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(BBSpot)   Top 11 movie sequels the we probably won't get to see   ( divider line
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15618 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Mar 2002 at 12:37 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-22 12:39:04 AM  
Where is the amusing part?
2002-03-22 12:39:14 AM  
1. Dude, Where's My Plot?

2002-03-22 12:39:42 AM  
Doh! Stupid HTML! Anyway...
2002-03-22 12:39:52 AM  
the never ending story 2.....
-kill me
2002-03-22 12:41:50 AM  
How about 'Hercules 2: Hey, I just realized my family is supposed to be dead!'
2002-03-22 12:41:56 AM  
l - a - m - e

seems "Dude, Where's Your Car?" would be better.
2002-03-22 12:42:07 AM  
again, VIOLATION!!!
2002-03-22 12:42:26 AM  
Stop or my mom will cook.
2002-03-22 12:42:46 AM  
8. E.T. 2: Glowing Death Finger

2002-03-22 12:42:55 AM  
E-Three: The Extra Testicle
2002-03-22 12:43:18 AM  
'Second to Last of the Mohicans'
2002-03-22 12:44:03 AM  
I did it! I found the funny! No...wait...nevermind...false alarm. No funny here.
2002-03-22 12:44:32 AM  
2002-03-22 12:44:42 AM  
Wow, another great post! Sure glad Fark didn't accept any of my submissions this week!
2002-03-22 12:44:47 AM  
I wasn't amused . . .
2002-03-22 12:45:11 AM  
Mortal Kombat: Dear God Not Another
2002-03-22 12:45:18 AM  
"Memento 0". Hmmm....shouldn't that be Memento -1?
2002-03-22 12:46:06 AM  
How about the top 11 movies sequels we WISH we had never seen?
2002-03-22 12:47:22 AM  
Salsashark1: I was. But then, I am easily amused.

It's good to be easily amused.
2002-03-22 12:47:39 AM  
There was already a sequel that should have been called "Ei8ht"!

It was called "Hannibal"

2002-03-22 12:47:47 AM  
As for a serious post, this list is kinda below bbspot. I don't think they should do these anymore. Leave the lists and ruminations to topfive. They kick ass.
2002-03-22 12:48:35 AM  
Karate Kid IV: Ghetto Karate Kid
2002-03-22 12:50:19 AM  
This is the suckiest bunch of suck that ever sucked.
2002-03-22 12:50:36 AM  
Patch Adams: the John Wayne Gayce years.
2002-03-22 12:50:43 AM  
7. Indiana Jones and the Lost Colostomy Bag

Oh my that's clever....fark off
2002-03-22 12:52:36 AM  
I have a feeling there are no pictures of boobies within the fake movie titles

so why bother?
2002-03-22 12:54:30 AM  
What CowGod said.
2002-03-22 12:54:50 AM  
All this does is remind me how much I want to see a sequel to Buckaroo Banzai.

Damnit! And I thought that was a pain I had learned to deal with.
2002-03-22 12:56:42 AM  
25 minutes until Photoshop!!!!
2002-03-22 12:56:44 AM  
Thelma and Louise 2: Electric Boogaloo

Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid 2: Queens of The Old West
2002-03-22 12:56:51 AM  
I hear they are planning a sequel to "The One"

It will be called "The One Two"

2002-03-22 12:58:06 AM  
Third Rock could be considered a spinoff of Buckaroo Banzi....

That whacky John Lithgow.
2002-03-22 12:59:13 AM  
Stand By Me 2 : Return of Corey
2002-03-22 01:01:56 AM  
Hey, believe it or not, there actually was a "Never Ending Story II".
2002-03-22 01:04:17 AM  
"The Godfather IV: The Wrath of Sofia Coppola"

She has the record for worst. death scene. ever.
2002-03-22 01:06:32 AM  

What? Are you admitting Hollywood hasn't run out of ideas?
2002-03-22 01:06:34 AM  

They made that movie already.

You can't go wrong with Bruce Leroy vs. the Shogun of Harlem!

i hope that damn link works.
2002-03-22 01:07:09 AM  
Why we can make Buckaroo Banzai live on... in Flash form!

If we take all existing film footage of Peter Weller, Johnathan Lithgow, Jeff Goldbloom, etc with some clever splicing we could do it. By god we could do it!
2002-03-22 01:07:23 AM  
Superman V: The Kryptonite Spine

(I know, I'm going to hell.)
2002-03-22 01:08:02 AM  
I saw the never ending story sucked. Much like the lack of boobies threads.
2002-03-22 01:08:34 AM  

where's the
img.fark.netView Full Size
2002-03-22 01:08:42 AM  
2002-03-22 01:09:53 AM  
hmm lets never see another sequel to that webpage..

hahaha.. ohh its getting late and i'm starting to get howlingly un-funny..
2002-03-22 01:10:33 AM  
Millay: Amen. When she gets shot, it's suddenly like high school drama class. Ohh...arggghhhh....aahahhh...Man what cheese.

Pacino was probably rolling his eyes just thinking, "Paycheck...paycheck."
2002-03-22 01:10:39 AM  

Spaceballs 2 [2 balls, GET IT?]: The Wrath of Helmet [insert Wang joke here]
2002-03-22 01:11:09 AM  
worst entry ever.
2002-03-22 01:11:22 AM  
Police Academy 9..."It's not Dinkins's Steve Guttenberg time!"

Actually, it's never Steve Guttenberg time.
2002-03-22 01:15:59 AM  
where is the funny?
2002-03-22 01:18:49 AM  
Hey, how bout Friday the 13th 10: Jason in space! hahahaha....oh, wait...
2002-03-22 01:22:40 AM  
Where's the Laughter? Here's the laughter.

"Hey! Hey! Hey! It's great to be back at the Apollo Theater!" (Krusty looks at the sign behind him that reads "Krusty Komedy Klassic" or "KKK" for short.) "KKK?! That's not good. Unghhhhh. . ."
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