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2002-03-20 05:02:19 PM  
Or so the Germans would have you believe.
2002-03-20 05:02:38 PM  
Shouldn't we have been looking for this before now? Can't we track these things down by thier signals?
2002-03-20 05:04:08 PM  
...and the plot thickens *dun dun dun*
2002-03-20 05:04:33 PM  
"Shouldn't we have been looking for this before now? Can't we track these things down by thier signals?" Nope. GPS's are receivers, not transmitters.
2002-03-20 05:04:43 PM  
They were probably trying to turn it into something useful such as a nostril hair clipper.
I mean they have such wonderful grooming habits for camel rapists.
2002-03-20 05:05:08 PM  
Note they downplay the fact that the GPS device was shaved, underfed, and mistreated. Amnesty International, where are you when we need you.
2002-03-20 05:06:00 PM  
who else thinks this is just an excuse to go bomb the fark out of Somalia now?
2002-03-20 05:06:49 PM  
They can only track it if they want to. Obviously our government doesn't care about you unless you have lots of money to bribe it with.
2002-03-20 05:07:02 PM  
They should also investigate the probability...I mean possibility...that the CIA sold it to them.
2002-03-20 05:07:48 PM  
Can't they just go to Good Guys and buy gps recievers?
2002-03-20 05:09:51 PM  
i posted this in another link but its fitting here.

gotta check this guys, its pretty funny.
2002-03-20 05:11:53 PM  
The article failed to point out they also found a phaser from the Enterprise in the same cave
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-20 05:13:37 PM  
We owe those Somali fags an asswhoopin' nows as good a time as any.
2002-03-20 05:14:00 PM  
Maybe he wasn't killed and was relying on the GPS location for a rescue attempt.

Too bad we left him there and he had to walk out.
2002-03-20 05:14:07 PM  

You are the only one besides me that I know who uses that phrase. I wonder if you are who I think you are.

Or so the giant squirrels would have the oompa loompas believe.
2002-03-20 05:15:29 PM  
Thats funny, i just got away from the couch and FOX news is saying its not gary gordons.
2002-03-20 05:16:05 PM  
Gentlemen, all your GPS are belong to them. Make your time.
2002-03-20 05:16:06 PM  
I don't think Gordon's body was ever found.

The article says his body was recovered, didn't it?

The Pentagon notified the family of Medal of Honor winner Army Master Sgt. Gary Gordon. Gordon was one of 18 soldiers who died Oct. 3, 1993, in Mogadishu. He was protecting the crew of a downed helicopter before running out of ammunition and being shot to death. His body was recovered.
2002-03-20 05:16:43 PM  
BTEzra420 I hear they found Data's head next to the phaser.
2002-03-20 05:16:43 PM  
Is there a "Bullshiat" tag? What did they plug this into their wallsockets to keep the battery charged for the past decade?
2002-03-20 05:17:27 PM  
Hmmm...gas powered generator...or did you think they used candles?
2002-03-20 05:19:23 PM  
FlamingMoe : How stone-age do you think these people are?!
2002-03-20 05:23:17 PM  
FOR SALE: GPS device. Good condition, some blood stains.
Will consider trade for kidney dyalysis machine. Call
Mr. O. Sama. 354.981.8171
2002-03-20 05:24:20 PM  
Flaming Moe, WarmBeer: Important distinction- if you are Al-Queda or Taliban, you can have electricity and other modern implements. If you are RULED by aq/tali then you get killed for having that kind of stuff.

May Allah's greatness be shown in the depth of your hypocracy. Allah Akbar.
2002-03-20 05:26:47 PM  
Damn dirty apes!
2002-03-20 05:29:10 PM  
CNN just said that while the GPS unit had "G. Gordon" written on it, it has not been confirmed as the dead soldier's.
2002-03-20 05:29:11 PM  
Not to answer for flamingmoe, but they need to be put back to before the stone age.
2002-03-20 05:30:09 PM  
I didn't know that G. Gordon Liddy was a terrorist.

When anyone extreem right or extreem left has the potential.
2002-03-20 05:30:25 PM  

I think the interesting tag is a damn good call here.... time to load up "Little Boy" and "Fat man" again....

those that haven't a clue what they are.... search google for em' , see what you get.

2002-03-20 05:31:34 PM  
AMEN! Halolouja or whatever!
2002-03-20 05:31:49 PM  
"or did you think they used candles?"

Afghan candles?

2002-03-20 05:33:05 PM  
Hey,the link didn't wor,the hell with it,do it yourself.
2002-03-20 05:34:39 PM last try.
2002-03-20 05:35:40 PM  
Hell bring out the Enola Gay too while you're at it.
2002-03-20 05:37:56 PM  
um...maybe I read the articel wrong but doesnt it say in like the second sentence that this is NOT belonging to the guy from Somalia?

Where's the Quality Control for Headlines vs actual content?
2002-03-20 05:38:54 PM  
what the heck, I'll try:
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-20 05:40:13 PM  
Should try updating the headline, seeing as how the article now states that the thing they found was probably made in 1998.
2002-03-20 05:41:02 PM  
Yeah..article changed...bah...
2002-03-20 05:41:22 PM  
"The manufacturer of a hand-held GPS receiver found by U.S. forces Monday in an abandoned al Qaida cave said the device dates from 1998 and could not have been taken from the body of a dead Army Ranger in Somalia 1993 as the Pentagon suggested early Wednesday"

emphasis added
2002-03-20 05:42:43 PM  
The article says in the first paragraph that the unit is from 1998, and the soilder in question was killed in 1993. So it's not supposed to belong to him.

Flamingmoe: >Is there a "Bullshiat" tag? What did they plug >his into their wallsockets to keep the battery charged for >he past decade?

Garmin units use "AA" batteries, which I would assume are available to military units anywhere in the world.
2002-03-20 05:43:29 PM  
2002-03-20 05:51:53 PM  
I really hope we attack Somalia and obliterate those people. I'm not a very hateful person usually but I really despise those people since 1993. They want us to come and give them food, money, and goods but when we tried to keep the Somali warlords from intercepting the goods, they decided they no longer liked us and wanted to kill our soldiers. Though the primary reason for my hatred is the way they treated our dead, dragging them through the streets, spitting on them, jumping on them, and mutilating them. After all that they really think that they achieved a victory against the United States. They achieved a victory against a small group of soldiers without much support. I saw on the true blackhawk down story on history channel some of them said they hoped the US would attack again so they could defeaus again. I say that the next time those Somalis won't be attacked by only a few helos and squad of troops but the entire weight of the United States military machine. They will soon find themselves in a world of shiat and I sincerly hope we kill as many of those people as we possibly can. /rant off
2002-03-20 05:52:21 PM  
The article changed in the last 30 minutes or so.

"How the three Global Positioning System receivers fell into al Qaida or Taliban hands remains unclear." Uhhh... WalMart? Anybody can pick one up in the US. If these are the same folks that spent several million $$ to highjack and crash a few planes, I think they could have spared about $500 for 3 GPS receivers.

Wallsockets, huh? How about solar powered battery chargers for small (AA) batteries? I use one for backpacking so I don't have to carry many batteries for my light and weather radio.
2002-03-20 05:56:39 PM  
...they'll never find my Geocache here!
2002-03-20 05:58:05 PM  
Afganistan is not just some bearded guys living in caves. Kabul is not some village. The country had a population of 18 million in 1995. The first thing after AA-stuff was powerplants and such. So Flamingmoe, they did exacly what you said, they plugged it into their wall-sockets. Do you really think there was no electricity in Afghanistan? The first thing people started doing in Kabul after Taliban had fled was to start watching TV again. It's mostly just normal people living there.
2002-03-20 06:01:56 PM  
Clarkins: GPS's are receivers -- they determine their position by the slight timing differences in the signals coming from the satellites. The math is sufficiently precise that you have to take relativity into effect in order to make things work out.

Cupajo: Civilian-grade GPS's are available worldwide. I think that current Garmins are made in Singapore. Now the military ones -- which use a different set of signals -- are highly classified but don't work well or require an inconveniently heavy 19-inch rack to carry them about. Were they, not, um, government issue, the feds could just turn on selective-availability again and render consumer grade GPS's useless in Afghanistan.

FlamingMoe: AA's make the world go 'round. Available *everywhere.*

If you *really* want to know nearly everything about GPS, try this link for a great -- if long -- writeup. (Note that this is written up by a Canadian -- despite the Pentagon's best hopes, you can't stop radio waves at the border or make satellites orbit only one country.)
2002-03-20 06:08:27 PM  
You know what, screw Afghanistan, Isreal, Saudi Arabia and all those other crapholes. They call us warmongers, yet they've been fighting one another non stop for hundreds, probably thousands of years. Saudi Arabia says that if the US invades Iraq we can't use their bases, but when Iraq invaded Kuwait they're attitude was quite different. These people, not Saudi Arabia but all the other dirtholes over there, beg us for goods ALL the time but then turn on us if we do anything other than what they ask. I think its time to say screw them all, let them fight their own wars all by themselves until they annihilate one another, or until other, more civil nations become threatned at which time we should destroy them ALL. 95% of all the worlds conflicts come from that filthy part of the world and I'm tired of the US trying to help and mediate and then being labeled the bad guys. Women, children, elderly, destroy them all so that my grandkids won't be subjected to this kind of pointless violence anymore.
2002-03-20 06:12:26 PM  
I'll be damned. I believe that's the first time I've seen an article change like that here on Fark.

That farks the entire thread up. Drop a nuke on it
2002-03-20 06:29:28 PM  
Yamas: "I really hope we attack Somalia and obliterate those people...I sincerly hope we kill as many of those people as we possibly can."
"We"? So I take it you're either IN the military or joining up real soon. Otherwise, your rant is just that: a rant.
--Sgt B. (who just said goodbye to more friends as they headed to Kandahar this week)
2002-03-20 06:40:04 PM  
43%: May Allah's greatness be shown in the depth of your hypocracy. Allah Akbar.

I always thought his name was Admiral Ackbar, you know the Mon Calamri guy from star wars
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