2005-03-11 01:03:34 AM  
I get my hair metal fix at Pirate Radio
2005-03-11 02:25:45 AM  
97X - the future of rock and roll

best. station. evar.

Used to be out of Miami Unversity in Oxford, Ohio, but they sold the frequency to another company. it was one of the last independent radio stations in Ohio. *sniff*

They're internet-only now, which is better than nothing.
2005-03-11 02:28:34 AM  
Soma FM is incredible stuff. Mainly electronica, with some indie rock. I personally swear by the Secret Agent station. I can leave that one going for hours without getting bored.
2005-03-11 03:18:38 AM  
zappa radio. all frank, all the time.
2005-03-11 03:47:42 AM  
MAn, I have found some awesome stuff. Thanks everyone.

Behold, the power of Fark!
2005-03-11 05:01:11 AM  
I second Soma FM.

Groove Salad is my personal fav. Great background music, and infinitely more interesting if you actually pay attention.
2005-03-11 05:12:42 AM
2005-03-11 05:16:00 AM  
I third SomaFM!!!!

By faaaaar the best online out there, IMHO. Secret Agent was my favorite for a while (still love it), but I tend more to Groove Salad these days, and fall asleep to Drone Zone almost every night.

Plus, SomaFM is fighting the good fight... many people/companies/governments want to shut down free internet stations, and Soma is on the forefront of that battle (they got shut down for a while and paid thousands in fees and settlements to keep running).

I wish satellite radio would get internet stations. I might get it then.

I run my own station, but it's been down for while (computer problems and low bandwidth), and there's no way I could handle the fark traffic if I posted it anyway... Anyone can run their own station - just need a second computer, Winamp, and Shoutcast (god I wish they would update Shoutcast to work with new WA versions).

If I ever get it fully up again and able to handle more listeners I'll post it (and I owe it all to Soma - they inspired me to do it and influence most of the music I play).

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