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(Yahoo)   Japanese woman tackles startled burglar after he tries to take her Louis Vuitton wallet   (story.news.yahoo.com) divider line 49
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2005-03-05 02:13:34 PM
From her survival guidebook.....

Say no to tentacles!
2005-03-05 02:36:14 PM
haha! That's just wrong on so many levels.

/not really
2005-03-05 03:32:49 PM
Tackling is much more effective than a protest flag.

(the Louis Vuitton Cup)
2005-03-05 07:00:49 PM

</if for no other reason than what HMHB posted>
2005-03-05 07:01:56 PM
How long before Half Man Half Biscuit gets banned?
2005-03-05 07:02:11 PM
A drunken Japanese burglar became a cropper...

2005-03-05 07:03:13 PM
Tackled behind the line of scrimmage for a loss of 5.
/thinks she should play for the cardinals
2005-03-05 07:03:20 PM
Lots of tackles today, its getting kind of fishy.
2005-03-05 07:03:35 PM
What kind of pansy was this dude? She was like 41 and hes 23!
2005-03-05 07:09:01 PM

"I was scared, but I was desperate because he was trying to steal my bag with my precious Louis Vuitton wallet inside," she told police,

sad to see that the western materialization epidemic has spread overseas...

2005-03-05 07:09:43 PM
Those Japanese will do anything to pretend they are white...including spending $$$ on Louis Vuitton, or tackling a thief.
2005-03-05 07:10:49 PM
color me unsurprised.

Seriously, over here (in Japan), coming between a woman and her Louis Vuitton bag/wallet/etc. is like stepping between a mother bear and her cub.

Sometimes it can be quite brutal.
2005-03-05 07:13:24 PM
Is there a tackling tri-fecta in play?
2005-03-05 07:14:40 PM
My wife has a LV backpack and an LV purse. That's practically one of out mortgage payments. I'll be pretty pi$$ed if she doesn't tackle the clown who tries to steal them.
2005-03-05 07:20:45 PM
God, I hate Louis Vuitton... flock materialism at its worst.
2005-03-05 07:26:09 PM
Hahah. The people who buy Louis Vuitton and to whom it represents a significant purchase or amount of money are so pathetic. Buying designer accessories and clothes stems from having money (and usually at least to some degree social prestige and whatnot) but it doesn't work the other way round.

The sad, sad little middleclass people with a single Louis Vuitton bag, staring wistfully at the glass ceiling apparently seem to think that, by imitating their betters, they can suddenly be transformed from a blatantly middleclass wannabe into someone with taste, money, fashion sense or whatever it is they justify the purchase price to themselves with.

Soooooooo sheepish and ostentacious.

Note: I'm all for $1200 handbags and "materialism", but not for poor people who really can't afford it and are desperately trying to look anything other than that.
2005-03-05 07:32:47 PM
2005-03-05 07:32:52 PM
This one should have the DUMBASS tag.
2005-03-05 07:34:49 PM
makes you wonder if japan has thrift shops and homeless shelters.
and you must have a job(almost paid slave labor system) and make thousands of yen just to keep up with the standard of living in a 500 square foot apartment with 3 generations.

now excuse me while i go out and get the latest model of the electronics i am throwing out because it is 6 months old.
2005-03-05 07:38:16 PM
katalyst-: I agree with you, but there actually is something to "imitating your betters," at least in a professional setting. Dressing, talking, and behaving like a superior signals a desire to be promoted to their level. Turn up your nose if you like, but there's a lot to it. Does it work with handbags and social status? No, absolutely not. It's actually pretty laughable. Still, to those with higher aspirations, it doesn't register that your professional and your social stati are not necessarily connected, and your handbag serves no purpose in facilitating a transition between the two.

/comes from money
//barely more than broke
2005-03-05 07:40:37 PM
jdeluca81: If that becomes a new cliche, I will be gloriously pleased.

2005-03-05 07:43:37 PM

Unless you can afford a whole wardrobe, though, it soon becomes painfully obvious that you do in fact, like this woman, have a few obviously hard-earned centrepieces and the charade comes tumbling down.

Thus, if I were someone's boss and I noticed that she quite obviously prized one or two designer pieces, I would think her a tard and never promote her again :P
2005-03-05 07:50:41 PM
I can understand the criticism towards owning a designer handbag but let me bring another point to the table: I carry my handbag every day... I rarely cook for myself so I don't see the point in owning fine cookware, I rather spend it on a bag. I don't see the point in spending $$$ on trendy blouses that will only be worn a couple of times a season, but I think it's smart to invest in a nice handbag that I can use everyday for many seasons.

Boys just don't understand. (Oh, and I'm not into the Louis Vuitton monogram bags because they aren't leather-- just treated canvas. They are also a little "showy" for my tastes.)
2005-03-05 07:56:09 PM
I have a hunch that the bag was counterfeit. The Japanese are the best targets at selling counterfeit designer bags and clothing.
/dad bought a fake rolex for amusement
2005-03-05 08:00:18 PM
Please. The materialism of women in the east far eclipses anything we have here in the west...even in New York.(and that's saying something) I've lived overseas...I've seen women give up the basics of life just to have this or that designer jacket/purse/dress/keychain/whathaveyou.

And I used to wonder how my friend, Moon hi, stayed so thin :P She was on the 'Eat-what-you-can-afford-after-you-spend-all-your-money-on-Gucci' diet.
2005-03-05 08:04:09 PM

Hey, if you're going to spend you money on something quality that you use every day, making an investment like that makes sense. On the other hand, I've found my 50$ nine-west handbag has lasted for two years without beginning to look shabby so...to each their own. I just get frightened when I see women giving up their food and apartments over designer logos :P
2005-03-05 08:05:15 PM
I pictured a big sumo woman jumping on top of the burglar.
2005-03-05 08:15:19 PM
katalyst-: You don't need a whole wardrobe; just about 6-10 outfits, which aren't that hard to afford as long as you're not making substenance wages. Your employers aren't stupid; they know how much you make. They know how "wealthy" you are. It's not a matter of fooling anyone, it's establishing the level you WOULD LIKE to be at.
2005-03-05 08:15:44 PM

I'm not criticising owning a designer handbag. I'm criticising people who own designer handbags in a vain attempt to appear as though they have the money/life/status that such conspicuous consumption generally entails. It is, of course, 100% conspicuous consumption. A $10 handbag has the same functionality, but the other couple of thousand dollars is because buying it demonstrates your wealth. It is therefore totally assbackwards and pointless for someone without that level of wealth to buy it.

It's the pretense, stupidity and blatant imitation, not the labels or the wallets themselves.
2005-03-05 08:31:19 PM
A $10 handbag has the same functionality

Erm, no. A ten dollar handbag would fall apart if you used it everyday.

So would a 10 dollar wallet. In fact, I have to buy my husband a new leather wallet about once every two years because they fall apart so easily. You really DO have to pay a bit more than 10$ if you want something in reasonable quality leather to last. I'm not one who spends anything over 100, but 10? Come now.
2005-03-05 08:31:22 PM
When going to a knife fight, don't forget your knife.
2005-03-05 08:36:40 PM
*pic of Ms. Swan*

'He look, like a man!'
2005-03-05 08:43:44 PM

Buy an less-expensive equal-quality handbag, of a less opulant brand, and put the money you save in the bank to save for something useful.

Just because you have money, doesn't mean you have to spend it. (Of course, here I am preaching to the credit card society, which spends money it doesn't have.)
2005-03-05 09:05:18 PM
Or, come to my city where every Ghetto Babe is just dripping with (FAKE) Louis Vuitton/Gucci/etc. crap. Whenever I see those trademarks, "high class" is the absolutely last thing to come to mind.
2005-03-05 09:50:22 PM
The article is funny. Louis Vuitton bags are ugly. I see what UrbanHermit is talking about. You can get them at the Mexican Flea Market for $10.
2005-03-05 10:26:50 PM
Where's the picture of Gollum with a Louis Vuitton wallet?

/sadly have no photoshop skills :(
2005-03-05 10:45:43 PM
hes lucky hes alive

never get between a chick and some LV
2005-03-05 11:19:13 PM
robbinsc: What kind of pansy was this dude? She was like 41 and hes 23!

Haha, he was 41 and drunk while she was 23 and probably PMSing.
2005-03-05 11:22:42 PM
Louis Vuitton with the Gucci guitar, Johnny Ryall, Who do you think you are?

2005-03-05 11:29:20 PM
eclecticdoode: Haha, he was 41 and drunk while she was 23 and probably PMSing.

Oh, fark you. A woman does something that remotely borders on aggressive or, you know, anything that isn't weeping, and she must be PMSing.

2005-03-05 11:32:16 PM
theeagle: makes you wonder if japan has thrift shops and homeless shelters.
and you must have a job(almost paid slave labor system) and make thousands of yen just to keep up with the standard of living in a 500 square foot apartment with 3 generations.

You know that saying "thousands of yen" is like saying "tens of dollars," right?
2005-03-05 11:41:13 PM

So would a 10 dollar wallet. In fact, I have to buy my husband a new leather wallet about once every two years because they fall apart so easily.

Ha ha. My $5 denim wallet is going on 14 years and I use it everyday.
2005-03-06 12:06:56 AM
ok.. I have to admit..if I payed that much for a wallet and someone tried to take it..there would be absolute hell to pay.
2005-03-06 12:31:42 AM
GIS for "Japanese tackle"
2005-03-06 07:02:38 AM
Did she put the kids in the trunk of the car before going into the nightclub?

/didn't rtfa
2005-03-06 07:40:10 AM
A Japanese women risking her life to save her LV wallet...hmmm....that sounds about right. No surprises there.

/lives in Tokyo
2005-03-06 08:30:57 AM

Amazing how successful LV has been when the basic color scheme is the same as piss and shiat...
2005-03-06 02:27:40 PM
ever notice how many articles involve japenese people
2005-03-06 07:36:34 PM
Stumbleine, you can't teach those troglodytes anything. How can you, when they do all their thinking with the 'little head'. :D
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