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(Technician)   NC State talks about FARK. France Surrenders.   ( divider line
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4301 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Mar 2002 at 9:25 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-20 09:15:58 AM  
NC State = crybabies. Go UCONN!
2002-03-20 09:16:03 AM  
Let's go PITT!
2002-03-20 09:16:13 AM  
Damn it! Must keep Fark secret or we get flooded!
2002-03-20 09:17:08 AM  
2002-03-20 09:18:07 AM  
Impotent? Ask your doctor about Fark.
2002-03-20 09:18:12 AM  
we're getting way too mainstream...soon all the riff raff will start a comin' and destroyin' our here site...

too late.
2002-03-20 09:19:42 AM  
Doesn't the whole "Rule FARK for a day" auctions pay for hosting costs?
2002-03-20 09:20:16 AM  
If I don't get mentioned in at least one of these articles, then the terrorists have already won.
2002-03-20 09:21:17 AM  
"Similar to Slashdot"

Fark's been insulted.

"The thing that has gotten FARK so much attention from the mainstream media, however, is the area where it lacks the most: photoshopping."

photoshopping is an area where fark lacks the most? Am I reading that right?
2002-03-20 09:22:10 AM  
Even doomsayers can be correct. I think it was the most objective and insightful article written about Fark to date. No hype, just an honest view of the site. I have been saying the same things for 6 months now, so I do not know how original it is or if it is going to be news to Drew, but it is good to see it published somewhere. It gives it a perspective that may not have been seen before.
2002-03-20 09:22:14 AM  
"German U-Boat Found in Gulf Coast: France Surrenders." Funny when it was Boobiesed, still funny now.
2002-03-20 09:22:17 AM  
I came.

I saw.

I farked.
2002-03-20 09:22:59 AM  
Cool... I used to work for that rag. Wonder if they are all still a bunch of whiny ultraliberal losers who couldn't get in to a real University. Or was that just me?
2002-03-20 09:25:56 AM  
what the fark is a slashdot?

tee hee hee
2002-03-20 09:31:58 AM  
the last two paragraphs are especially true
2002-03-20 09:32:46 AM  
FarkRavingMad: I think they get that by osmosis, from the Proximity to Duke (University of New Jersey, Southern Campus) and the People's Republic of Chapel Hill.
2002-03-20 09:35:44 AM  
bored souls roaming the earth in search of pointless things to occupy their time

Yeah I'm a bored soul but I don't think fark is pointless, wel then again...
2002-03-20 09:40:37 AM  
Hey, some of the South's best pig and turkey farmers come from NCSU.

Back off, farkers...
2002-03-20 09:41:59 AM  
NCSU is right down the street from me. They aren't that bad. Nothing like my Hokies but whose commparing..
2002-03-20 09:44:29 AM  
Meddik: I went to high school adout a mile from NC State. A combined 70% of the school's graduates went to either UNC or NC State. NC State was Redneck U. If you couldn't get into a real college then thats where you went (Except for the Achitecture, Design, Textiles, and Enginerring programs, but they are run like a separate University. Stricter admissions, etc.) I thought of it as a glorified community college. But then I quit Wake Forest and had nothing better to do, so I started taking classes at State. The paper was where the few artsy foo-foo types huddled to get away from the Future Farmers of America crowd.

Ahhh, the good old days.
2002-03-20 09:46:19 AM  
Anyobdy catch the Simpsons this weekend, the French have no word for victory.
2002-03-20 09:48:53 AM  
Fb-, I promise.. if I end up writing an article about Fark, you will be mentioned.

I can see the headline now: "'Net culture gives birth to Fark of a site; Fb- is the father"
2002-03-20 09:51:05 AM  
/me attempts to pull VeggieGuy's head out of Fb-'s ass.
2002-03-20 09:57:58 AM  
SACREBLEU! Vy eez zis vebsite ollvays making fun of zee French!
2002-03-20 09:59:28 AM  
All TechnicianOnline's FARK are belong to us.
2002-03-20 10:04:48 AM  
If Drew closes FARK down the terrorists have won...
2002-03-20 10:11:10 AM  
So, the syndicated showing of the Simpsons in Raleigh the other day had Groundskeeper Willy teaching French class and he called them "Cheese Eatin' Surrender Monkeys". Ha ha ha!... ah... good times
2002-03-20 10:13:48 AM  
Here's my brainstorm, which I came up with one sleepless night as I contemplated life without Fark: I think Drew should have a membership drive, like public television. You know, "we need 400 new members by the end of the pledge drive to continue bringing you the quality programming you've come to expect at" Make it an active thing, instead of a passive thing, like the Fark beer fund is, and then he can fund the site without making it a manditory pay site. And if anyone donates over a given amount, he can send them a Fark mug. Or something.

Ah, can't blame me for trying to help.
2002-03-20 10:16:22 AM  
If you absolutely must use "France Surrenders" in a headline, PLEASE at least make sure the headline is at least partially related (this one isn't related at all).
2002-03-20 10:20:37 AM  
My first photoshop entry and its referred to as "painful at best." Sweet!
2002-03-20 10:20:56 AM  
Here's my idea. It may suck, but whatever. A lot of companies pay lots of money for people to make ad banners for them. Perhaps Drew could start a seperate section of the site, where for a fee, people could post thier requirements for advertisments, logos, and the like, and farkers would create them and then the person would choose among the bunch. It would be a way those of use without any cash could help out.
2002-03-20 10:26:35 AM  
Photoshopping is where we lack the most? True, the themes usually tend to get a better crop of entries, but I would have a hard time saying that our photoshopping LACKS anything.

We some funny muthafarkers. Yo.
2002-03-20 10:28:49 AM  
AntiNorm - "France Surrenders" is related cos' the fool who wrote the artice name checked it.
2002-03-20 10:29:11 AM  

Broughton HS? I'm c/o 1986.
2002-03-20 10:29:27 AM  
I read that bit too. I know, a lot of people will just slap the kitty in the pic or switch soemthing out or some other brainless crap, but there are some really funny entries too. You gotta take the good with the bad.
2002-03-20 10:39:06 AM  

That was a bullshiat call and you know it.

I'm almost proud of my school newspaper now. Almost.

But they also let bullshiat like this get through (pardon my laziness for not making this a link)
2002-03-20 10:57:42 AM  

Other side of Campus. I went to Athens. It was hideous.
2002-03-20 10:59:53 AM  
Another clueless article completely missing the point.

Oh, and before this creates a whole new crop of whiners, remember... Moderators don't choose articles or headlines. Admins do that.

It only takes one article to destroy months of conditioning.
2002-03-20 11:08:06 AM  
All dirt roads lead to Raleigh....
2002-03-20 11:20:37 AM  

I agree, your HS sucked. I did date a girl there once and she proved that theory pretty well.
2002-03-20 12:17:30 PM  
I bet FARK last longer than this retarded site.
2002-03-20 12:35:00 PM  
Another case of a college student reading somebody else's article, then paraphrasing it and calling it their own.
2002-03-20 12:45:54 PM  
*shrugs* It just depends on what college you go to at NC State. I'm in Physical and Mathematical Sciences, which keeps me away from the redneck crowd for the most part. It's a great school, and you don't have to deal with quite as many liberal nutjobs as you would at, say, a UNC-CH.

Dude, you must not have spent much time here. Little more than a glorified community college? Just what did you study?

As for the people who work for the paper...I've already given up all hope for them.
2002-03-20 01:08:58 PM  
NC State sucks, maybe the refs were right and UConn did deserve to win.

At least they didn't talk trash about Fark.
2002-03-20 01:10:21 PM  
Come to think of it, I'm willing to bet this is the most traffic that piddly-a$$ Technician website has ever gotten.

Cheap publicity stunt.
2002-03-20 01:20:57 PM  
State is a good college for my major...Broadcast COmmunications...not to mention that the radio station is all Hardcore/Metal/Punk...only problem with the school is that te Guy to Girl ratio is 7 to 1....but you have the Chapel Hill chicks just down the street (nice to look at, but dont talk to them)
2002-03-20 01:23:30 PM  
State is a good college for my major...Broadcast COmmunications...not to mention that the radio station is all Hardcore/Metal/Punk...only problem with the school is that te Guy to Girl ratio is 7 to 1....but you have the Chapel Hill chicks just down the street (nice to look at, but dont talk to them)....NC State didnt really complain about the UCONN game either...I thiink its pretty damn impressive that a team predicted to be last in the ACC this year, and have their coach fired, managed to have their best record since Jimmy V. and make the NCAA's with a 7 seed.
2002-03-20 01:45:46 PM  
You think NC State sucks? I graduated from Western Carolina University, whose whole purpose in existing is to balance out the fact there's an East Carolina University...
2002-03-20 01:50:20 PM  
State does kindof suck. The Engineering school is pretty good (so is Phys and Math Sciences), but the university as a whole suffers because of the people they HAVE to let in (as a land grant school) into the humanities, and the farmers they let into agriculture. You can truely get the dumbest rednecks in NC wandering campus with some of the brightest engineers and scientists around.

And lets not forget- ACC school, so if you can dribble you don't have to know how to read.
2002-03-20 02:50:10 PM  
"Like so many sites before it, unfortunately, FARK may soon self-destruct."

Now that I'm in like Flynn, close registration and kick off a few people too , like those with names that rhyme with Sharmonia.....
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