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(Some Guy)   Bono nominated for World Bank presidency. Unlike his last two albums, the nomination is being taken seriously   ( divider line
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9842 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Mar 2005 at 8:36 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-03-07 02:41:38 PM  
But he can't even count to four....
2005-03-07 02:58:01 PM  
uno, dos, tres, catorce! = not good for the economies of Spanish speaking countries.
2005-03-07 05:11:48 PM  
uno, dos, tres, catorce!

The actual Pesos per Dollar ratio progression during the past decade - not exact, but you get the idea.

/i keed you not
2005-03-07 05:56:06 PM  
I heard that Hulk Hogan is up for Minister of Rasslin'
2005-03-07 06:42:49 PM  
Ah spanish... the other white meat. I mean, useless language.
2005-03-07 08:40:03 PM  
ooh. time for a special world bank edition iPod!
2005-03-07 08:41:49 PM  
Yes, my spanish is very rusty (well, ok, nonexistant), but isn't uno, dos, tres, catorce the equivalent of one, two, three, fourteen?

On another note, the new Fark tags firefox extension is awesome. As in, totally.
2005-03-07 08:41:57 PM  
Actually, the intro to U2 - Vertigo is a good example of what third world debt reduction is about -- jumping from three to fourteen grants amnesty for the intermittent eleven.
2005-03-07 08:42:07 PM  
Hey, it could be worse..... Carly Fiorina, the recently fired idiot CEO of HP, is in the running.
2005-03-07 08:43:10 PM  
That is ridiculous.
2005-03-07 08:43:30 PM  
Y'know, somehow I think that he actually might do a good job. I've wanted to see non-politicians and non-professionals enter public service, since they'll frequently have a less political agenda and be more likely to have a real end goal in mind.

I'd also like to see people stop re-electing people who are marginally-competent at best. If the populace changes presidents four times in sixteen years then maybe the political parties would take note and start looking for real candidates instead of partisan hacks that can be dressed up nicely for the cameras.
2005-03-07 08:43:33 PM  
pete and repeat were in a boat...
2005-03-07 08:43:40 PM  
I have a dream...
of a day on fark that doesn't have a repeat!
2005-03-07 08:44:04 PM  
A rational idealist..... huhhhhh?
2005-03-07 08:45:57 PM  
If it's not just a figurehead position, he should withdraw his own name immediately. Being a celebrity advocate for international causes only counts for so much.
2005-03-07 08:46:28 PM  
Hey...I liked All That You Can't Leave Behind
2005-03-07 08:48:00 PM  
Good for him. Hopefully he'll start peeling off those hundred dollar bills, slappin' em down...

/I <3 Joshua Tree
2005-03-07 08:48:45 PM  
why? I ask again...why? why bono. he's one of the few people in the world i'd like to punch square in the face, if not to stop him from putting out torturously unevolved music, then to stop him from become the president of a bank! good god.

/2 cents
2005-03-07 08:50:16 PM  
Someone who cares about the third world and people in general being the president of the World Bank???
It must be the end of the world.....start hoarding and get to your fall-out shellters quickly
2005-03-07 08:54:16 PM  
He has also been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. I hope he wins.
2005-03-07 08:54:52 PM  
"Unlike his last two albums, the nomination is being taken seriously"

Both critically and commercially aclaimed albums. Beautiful Day gets a Grammy?
Submitter wrote this from Camp Xray? In a news blackout?
2005-03-07 08:55:07 PM  
Well, don't forget, some people are talking about Paul Wolfowitz,

So let's see...
Paul Wolfowitz - Drives the US into Iraq.
Carly Fiorina - Drives Compaq & HP into the ground.
Bono - Last good superbowl halftime show.
2005-03-07 08:55:34 PM  
I'm with Idoknowjack, this has been done already. Therefore I'll repost my comment from last go around: Shouldn't this have the stupid tag?
2005-03-07 08:55:41 PM  
I saw this in the paper today and thought, "they're going to reanimate Sonny Bono's corpse?"

Then I thought, "that's not a bad idea."
2005-03-07 08:56:21 PM  

Tell that to the the America's to the south of us, the Spaniards. Grow up while you're at it.
2005-03-07 08:56:52 PM  
I used to think U2 was great, in the 80's. Not anymore.
2005-03-07 08:57:36 PM  
Hey the latest album rocks- pick on Bono if you like but leave U2 out of this. (By the way The Edge is in the running for NATO Supreme Allied Commander)
2005-03-07 09:00:20 PM  
Duuuude, wtf?
2005-03-07 09:00:45 PM  
... he is known for his work in the fight against AIDS and his charity activities.

His fight against AIDS and his charity activities basically consist of picking the pockets of the American taxpayer.

He'd be perfect for president of World Bacnk.
2005-03-07 09:01:26 PM  
I, for one, welcome our Lord of Economic Lucidity, Bono!
2005-03-07 09:02:49 PM  
Good intentions does not make one qualified.
2005-03-07 09:02:55 PM  
The World Bank sucks almost as much as U2.
2005-03-07 09:03:47 PM  
Bono ruled out as World Bank chief
2005-03-07 09:04:14 PM  
Stupid headline... the last two albums are among the best-reviewed of U2's career.
2005-03-07 09:04:24 PM  
And here's the link:
2005-03-07 09:04:55 PM  
Hmmmm, on the one hand I'd love to have Bono as my loan officer;on the other I'd hate to be a stock holder.
2005-03-07 09:05:25 PM  
I don't know. Bono may be a bit of a nut, but the other names being mentioned are Paul "WMD" Wolfowitz and Carly "Compaq+HP=$$$$" Fiorentino (sp?).
2005-03-07 09:07:20 PM  
A fair review of U2's latest offering:

/no HTML skliz
2005-03-07 09:07:55 PM  

2005-03-07 09:08:42 PM  
Aw cool - a President Bono, a President Schwarzenegger.....

/holding out for future CIA director Niel Hamburger.

"two, world banks,
2005-03-07 09:08:52 PM  
Not only were the last 2 albums critically praised for the most part, it was "POP" (3 Albums Ago) that even hardcore fans lambasted. Submitter is an asshat.
2005-03-07 09:09:39 PM  
I'm sick of everybody putting a halo on this guy. He's a musician! Not a saint! And he's not a banker; what are these people thinking?
2005-03-07 09:10:35 PM  
Man, it would have been cool to see a cool dude like Bono; he'd be high-fivin' people during meetings and forgivin' the debt to the Third World.Fo' shizzle ma nizzle, Word!
2005-03-07 09:11:20 PM  
Wtf, has Fark disabled all HTML formatting?
2005-03-07 09:11:41 PM  
This frightens me.
2005-03-07 09:14:16 PM  
Bono isn't even that great of a musician, much less a political activist.

Mille Petrozza should be the next president. His music is infinitely better and so is his message. Long live Kreator!
2005-03-07 09:18:20 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

/infinitly better than anything U2 has done politically and musically

2005-03-07 09:18:46 PM  
canadian eh:

Someone who cares about the third world and people in general being the president of the World Bank???
It must be the end of the world.

pauly shore cares about the third world and people in general. ditto paris hilton, but neither of them are qualified to run a piggy bank, let alone a major international development bank such as the world bank.

since when does 'caring' make someone the best qualified candidate to run the world bank?

i think people are mocking bono by acting as if anyone is really taking him seriouusly as a candidate to head the world bank. i don't think bono is smart enough to realize he is being laughed at.
2005-03-07 09:20:00 PM  
Guess it's time to put down the books and learn the guitar to make a difference in the world.
2005-03-07 09:22:56 PM  
nerfball...nail, nail...nerfball
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