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(Mainichi Daily News)   Man kills friend over beer bill   ( divider line
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6651 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Mar 2002 at 8:57 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-21 08:59:35 AM  
"He didn't have any money and left me to pay the bill. I was furious and started beating him, but he died," Yashiki told the police.

That dude's got balls to admit he did it . . . or he's really, really stupid.
2002-03-21 09:00:50 AM  
Let's toast this moron with a Nattie Light.
2002-03-21 09:00:52 AM  
I see a trend developing among the world's beer drinkers.
2002-03-21 09:00:56 AM  
That story is OK but look at this headline from the same paper:

Warder walloped for having wanton way with wicked woman

Those wacky Japaneese.
2002-03-21 09:01:32 AM  
Was it Natty Light they were fighting over?
2002-03-21 09:01:41 AM  
The friendship abruptly ended as Yashiki began pounding the old man

I'd say so!
2002-03-21 09:01:55 AM  
Justifiable Homicide.
2002-03-21 09:02:07 AM  
Bloke had it coming to him. 'Nuff said. I wouldn't call anyone my 'friend' if they did that. Maybe if they gave me their first born child as compensation.
2002-03-21 09:02:09 AM  
Isn't this what they call a "copycat" killing in the movies?
2002-03-21 09:02:41 AM  
I think this guy was looking for a 71 year-old to beat to death and this scenario just provided him with a convenient excuse.
2002-03-21 09:03:28 AM  
The follow up headline after he's in jail:

"Boozer batterer buggered by big black bastard, Bubba"
2002-03-21 09:03:55 AM  
He should have just thrown the guy into a front windshield and drove him around for a few days. That would teach him.
2002-03-21 09:04:22 AM  
friends don't let friends kill
2002-03-21 09:04:41 AM  
"Warder walloped for having wanton way with wicked woman"
2002-03-21 09:04:45 AM  
Forgivaness please.
2002-03-21 09:04:55 AM  
New meaning to the word deadbeat
2002-03-21 09:06:29 AM  
More beer for me. Good.
2002-03-21 09:06:39 AM  
hahaha.... couldn't pay the bill and the dude went Jihad on his ass.......
2002-03-21 09:08:38 AM  
Now that was a weapons-grade beatdown
2002-03-21 09:08:53 AM  
OK, that's it! I've had enough. I think that killing people should be illegal! That would send a message to stop all of those shenanigans. Who's with me?
2002-03-21 09:09:10 AM  
Again with the Alcoholics...
2002-03-21 09:09:44 AM  
"Waiter, this beer's got too much body!"
2002-03-21 09:09:47 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-21 09:10:59 AM  
I agree, provided we can have an amnesty before passing the law.
I may just be able to forget laying my new patio, then.
2002-03-21 09:11:02 AM  
This site is like the death paper. Most of the links refer to killings or some such. Odd.
2002-03-21 09:12:05 AM  
These deaths over beer are disturbing me, I may have to stick with Kettle One Gibsons from here on out...
2002-03-21 09:14:10 AM  
This story has been brought to you by 'Hard Liquor'!
Hard Liquor(tm), we make you more pissed off.. but less able to hit things... hit things other than a van with a family of four in it.

2002-03-21 09:14:16 AM  
This could have been easily avoided had the younger guy excused himself to take a whizz and bolted. Then the staff could have opened the jar of jelly whoop-ass
2002-03-21 09:18:48 AM  
Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

Am I right? Am I right??
2002-03-21 09:19:35 AM  
can't we all just get along
2002-03-21 09:20:55 AM  
<Cheesy 70's kung fu dialog> Oaye, you have dishonored my great grandfather, the great pig farker of kyote providence, now prepare die </Cheesy 70's kung fu dialog>

I've said it before and I'll say it agian these Japanese are seriously farked in the head.
2002-03-21 09:21:11 AM  

More headlines from the site

Something fishy about sushi burgers

Professor ponders puerile
penchant for panty peeking

Sex shop raids send ripples
down the nipples

2002-03-21 09:24:28 AM  
The article says this happened in a hostess bar, so he was paying for the beer and he was also probably paying for the boobies. I stand by my hero tag.
2002-03-21 09:26:33 AM  
"Here's to you, Mr OAP Battering Beer Swiller.
This Bud's for you!"
2002-03-21 09:26:41 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

With the Yashiki and the dead body and the blood and the oi and the gashee and Gavin!
2002-03-21 09:29:13 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

"Dude, you just bought 20 to life!"
2002-03-21 09:29:33 AM  

[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-21 09:30:51 AM  
Ah Angelfire...the Yugo of the Internet ;)
2002-03-21 09:31:05 AM  
"He didn't have any money and left me to pay the bill. I was furious and started beating him, but he died," Yashiki told the police. "...or I would have continued beating him." And how hard is it to beat up a 71-year old, geesh?! This guy apparently has some anger management issues, ha.
2002-03-21 09:32:10 AM  
I bet rape happens really fast in Japanese prisons.


2002-03-21 09:35:10 AM  
Yep, I use only the farking best....

:silently weeps:
2002-03-21 09:35:43 AM  
It wasn't Nattie Light, I think it was Iron City Light.

See yins later
2002-03-21 09:40:38 AM  
Wow. That had to be one tough 71 year old. Most people over 70 usually explode in a cloud of dust when you punch them.
2002-03-21 09:42:49 AM  
That'll happen...
2002-03-21 09:42:56 AM  
Jeeess,remind me to not go drinking with that guy!!
2002-03-21 09:43:10 AM  
"He didn't have any money and left me to pay the bill. I was furious and started beating him, but he died," Yashiki told the police.

Sounds to me like the guy was sorry that the old dude died. Mind you, it sounds like he is sorry because he wanted to keep beating him, but realized that by being dead the old guy wasn't feeling it anymore.
2002-03-21 09:45:15 AM  
(cue music)

Nothing more than Beatings...
2002-03-21 09:51:22 AM  
Good to see Japan isn't allowing themselves to be left out of the "Let's kill people for retarded reasons" race.
2002-03-21 10:03:10 AM  
Now there is a dude that could do with an anger management class.
2002-03-21 10:25:46 AM  
Can't comment now..drinking
[image from too old to be available]
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