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(via   Conspiracy.. Duke University already has a reception scheduled in Atlanta on first day of Final Four.   ( divider line
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2002-03-21 08:44:30 AM  
NOW I really really really really hope they don't make it
2002-03-21 08:45:36 AM  
Dear God, I am the biggest Indiana fan tonight. Except for the guy in the office down the hall. He actually went there.
2002-03-21 08:47:37 AM  
Cry Havoc and let slip the dogs of war upon those evil tobacco funded yet do good preaching Blue Devil Barstards.

Oh and Go Terps! Woo-hoo!
2002-03-21 08:47:57 AM  
I'd call this more arrogance than I would a conspiracy
2002-03-21 08:47:59 AM  
Anagram: Duke University = Die Turkey I NV U
2002-03-21 08:48:54 AM  
Duke sux
2002-03-21 08:49:30 AM  
Duke rules!! Go Blue Devils!!!
2002-03-21 08:50:28 AM  
Duke sux, and what does being in ATL have to do with the price of whores in afgahnistan?
2002-03-21 08:51:53 AM  
2002-03-21 09:09:54 AM  

[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-21 09:11:28 AM  
Go Duke!!! Indiana svcks!
2002-03-21 09:12:30 AM  
Gotta say it - go duke!
2002-03-21 09:13:06 AM  
Wtf is all this duke shiat?
2002-03-21 09:18:45 AM  
Duke still sux
2002-03-21 09:24:20 AM  
Not conspiracy, just arrogance. Oh, and having by far the easiest region too I guess.

Hard for me to say, but Go Hoosiers!
2002-03-21 09:25:54 AM  
Oh my God, I HATE DUKE!
2002-03-21 09:32:48 AM  
Arrogant bastards. I hope Duke loses (particularly since they're tarnishing Rupp and our wonderful Lexington downtown tonight)! Go Indiana! GO BIG BLUE (no, not the 5/3 Bank Building)!
2002-03-21 09:39:43 AM  
2002-03-21 09:40:48 AM  
I pity Duke. Really I do.
2002-03-21 09:43:11 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

As I was saying:

I pity Duke. Really I do.
2002-03-21 09:47:07 AM  
I think Mike Dunleavy might stick around a few extra days to take in the "Tampax Total You" tour.
2002-03-21 09:50:12 AM  
2002-03-21 09:54:37 AM  
They will presumably be sucking something
2002-03-21 09:55:10 AM  
And here's a dose of reality for those of you who have never attended a conference tournament or any round of the NCAA tournament: a LOT of this type of stuff goes on, and nearly all of it is written up with escape clauses.

True, it may seem that Duke is a little overconfident, but it's not like they were a #10 seed or not in the top 25 all season. I'm in the very small minority of Farkers who actually like Duke, but I've yet to hear from one of you who will be genuinely shocked if they play for the national championship.

Just about every school, when having to travel for a tournament, books hotel rooms and other facilities based on the possibility of needing it until the end of the event. In the case of the NCAA tournament, half of them will be wrong every weekend, and even more for a conference tournament.

What happens when they lose? They check out, go home, and maybe pay a fraction of what they would have if they stayed the whole time. The alternative is sleeping in the street or some pay by the hour dive when your team pulls off the upset.

Anyway, I'm off in about 6 hours to the Womens' Mideast Regional in Milwaukee (Go Lady Monarchs - Old Dominion University). If there are any Milwaukee-area Farkers out there, I'd be grateful if you could drop me a line with some good places to hit (both daylight and after-dark) while I'm there. My e-mail address is in my profile.
2002-03-21 10:17:21 AM  
Duke's rebounding has been crap as of late where as Indiana's strength is its front line players.
If Indiana wins the rebounding battle by 10 or more rebounds, there is a good chance for them to win the game IMO.
2002-03-21 10:18:51 AM two most despised schools going at it tonight. Duke is such a pretentious Ivy-League wannabe school. IU is a cocky-ass school that hasn't done anything relevent sports wise to back up their attitude for over a decade. Plus they had Bobby Knight, a man who represents the attitude that as long as you win, it's ok to be a mentally unstable childish asshole. Their only redemption was firing the dick (turned out to be a smart move, eh?).

The best possible outcome would be for both teams to be caught sodomizing each other and smoking crack in the locker room and disqualified from the tournament.
2002-03-21 10:20:18 AM  
Oh yeah...

2002-03-21 10:31:19 AM  
i would say go kentucky, but us kentucky fans usually wait until the final four before we get all rah rah. you know, since it's happened so many times.
2002-03-21 10:33:59 AM  
2002-03-21 10:40:54 AM's one of those games where I don't know who to root for...

hell, i'll just drink and be happy w/ the outcome...if duke loses...
2002-03-21 10:46:23 AM  
hurrah, an entire thread of gibberish...
2002-03-21 10:53:09 AM  
2002-03-21 11:33:10 AM  
Duke Sux
2002-03-21 11:46:34 AM  
Go Terps.

Duke sucks.

That is all.

-Got Spider??
2002-03-21 11:51:09 AM  
I hate DUKE! and I'm not a big Ind fan either, but go hoosiers, I guess.

2002-03-21 11:57:38 AM  
Apr 13, be sure not to miss the Tampax Total You Tour featuring Queen Latifah and Sister Souljah, Commedienne Meshelle Foreman Shields, NBC'S fitness Expert Donna Richardson, The First Lady Of WGCI
2002-03-21 12:40:13 PM  
GO DUKE....SLAYERSWINE, did you watch ESPN tonight, since you stated exactly what they said verbatim.....Duke rebounding hasnt been great...but neither have Mike Dunleavy and Jason Williams...ifthey get back on their game, no one can stop them..
2002-03-21 12:43:02 PM  
Maryland??? That was funnier, watching the teenie turtles lose to NC State in the ACC Tourney. Talk about screwing up in the big games. More hilarious than Duke losing to FLa. St.

If Duke doesn't win it all, Kansas will do it. Maryland will fail like they have in the past.
2002-03-21 01:03:01 PM  
Actually being a grad from Maryland, I officially declare this F*ck Duke Week!
2002-03-21 01:33:13 PM  
Duke sucks!

Go Jayhawks & Terps!
2002-03-21 01:43:26 PM  
From the Durham Herald-Sun this morning....

Somebody please Photoshop these Duke guys.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-21 02:37:43 PM  
Briangw: Funnier than this?

Go Cats.
2002-03-21 03:22:09 PM  

Once, when I was too young to use foul language, I was walking down the street with a friend of mine, we were walking past an elderly couple and I had done something that caused him to call me a farking douche, however it didn't come out right because after he got the "farking" past his lips, the elderly husband's head swung around to glare at us and he had to call me a "farking duke".

Ya had to be there.
2002-03-21 03:41:33 PM  

Yes, only because Arizona is better than NC State. Watching the Maryland-NC State game in the ACC Tourney was amusing after seeing Maryland trounce Duke earlier.
2002-03-21 07:31:13 PM  
go IU
2002-03-21 09:52:50 PM  
hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha IU WINS!!!
2002-03-21 09:56:02 PM  
2002-03-21 10:03:46 PM  
I guess they'll be cancelling that hospitality room and eating their deposit, eh? [Insert Nelson Ha HA! here]
2002-03-21 10:11:17 PM  
Its official Duke sucks, hahahaha
2002-03-21 10:46:28 PM  
Enjoy it now, IU. You won't be going too far.
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