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(NCBuy)   Taco Bell to sponsor game show that feature farting, belching, pooping and puking. Obviously contestants will begin by consuming Taco Bell food   ( divider line
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4915 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Mar 2002 at 8:47 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-21 08:47:17 AM  
how ridiculous
2002-03-21 08:47:23 AM  
My artistic integrity hath been shiatted on.
2002-03-21 08:49:07 AM  
I can't wait.
2002-03-21 08:49:58 AM  
I should tell my brother about that one. He'd have 'em all beat.
2002-03-21 08:50:40 AM  
I'll buy that for a dollar.....
2002-03-21 08:52:03 AM  
Most accurate headline yet. Taco Bell serves food made from a variety of caustic polymers.
2002-03-21 08:53:30 AM  
More importantly, why hasn't anybody told me about the Taco Bell Discovery Science Center yet? Santa Ana, here I come.
2002-03-21 08:55:25 AM  
My prayers doth have been answered!!!
2002-03-21 08:56:04 AM  
Retarded and queer.
2002-03-21 09:00:23 AM  
I think it'd be fun. Of course, I'm a big fan of Beavis and Butthead. But in the interests of science, and educating children on the fact that bodily functions are not signs of being the anti-Christ....
2002-03-21 09:06:05 AM  
Looking forward to the toe-jam episode.
2002-03-21 09:08:48 AM  
Oh, there is no Taco Bell here where I live... Sigh, how I miss you, sweet sweet chalupa.
2002-03-21 09:08:59 AM  
And it's supposed to be EDUCATIONAL???? WTF???? The apocalypse is nigh...
2002-03-21 09:12:06 AM  
poo poo
2002-03-21 09:12:35 AM  
Yes, educational... think how lucky this kids are, getting to find out the importance of "poo-poo" and such. Surely they will grow up better than us.
2002-03-21 09:23:27 AM  
It's been done...
Thank you 'Burger Time'.

"Now Dudley, get in the tub and we'll play Atlantis"
2002-03-21 09:29:06 AM  
Yes, definitely educational! Bodily functions are necessary. While I (shudder) hope that they aren't going into copraphilia or "golden showers", it certainly can't hurt to let kids get a nervous laugh or three rather than going into self-decimating epileptic fits at the very thought that someone might fart or urinate.
2002-03-21 09:35:42 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-21 09:37:46 AM  
Move over Barney, here comes Sally Snot!

Is this real?
2002-03-21 09:38:34 AM  
Steevearoni - At the risk of pointing out the bleeding obvious, surely they've already realised that pee-pee and poo-poo are necessary?
2002-03-21 09:58:03 AM  
I would watch it. Sad, I know......
2002-03-21 09:58:41 AM  
the Taco Bell Discovery Science Center

I don't know if that phrase is more disturbing or amusing.
2002-03-21 10:04:19 AM  
Heh, heh ...he said taco...heh heh heh
2002-03-21 10:06:50 AM  
That is the most farked up thing I've heard of in a long time.
2002-03-21 10:08:53 AM  
Oh man Taco Bell is some good have to admit...when you leave Taco Bell you feel like you just ate your sister, but two hours later, you find yourself back at the drive-thru window...what the hell do they put in that stuff that makes it so farking good?
2002-03-21 10:26:42 AM  
I never did canibalize a sister let alone brag about eating at Taco Bell twice in one night.
Let me guess, the other meal was for your 'Daddy' ?
And you were saying 'Moi' was a prime candidate for therapy.
I never forget to say "Hi, again" to pricks like you.
2002-03-21 10:29:06 AM  
I love taco bell, I dont know whats wrong with you guys, but whenever I eat there I never get the shiats. you people must have weak stomachs.
2002-03-21 10:33:09 AM  
Some guy somewhere is probably getting his KY and tissues ready as we speak just at the mention of the vomit covered hostess.
2002-03-21 10:37:11 AM  
Well, I hear that the Taco Bell Discovery Science Center is soon to be renamed:

Taco Bell Discovery Science Center presented by General Motors and sponsored by Tricon Global in partnership with Viacom.

I just loooove corporate sponsors!

2002-03-21 10:38:29 AM  
I think the creator of Garbage Pail Kids should sue.
2002-03-21 10:45:06 AM  
I loved the garbage pail kids, my favorite one was the kid who picked his nose so high that his finger poped out of the top of his head. That one used be me on my door when I was like 5.
2002-03-21 10:53:36 AM  
I was actually one of the "actors" for the bukkaki series
2002-03-21 11:02:53 AM  
Sparticus: Weak stomachs haven't much to do with it. Taco Smell is just gross.

I haven't liked it since the time I became ill after eating a Burrito Supreme at a Canada branch one time. Granted, I got over it pretty quickly, but I was embarrassed. I take pride in being an extremely (physically) healthy person.

The one thing Taco Bell has going for it is those cinnamon things. (If that grammar is messy, please forgive. Just left that French exam, and I am brain-dead.)
2002-03-21 11:16:03 AM  
Ahhh....Taco Bell...the "Old Roy" of the Mexican food industry.

When I feel like eating a taco or buritto, I make it myself (I have yet to find a decent Mexican food place in Atlanta) Taco Bell is where I go when I run out of syrup of ipicac and need to purge my stomach.

Taco Bell....recycling old chiahuahuas since 1979
2002-03-21 01:54:20 PM  
Instead of eating the Taco Bell food, it's alot more efficient to just take the food and throw it directly into the toilet.
2002-03-21 01:55:45 PM  
So that's what they mean by "run for the border".
2002-03-21 02:22:16 PM  
It's going to be on FOX. It just has to be.
2002-03-21 02:22:59 PM  
......eventually, maybe. Heh. Didn't read the article first.
2002-03-21 02:25:21 PM  
Y'know this could be a really big hit on Broadway, if only they also had Kathleen Turner get nekkid in it somewhere along the way.
2002-03-21 03:52:29 PM  
What the hell is wrong with you people? Taco Bell is perfectly good food.

I shiat on this article, and everything it represents.
2002-03-21 04:21:57 PM  

"What the hell is wrong with you people? Taco Bell is perfectly good food."

Yeah, that's what they say about roadkill in Oklahoma and Alabama. I'm sorry, I shouldn't jump on you about that, some folks eat crickets and grasshoppers, to each his own.
2002-03-21 06:26:30 PM  
I know some things about taco bell..

they use dehydrated beans!

They use lowest grade beef!

They use too much vinegar in their little sauce packets!

They have used non-food grade corn in their taco shells!

The honest truth is that they are making food as cheaply as possible without it being illegal.

If you like to eat like that, don't know how "good" food tastes like or don't care about your health then eat there!

I know too many people who enjoy that shiat... Why not eat at jack in the box and have their grease tacos? those are far more disgusting...
2002-03-21 07:08:34 PM  
No one who could benefit from the "knowledge" they're trying to dispense is actually going to be part of the viewing audience.... the small one that this will attract will most likely be people who are eating doritos not cause they want to .... but because they have to
2002-03-21 09:36:49 PM  
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