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(   "Pilotos, entienden sus motores." NASCAR racing comes to Mexico   ( divider line
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3202 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Mar 2005 at 4:37 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-03-06 12:27:00 PM  
Curva de la izquierda!
2005-03-06 12:44:26 PM  
To better market their product to the Mexican fans, NASCAR changed the rules to require every racecar to place approximately 30-40 reflectors all over the car: hood, door panels, roof, and especially the rear bumper. Drivers have the option of mounting at least 5 fake radio antennae to the car as well.

Further, all cars are required to bear a front license plate that reads either "Jalisco", "Sonora", "Chihuahua", or "Sinaloa".

Cars will also be fitted with a rear spoiler. Well, it's reallly not a spoiler per se; it is more accurately described as a piece of scrap sheet metal bolted onto the trunk......featuring no less than 10 reflectors.

Finally, every car will have a Nike "Swoosh" logo covering the entire window. Drivers then the option of a small Calvin sticker pissing on "La Migra" or a Dallas Cowboys star.

/South Phoenix
2005-03-06 12:50:02 PM  
It's bad enough when Helton and France take NASCAR dates away from we fine redneck bubbas in the South, and ship OUR racers out west or up nawth. Now they are taking the races out of country. Seems like they'll do anything for a greasy buck.

/will be in front of the box at 3
2005-03-06 01:36:21 PM  
"Pilotos, entienden sus motores."

translation: Pilots, they understand their motors.

Bite the wax tadpole.
2005-03-06 01:40:20 PM  
Eat More Possum: Now they are taking the races out of country

Didn't they used to run a few Cup races in Canada back in the 80's?
2005-03-06 01:53:56 PM  
I thought that looked a bit off, Nodbody

/not Submitter
2005-03-06 02:00:55 PM  
Rainbowtyedye: few Cup races in Canada

Yes, and had the non-cup Japan race for a short time.
2005-03-06 02:07:51 PM  
I'm the submitter, and I too thought it looked a bit off, but I cut and pasted it from the article, so that's what the website ran. And who knows, maybe understanding one's engine is a prerequisite in Mexico.
2005-03-06 03:10:42 PM  
how do you say "floor it and steer to the left" in spanish?

/got nuthin
2005-03-06 03:11:05 PM  
That little sweetie that sang the Mexican anthem beats what we usually get.
2005-03-06 03:45:55 PM  
So do the drivers all have their names accross the back windshields in huge pointy letters?
2005-03-06 04:44:14 PM  
How many mexicans have to ride stashed away in the trunk?
2005-03-06 04:44:37 PM  
2005-03-06 04:45:33 PM  
Actually, it says, "Pilots, understand your motors".
2005-03-06 04:45:59 PM  
Short lesson in spanish:

Nascar drivers = Gringos Locos
Nascar fans = Gringos Locos con nada mejor que hacer
I like Nascar = Me gustan los maricones
Thank you = Jodete

2005-03-06 04:47:11 PM  
El escritor de la linea de cabeza es un burro estupido.
2005-03-06 04:47:14 PM  
Oh, it's just a Busch race, not a Nextel Cup race.

/doesn't matter
2005-03-06 04:47:56 PM  
bobbylishus, the best I can do for you is "go fast and turn left": vaya rpidamente y d vuelta a la izquierda
2005-03-06 04:47:57 PM  
2005-03-06 04:49:02 PM  
Submitter es el pinche gringo.
2005-03-06 04:49:12 PM  
You gueros. Even babelfish speaks better spanish than you guys.
2005-03-06 04:49:52 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Is that...? is that a right turn ?.

What the hell kind of science-fictiony-year-3000 bullshiat is this ???

Did Mexico discover the right turn before us ??? I blame Clinton and that damn NAFTA
2005-03-06 04:50:14 PM  
Floor it and steer to the left is

sulelo y dirija a la izquierda

Quick and dirty translations courtesy of Altavista's Babelfish
2005-03-06 04:50:14 PM  
awesome!! do you guys know how cool the Mexican Mullet looks> I am serious, just check them out at your local stores...
2005-03-06 04:50:31 PM  
los conductores, encienden sus motores!
2005-03-06 04:51:25 PM  
I can tell you this - those will be some seriously clean NASCARS.

/Doesn't know what they will do with the dingle balls around the windshield though.
2005-03-06 04:51:27 PM  
I love to see a photochop contest for this!
2005-03-06 04:51:35 PM  
submitter = teh stoopid

Should be: "enciendan sus motores"
2005-03-06 04:51:38 PM  
Que estupendo el hecho de que NASCAR ya este en Mejico. Espero pronto ver las carreras en Venezuela.
2005-03-06 04:51:57 PM  
Ok, what the heck.. A Dog ran out onto the track.

The Mexican drivers are doing a good job keeping up with them, until they hit pit road, that is.
2005-03-06 04:52:06 PM  
Those mexicans are pretty good at stripping tires off cars.

But they take forever armor-alling the tires before putting them back on....
2005-03-06 04:52:20 PM  
I think Submitter probably meant inician.
2005-03-06 04:52:34 PM  
1) It's just a Busch race, not Nextel Cup
2) It's a road race, meaning there are left AND right turns. Take that, Mr. "Floor it and steer to the left". Jerk.
3) Hay weneed more mExican jokes lololol

/not a NASCAR fan, but still someone who gets upset at jerks who like to mock something just because they dont think it's cool.
2005-03-06 04:52:36 PM  
just to be a bit looser wit the translation, you could say, "conductores, encienden sus motores" clearly leaving out the unnecessary article

//took too much spanish
2005-03-06 04:54:12 PM  

true dat. don't forget their last name in huge old english letters.

/San Antonio reprezent
2005-03-06 04:55:03 PM  
I have to go to work, therefore I am going to miss what might turn out to be a fantastic NASCAR flame thread... too bad. It has everything, Protectionism, language, Right VS. Left turn... Damn shame I am going to miss this.

Vaya con huevos, Muchachos
2005-03-06 04:55:52 PM  
Mi pito es el martillo de Dios. I wonder if they'll be using Mexican futbol announcers for announcing Mexican Nascar. At least then, it might be fun to watch.
2005-03-06 04:56:49 PM  
No no no, it's

Senores, encended vuestros motores!

//not really
2005-03-06 04:57:42 PM  
Bobbylishus: how do you say "floor it and steer to the left" in spanish

That won't get you very far at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez. The second turn is a right-hander.
2005-03-06 04:58:59 PM  
Actually, it'd be, "Conductores, enciendan sus motores."
2005-03-06 04:59:16 PM  
And canada, i read in the newspaper that in a few years there going to have races up here too
2005-03-06 05:00:10 PM  
Senores, comienzan sus motores!
2005-03-06 05:00:34 PM  
if anyone wondered what the hell happened to hansen, theyre down in mexico...they sung the national anthem...our anthem...
2005-03-06 05:01:27 PM  
are stock cars gonna have hydrolics now?!!?
2005-03-06 05:01:50 PM  

1) It's just a Busch race, not Nextel Cup
/not a NASCAR fan

Riiiiigghtt. Be that as it may, but did you ever see a NASCAR try and wallow around a "proper" race course? They corner worse than my Mom's Oldsmobile!

Pssst) Its cool if you're a girl or a redneck!

Pssst2) What do Dale Earnhardt and Pink Floyd Have in common?
There last hit was The Wall.
2005-03-06 05:02:36 PM  

That won't get you very far at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez. The second turn is a right-hander.

[image from too old to be available]

Right-hander ??? Now dat's just devil-talkin'?
2005-03-06 05:03:05 PM  
cracKness, nice one. LOL.

2005-03-06 05:04:34 PM  
2005-03-06 05:05:16 PM  
My motor is not entendido. At least not by me. It is, however, prendido, and sometimes encendido, depending on the nationality of the person I'm talking to.
2005-03-06 05:05:55 PM  
"Caballeros, arranquen sus motores!" would be the best way to start it off.

There are two types of people, NASCAR fans and people who are already dead and just don't know it yet.
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