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(Yahoo)   Eddie Vedder got a mowhawk because of "frustration with bombings and world events"   ( divider line
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12347 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Mar 2002 at 4:44 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-20 04:47:10 PM  
I forget, is he a has-been or never-was.
2002-03-20 04:47:17 PM  
2002-03-20 04:47:31 PM  
great pic. feh.
2002-03-20 04:48:25 PM  
elderley man behind the counter with a mowhawk isn't that how the song goes?
2002-03-20 04:48:42 PM  
he could've been joking, none of you were there.
2002-03-20 04:49:04 PM  
Good for Eddie Vedder. I am glad he is changing the world by getting a silly looking haircut.
2002-03-20 04:49:40 PM  
When I get pissed at world events I usually have a beer. You tend not to look like an idiot to the rest of the world that way.
2002-03-20 04:51:10 PM  
perhaps it's because his last album bianaural sucked. I still can't even pronounce that shiat. do the evolution baby.
2002-03-20 04:51:51 PM  
Jeez...when I get frustrated by bombings and world events I just go find a cat to kick around
2002-03-20 04:52:18 PM  
Ahh, who cares? Get up on a stool and scribble PRO-CHOICE on your arm while you're at it too. Oh wait, you already did that. Jackass.
2002-03-20 04:52:29 PM  
Eddie V is cooler than the rest of the grunge rockers, but takes himself way too seriously.
2002-03-20 04:52:34 PM  
Eddie, I love some of your tunes, but please spare me your tired, boring, ridiculous, stupid, idiotic, retarded, and ill-informed rants on the state of the world today...

Rockers, actors, and actorettes, anyone who gets their political advice from these people need a serious injection of smart vitamins.
2002-03-20 04:52:42 PM  
I actually went to high school with Eddie for a couple of years...Tony Hawk too....yep, I am a name dropper...and I am better than you...and my dad can beat up your dad...
2002-03-20 04:52:43 PM  
Oooooh, in your face world!
2002-03-20 04:53:25 PM  
Or, it is Edward Mueller? So deep, so profound, so short.

Turns out the fella was a very popular, outgoing kid in HS, but when Pearl Jam hit it big he kicked in with the Jim Morrison schtick.
2002-03-20 04:53:30 PM  
Someone please oblige me by posting a photo of that singing fish - the one that sings "Take me to the river" I mean...
2002-03-20 04:53:35 PM  
what a dorkwad. isn't he a little old to still be rebelling against his parents?
2002-03-20 04:53:41 PM  
My ass !
I bet he got too gopped up on goop, passed out, and woke up with a mohawk, make up on his face, and of course an Atomic Wedgie that was removed from Courtney Love using her tongue.

Nice publicity stunt Eddie. Now I'm sure you are REALLY worried about the next Pearl Jam release being total garbage.
2002-03-20 04:53:54 PM  
if i was eddie vedder, would you like me any better???
2002-03-20 04:54:20 PM  
That's the same thing I said when asked why I masturbate constantly.
2002-03-20 04:54:34 PM  
I am so mad at the world I shaved my Pubic Hair into a little tuft of frustration...Damn you World DAMN YOU!!!!
2002-03-20 04:54:52 PM  
Come on.. how many of us are really "affected" by world events. For all we know none of this is really happening at all. Has anyone even seen any real evidence that the Taliban even exists? Personally I've never even been to the middle east and doubt that IT even exists. It's all just a ploy to keep everyone in line and take their money.
2002-03-20 04:54:55 PM  
I thought he was an entertainer...

Dance for me, monkey!
2002-03-20 04:55:02 PM  
Hair. Peace.
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-20 04:55:32 PM  
true true... eddie vedder is a jackass because hes pro-choice.
2002-03-20 04:55:35 PM  
For Gwinny:

[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-20 04:55:44 PM  
Next on Celebrity Boxing:
Jackasses Who Think They Are Smarter Than Their Fans

Bono VS Eddie Vedder
2002-03-20 04:55:52 PM  
salyerswine, i bet he got tea bagged too.
2002-03-20 04:57:07 PM  
I thought Eddie Veder died in a plane crash with Buddy Holly, or was it Lynyrd Skynyrd?
2002-03-20 04:57:19 PM  
2002-03-20 04:57:33 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-20 04:57:53 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Joseph Sabia says, "Eddie Vedder is a Homo!"
2002-03-20 04:58:42 PM  
Does Eddie look like Russell Crowe, or is it just my penis saying that?
2002-03-20 04:58:49 PM  
LOL, thanks Trowhep. I wonder how much $ Al Green made off selling that song to the singing fish people?

Christopher_Lowell: please, think of the kittens!

Slayerswine: thanks, that horrible imagery is permanently scarred into my brain.
2002-03-20 04:58:52 PM  
talking heads reunion
2002-03-20 04:58:53 PM  
Too bad Eddie wasn't standing behind Kurt.
2002-03-20 04:59:02 PM  
Tucci, I've seen the hair on her piece, and I really wish I hadn't.
2002-03-20 04:59:19 PM  
no... my penis is saying it too.
2002-03-20 04:59:41 PM  
Jesus had a mohawk for the same reasons.

(I'm begging, somebody give us a good photoshop of this.)
2002-03-20 05:00:12 PM  
Eddie Vedder supports bootleggin' so he is a-oh-super-k in my book.
2002-03-20 05:00:17 PM  
CHANLE51: actually he was a little farking sponge who kept mooching other peoples schwag....
2002-03-20 05:00:20 PM  
Ed Ved, what a frickin' dork.

You only get a haircut after a breakup with a bad girlfriend/boyfriend/farm animal/whatever you are into...

Not for politics. Unless you are a skin head.
2002-03-20 05:00:20 PM  
that is just so Sept. 10th !
2002-03-20 05:02:20 PM  
hahahah he should read the new handbook lol
2002-03-20 05:02:30 PM  
i thought 'mohawk? big deal', but then i saw the leather jacket and the mohawk and was like 'whoa, this guy is over the edge.'
2002-03-20 05:02:30 PM  
Nsquark - you need to rent Wag the Dog. It will answer all your questions
2002-03-20 05:02:58 PM  
He's actually a nice guy away from the public eye.
Talked to him on the phone a couple of times, as his
niece used to be a roommate in my "We Gotta Get Out
of Des Plaines" era. (She's the "4 Heather" that
"Why Go Home" is dedicated to.)

Guess it's time for the Pearl Jam comeback. Who would
have thought their weak imitations such as Bush 'n Creed
would be even bigger than PJ were?
2002-03-20 05:02:59 PM  
I had a mohawk when I was 14... then I grew up.
2002-03-20 05:03:39 PM  
Gwinny: Don't worry, be happy. ;) I love that fish. Of course, this guy is even better. He sings that "Bad to the Bone" song.

[image from too old to be available]

But, wait, um... This is irrelevent. Feel free to delete if necessary.
2002-03-20 05:04:25 PM  
Eddie "Are you talkin' to me?" Vedder?

That pic of him looks a little Mickeyrourkeish to me, but I do see some Russell Crowe. WTH's on his t-shirt?
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