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(   Attention prosecutors: plying your informants with drugs and prostitutes is a good way to get your convictions overturned on appeal   ( divider line
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2002-03-20 09:31:17 AM  
Sounds like a great deal. I'll be a witness for or against anyone for anything with incentives like that? Any lawyers out there need some help?
2002-03-20 09:31:32 AM  
Tell me about it.
2002-03-20 09:48:44 AM  
Expert testimony on insurance claims available here--

Will perjure self for blowjobs.
2002-03-20 09:53:19 AM  
Slight topic tangent:

If you know of a pretty large company - let's say a telecom company that's been around for 150 years or so - that deliberately witheld end-of-year payments in an attempt to cook the books and artificially inflate their revenue, who do you report it to? Can it be done anonymously, like the IRS whistleblower thing?
2002-03-20 11:06:18 AM  
Diogenes: You don't report it to anyone until I've had time to sell my AT&T stock.

Fifth post! WOOT!
2002-03-20 11:20:49 AM  
those lawyers are so smart.
2002-03-20 11:37:43 AM  
What does the PSA stand for ?
2002-03-20 12:23:42 PM  
PSA is Public Service Announcement. (read the FarQ)

It might get overturned, but how many confessions does this technique elicit?

I'd admit to being the Boston Strangler for a good BJ ..
2002-03-20 12:33:22 PM  
Those dudes are gonna get out eventually and that is when some heads will roll.
If you are gonna narc on someone, you better make sure they are serving life, otherwise you undoubtedly have a bulls eye on your head with the big mouth that you should have kept shut in the first place.
2002-03-20 01:32:11 PM  
You might have a bulls eye on your head, even with them in jail. The best method, don't rat on people.
2002-03-20 02:18:07 PM  
Heres what I got.

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No, I will not. Evil cookie monsters.
2002-03-20 08:56:15 PM  
I hear ya Irascible!

Screwiest HTML/Cookie code I have seen in months!
2002-03-26 02:50:50 PM  
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