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(Some Guy)   Eating lunch at your desk may make you sick.   ( divider line
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10496 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Mar 2002 at 9:11 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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FNG [TotalFark] [BareFark]
2002-03-20 10:39:07 PM  
just read mojo's link - GET THEM OFF ME! GET THEM OFF MEEE!!!

just glad I had that sandblaster handy
2002-03-20 10:48:28 PM  
Screw germs, worry about body thetans !
2002-03-20 10:50:06 PM  
uh-oh. no wonder I keep getting colds.. I eat lunch at my desk at work and normally eat dinner at my desk at home

I'm not a loser!
2002-03-20 10:54:09 PM  
Eating lunch at your desk may make you sick.

No she didn't :)
2002-03-20 11:07:36 PM  
Germs are EVERWHERE. Learn to live with them.

Sometimes germophobes can be more anoying than vegetarians.......
2002-03-20 11:23:44 PM  
What if you are a janitor?
I am so glad to have my own office and bathroom, I can wallow in my own filth no matter where I am...
2002-03-20 11:35:15 PM  
You got that right, Supie_. desktop support is one of my functions at work, and there's this one woman.. my god, her keyboard and desk in general are downright greasy from that sh!t. i have a picture of her at work with oj simpson drunk as a skunk. it's pretty funny, i'll have to submit it for a photoshop.
2002-03-20 11:41:23 PM  
She may replace my recent all time favorite: The Mustard Guy.

Tech Support Slob sure does sound like a winner.

Well a loser, really. But a winner in this arena.
2002-03-20 11:41:53 PM  
This is news? shiat, I've noticed for years that lots of people don't wash their hands when they leave the rest room. I staunchly refuse to use other peoples keyboard or let other people use my keyboard at work. If there is going to be any ball cheese on my keyboard, its coming from my crotch.
2002-03-20 11:54:14 PM  
Lucky me, I have the dubious honor of computer maintenance in my office. We have donuts every Friday...
2002-03-21 12:06:08 AM  
StubblyHead: I remember working with one lady when I was about 20. She was a temp, around 42-45 I would guess... We worked *right* next to each other, two PC desks side-by-side. She had this lotion that was perfumed; I swear to God that it could kill small animals. That stuff was so strong I actually asked her once to please, please, please, have mercy on my nose and STOP putting it one every 15 minutes. She didnt like me after that.

RE: the lotion thing. Once I had trouble with my mouse and our tech guy was at my desk trying to fix it. He immediately goes "You women with your lotion, that's what has it screwed up." he pops open the mouse to clean it and berate me for being a silly girl. Shoulda seen his face when the mouse was sparkly clean. I smiled and said "I'm a nerd too, @ss, my mouse is farked, not dirty."
We were best friends after that....didn't hurt that we're both geeky Trekkies.
God but I ramble when it gets late..
2002-03-21 12:16:19 AM  
never had any experiences like that, but there's women at school that smell like they take a bath in whatever it is that smells so strong. i'm compulsive about my mouses too.. gooked up rollers are like nails on a blackboard to me. my mousewheel here has been farked up for years though, i have no idea what's wrong with it. it rolls down kind of ok, but it won't go up at all. i've taken it apart a few times, and it looks clean. i love the wheel too, but i can't use it at home.
2002-03-21 12:20:20 AM  
somebody explain how my damn keyboard keeps getting stuff like that on the keys. Ack!
2002-03-21 12:20:48 AM  
I went optical. It's great, gave the old mouse to the kids to play with...

Actually got the optical one because I had no option. My PC uses USB ports for everything. So when I *cough*spilled*cough* a glass of Kool-Aid on my keyboard I had to get the $50 one instead of the cheaper one. Same deal with the mouse, but I didn't kill the mouse. My husband did :D That's my story and I'm slickin' to it too..
2002-03-21 12:24:31 AM  
opticals are awesome, i wouldn't mind having one myself. i'm actually thinking of getting a new computer anyway, maybe i'll get one with it. i'm tempted by the wireless setups, too... can you do both yet?
2002-03-21 12:28:51 AM  
do both? Lost me, the caffiene in my system is fading out. Time for another Coke!

I would love to have a wireless keyboard/mouse set-up. I console myself with the fact that the wires on the ones I have are long enough to all ow a fair amount of moving about. The cord on my mouse is about 6 feet long.
2002-03-21 12:38:31 AM  
i think it's official, supie_, we've hijacked the thread. ;-) i mean both wireless and optical. think it's out there? i haven't really investigated it myself. six feet is pretty long for a mouse cable; mine's about a foot shorter than i'd like it to be. i guess i could get an extension, but, meh.. i'll live. my mouse is actually in pieces right now; i decided to try to find again why my wheel is so dang hard to move. i think it's rubbing against the plastic harness it sits in, and i'm not too sure what i can do about it..
2002-03-21 12:47:24 AM  
*yes!* my first hijacked thread. *jumps around as have had that Coca-Cola*

I get ya. I don't know. I was looking for the cheapest possible that would work on my computer. Stopped when I found this one. It is offical that Microsoft has taken over my entire computer experience though; now the keyboard and mouse are Microsoft. Gonna get a whole new set up soon. this one is about 2 yrs old but is getting slower and slower. And I work with the bare minimum stuff on here.

don't know what you'd do about the wheel either. Mine has a wheel too lemme look........

.........uh no longer have way to look at the inside of the mouse as it is optical *smacks head*
2002-03-21 12:50:32 AM  
2002-03-21 12:53:48 AM  
2002-03-21 12:55:13 AM  
Doesn't a hijacked thread need this:
[image from too old to be available][image from www_wednesdayweb_com too old to be available][image from too old to be available]
2002-03-21 12:56:01 AM  
Haha -- rookie me too!
2002-03-21 12:56:33 AM  
i've spent the last 20 minutes shaving a strip of rubber off the wheel with the intention of adding a little more clearance between the wheel and its harness. the stuff is surprisingly hard to cut. but anyway, no dice. it doesn't seem to be any better. so now i have an equally non-working mousewheel, but now with an uneven surface.
2002-03-21 12:57:35 AM  
*fell out of chair laughing at Capt. Kirk and is unable to make sensible comment*
2002-03-21 12:58:21 AM  
i take that back, it actually does work a little bit better. it's still kind of hard to roll it up, but ie is scrolling just fine.
2002-03-21 01:05:54 AM  
I have seen wireless mouse and keyboard set-ups as a package deal. They exist, they do. About $60 American.
2002-03-21 01:06:54 AM  

I eat at my desk because I can't pull myself away from Fark

[image from too old to be available]

2002-03-21 01:10:02 AM  
Glad you got the wheel to at least halfway-kinda-sorta work.
I am going to bed. gonna have scary dreams about Kirk probably....
2002-03-21 01:59:19 AM  
On Topic:
03-20-02 10:33:46 PM Transactoid
Good god I hate germaphobes!

We have an immune system for a reason. Believe me, if these germs were really "that bad", we'd already be all dead....

I couldn't agree more!

Off topic:

Cordless opticals exist. They have for some time. The problem was (still is a bit) that opticals need lots of juice (compared to balls). So in the cordles ones are batteries. They supposely last +/- 6 months, but it depends on usage... if you use the mouse intensively (e.g. some games, if you play them a lot) they have to be replaced every couple of weeks.
Batteries also make the mouse considerably heavier, but whether that's a bad thing is a matter of personal preference. I just ordered the Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer Cordless with my new system for €70,-
2002-03-21 02:01:52 AM  
Oh and on the side: I personally think that optical has way more advantages than cordless... I use an optical with a tail now and I am all happy about it. Just a pity it makes my USB ADSL modem (yes I know, big mistake. What do you want? I'm kinda stuck with it now...) screw up every now and again...
2002-03-21 02:18:47 AM  
BoCoMoFo: What do you use it for? Do you know how accurate it is compared to its tailed counterpart?
2002-03-21 02:28:40 AM  
opticals need lots of juice (compared to balls).

Um, you're talking about mice here, right?
2002-03-21 02:45:01 AM  
hmm, ok. i'll just go for the straight optical, then. i don't like the idea of needing to put batteries in my mouse. but here's an idea--they have like watches and stuff that wind themselves by the natural motion of your arms.. i wonder if it's feasable to have the motion of the... oh crap, it's optical so no trackball... oh well, so maybe not. but maybe in a straight cordless ball-mouse... motion of the trackball provides the energy to run the ir signal? i didn't do too well in my power class in engineering school, but i don't think that would violate any energy efficiency laws.
2002-03-21 02:47:01 AM  
Dido: This just occurred to me.. they make usb>ps2 adapters. every computer in the lab where i go to school has one, despite the fact that every computer has two unused usb ports on it. they seem to work just fine; maybe that would clear up your adsl modem problems?
2002-03-21 02:51:42 AM  
So what's the best way to get rid of these little farkers?
If we kill them all then we have no resistence to them.
Then the next time we come in contact with one of these germs that is less potent we are toast. What's the answer?

I'm thinking we should figure out the types of germs we come in contact with most often, and make sure we have been exposed to them to the point where we are use to them, but not to the point where they make us sick.

Would that work?

I think that whole theory about all those anti-bacterial gells, ointments and soaps, where we may be toughening up those little germs while at the same time making us less resistent to them by not being constantly exposed to them, might have some merit to it.

whoa, it's late....again

that is way too many times this week
2002-03-21 02:56:46 AM  
Coastal: don't worry!

Stubbly: Go on with this kind of brainstorming! 99% will be useles, but you might end up with a totally new-generation mouse-concept ;)
What about gtting rid of the buttons and the wheel? That way there's no mechanical moving parts left...

Yesterday I saw a photgraph of a virtual keyboard: A set of keys projected on a desk, and you could type by touching the projection... I didn't get what the trick was, but it gets almost scary... (Or maybe I'm getting old, if new technology scares me?)
2002-03-21 02:58:21 AM  
make sure we have been exposed to them to the point where we are use to them, but not to the point where they make us sick.

Interesting idea! let's cal it... let's see... how about... inoculation?

I think it has been done before... and it does work!
2002-03-21 03:05:08 AM  
No, I understand that, I mean for common everyday germs, like the ones that cause the common old that we can't seem to figure out how to cure. I understand the mutations of the strians make it diffucult, but mabe we could go shotgun approach and try every mutation we can come up with.

You know what even if we figured it out, by doing that we would upset some other balence and end up with a lot worse than the flu.
2002-03-21 03:06:44 AM  
Thanks for the lesson though. ;)
2002-03-21 03:18:29 AM  
Heh! I was almost going to write something very wrong...

anyways... I guess the real problem with germs is that you can't live with them, can't live without them...

Actually that last part is very true!

I have the idea that Americans seem to be much more concerned about "germs" than Europeans... might have something to do with shows where Oprah goes paranoid because of them, getting people worked up because they found e-coli on the seat of a kids bike... I'm quite sure it would be unhealthy not to find those there...
2002-03-21 03:27:34 AM  
Yeah, totally. I think that is mostly an American thing, sounds very much like it would be. We are always sticking our nosies into business we really shouldn't be, and farking things up. I'm not being sarcastic here.

It is like the antibiotic thing, where eventually we are going to run out of them or they are going to have to be so strong and potent to kill these monsters we have created, that they won't be able to be produced on a pratical level.

I think it all coms down to Americans and Westerners in general having a complete and totally grasp of 25 pages in a 1000 page book while easterners have a handle on the general theme of the book, but refuse to go down to a micro level. I think in the end the latter approach is the overall winner. I don't think we can catch up with our selves, at least not at this rate.
2002-03-21 03:30:39 AM  
It would be very unhealthy not to find those there.

E-coli is the reason you can't get a decent burger any more.

How would like your staek sir? You can choose from any of these 7 shades of grey.
2002-03-21 03:31:26 AM  
I like that metaphor!

Anyway, I for one am happy my mother just let me eat the worms I dug up as a toddler. OK, she figured I wouldn't like them and stop doing it...
Fact is, I never got anything nasty from it, and even now, I catch the flu (in such a wy I can't work) maybe once every 5 years...
2002-03-21 03:35:22 AM  
A! crossing posts! I menat the book metaphor obviously...

About the e-coli... the point was everybody went haywire because an "expert" pointed out how many there where... and how nasty they could be...

I'd just like to point out to some people that water is lethal... very much so. It's a matter of dosage, but if that's high enough, it'll kill you when swallowed, even if only applied externally. In relatively small quantities it kills when inhaled! Where's that site again of that guy advocating a ban on dihydrogen oxide?
2002-03-21 03:36:05 AM  
I'm obvisouly not speaking directly about any particular eastern countries, just about the general difference in our approach to life.
2002-03-21 03:44:03 AM  
Heh heh, funny, you could say the same thing about LSD.

The only way it is lethel, is if you drank so much of it that you exploded your kidneys.

I disagree with the general premise, I believe that the more water you drink the more toxins you are exposed to, but you also have in exponentially more amounts what is the best anti-toxin there is. H20.

It's funny, it is kind of similar to how when you are retianing the water the best thing to do is drink more water, not really though I guess.

When I first saw this tag I thougt it was referencing a theory I read about in a mens magazine where you shouldn't eat at your desk becuase you can be stressed out and as a result not absorb the nutrients properly.

I wonder if the desk germs and the stress team up to double fark you?
2002-03-21 03:52:40 AM  
Did anybody else get the orange goo treatment in highschool?

You smear you self with this goo and hold your hands under the infrared lights and you can see all the little guys swiming around on you.

If you wanted to embarass someone at the office you could coat their desk with that stuff and turn of the lights and shine one of the infrared jammies it, and expose him for the zookeeper he is. I bet it would look like a small metropolis from 10,000 feet.
2002-03-21 03:55:29 AM  
One cigarette, if no one posts back, thats it, I'm really going to bed this time. hehe

Who said anything about being very drunk?
2002-03-21 04:01:05 AM  
Uh, ingesting water at a rate of about 10 liter / day eventually kills you... it has happened, but I agree it's not common.

Of course, another way water is very lethal is by injection a relatively small amount of pure H2O into the bloodstream. There are nicer ways to die...
2002-03-21 04:02:31 AM  
Going back and reading earlier posts now.

Yeahm that laser keyboard look awesome, there will be some aplications of that.

I use to think chorded keyboards were very cool, this makes those irrelevent. I had fantasies of becoming a gargole, walking around with my twidler and a laptop that was connected wirelessly somehow. Basically, being on the net all the time while your walking around.

I didn't make the fantasy up of course, I was speaking of my personal dreams of assembling actual existing hardwear and doing it now. How cool would it be to be let into the media lab at MIT and be able to play with all the shiat they have?
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