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24916 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Mar 2002 at 2:24 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-20 06:58:40 PM  
Great bird spirit say: Man who quote oompah-loompahs in tribal council sleep standing on head in pig pen for week, ten days.
2002-03-20 07:00:53 PM  
Mythago, I think what these guys and, myself personally, are looking for is someone with whom sex can be a special act between the two of them. It certainly doesn't have to be in the context of marriage, but knowing the person to the degree where there is some actual passion in the sexual relationship (as opposed to simple lust) is the goal here. I'm sure you'd find the sex to be better if you gave your relationships a little time to develop before jumping in the sack/backseat/airport restroom.
2002-03-20 07:03:14 PM  
Oh shut up
2002-03-20 07:04:55 PM  
Jeff, are you humor-impaired today or deliberately missing the point?

I'm not mocking people who prefer "commited" sex. I'm mocking people who carefully draw their lines so they are the Golden Mean. Insist on stricter standards than they do, like marriage, and you're a fool or a prude; have looser standards, and you're a slut who probably isn't having very good sex anyway.

Or, if you're still not following: People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
2002-03-20 07:09:31 PM  
What an ass. So a girl has had some sex. Using sexual experience as a measuring stick for sizing up women -- even using it to say that one wants a virginal type because that must mean she's more "moral" -- is the same as that old "what's that mass of flesh attached to a pussy?" joke. It ignores the rest of the person.

It's cool that most of the guys here recognize that he's a dick though. I fully expected to find 200+ posts of "Yep, the dude's right. They're all filthy sluts." I was pleasantly surprised by most of the responses.

I hope the few guys who are talking shiat on this board meet a smart, beautiful, funny, caring, loving, nurturing, sweet goddess who happens to have been with a few other guys before they met, so they can find out what is really important.
2002-03-20 07:20:31 PM  
I'm sure you'd find the sex to be better if you gave your relationships a little time to develop before jumping in the sack/backseat/airport restroom.

You missed Airplane restroom. Comitted sex anywhere doesn't compare with the feel of something new.
2002-03-20 07:22:09 PM  
how the fark do you make the italics work?
2002-03-20 07:22:51 PM  
oh, with the >< symbols not the ][
2002-03-20 07:27:31 PM  
TurdL, you know that guys who post snippy comments about how sex is sooo much better when you're IN LUV either a) haven't had much sex or b) haven't had sex with anyone other than a few women, with whom they convinced themselves they were IN LUV so they didn't feel guilty about doing the deed.
2002-03-20 07:38:23 PM  
Trollops? Floozies?! What time machine did this guy fly in on?

This thread is interesting -- I expected a few more people who agreed with this a$$wipe. Good to see so many open minds around here. That's what I like about Fark -- as someone said, you "keep your minds open, but not so open that your brains fall out."

This moron did drop one line that sorta made sense within all the cr@p -- the idea of women being a civilizing force for men. I don't agree with it in the way he says -- all that business about women using sex as a control -- but rather in a nicer way. My dad mentioned this very thing a while back. He believes that without women around, men would be savages. He uses the violence reputedly going on in the "Wild" West, when the ratio of men to women was huge. He says men were shooting and killing everything in sight. When women came in, schools, churches and businesses other than bars and whorehouses were built. Think about it, guys? How many of you are more polite when women are present? I swear like a sailor, but I personally like it when men apologize for swearing around me. I consider it a sign of respect.

As far as everything else this guy said, PFHHT. He's an idiot. I have sex because I like it. A lot. This guy has a problem with that? He thinks women should deny their urges for dignity's sake, while men can do whatever they want? Tough $#!+. Maybe when he finally gets some, he'll feel differently. BTW, what woman p!ssed in his Cheerios?
2002-03-20 07:41:03 PM  
All I really require is an elegant, ravishing, witty, tasteful, and charming woman in company, and an absolute foul mouthed, sweaty, scratching, gushing, and thrashing whore in bed.
2002-03-20 07:42:52 PM  
Oh please. If having an orgasm is the most important thing to you, then congratulations! Things must be terribly easy for you. However, wanting more from a relationship does not mean you've got some sort of fear of sex or even that your inexperienced. For some people who haven't become too terribly bitter and cynical with long-term relationships, there just happens to be a much more rewarding experience to be pursued than blowing your damn load.
2002-03-20 07:45:45 PM  
Trollops? Floozies?! What time machine did this guy fly in on?

I'd expect that kind of thinking... FROM A HARLOTT!

2002-03-20 07:48:04 PM  
Max Load, that was brilliant. I believe I'll paint that on the side of my house.
2002-03-20 08:01:45 PM  
Keep your moral high ground in your pants, buddy boy.
2002-03-20 08:16:27 PM  
(3) The costs of sex have rapidly declined.

Woo hoo!

Seriously, though, I can't buy into any opinion piece that quotes the Oompa Loompas.
2002-03-20 08:25:40 PM  
Only the naive believe love and sex and commitment are related. The wise know it is just a game anyway and that venereal diseases, abortions, bastards, broken families, and multiple divorces are the trappings of an intelligent, sophisticated people.
2002-03-20 08:32:10 PM  
Seriously, though, I can't buy into any opinion piece that quotes the Oompa Loompas.

Oompa Loompa Doobity Doo
I've Got a perfect puzzle for you
Oompa Loompa doompety dee
If you listen it won't burn when you pee

What do you get when you have too much sex
Your hymen is as extinct as tyrannosaurus-rex
It may seem innocent, the occasional hump
But what do you make of that genital bump
(I don't like the look of it)

Oompa Loompa doompety dee
Oh my god it's an STD!
Now you've got some discharge too
Looks like Oompa Loompa Goobity Goo!
Goobity Goo!
2002-03-20 08:37:45 PM  
who keeps posting this retarded shiat? and why does it get through? i'd be surprised if we read much more from that twat tho, it probably takes too long to ride in on his horse'n'buggy.
2002-03-20 08:38:05 PM  
Women are like monkeys,

they don't let go of the first vine,

until they have a firm grasp on the next.
2002-03-20 08:41:32 PM  
Jws755: I absolutely respect your right to believe what you want to believe, and I'm not trying to change your mind in the least. My point, admittedly a harsh one, was that "declining morality" is more myth than fact. Looking back at it I realize my post was a little scatterbrained and I didn't really complete my thought: I think many of the "immoral" things that people do today were done back then as well. The only difference is that as a society we've progressed to the stage of being able to talk about it openly, rather than repress it. For every negative consequence you may perceive, there is also a positive one. For instance, now that sex is openly discussed in our society, pornography has increased. Some consider that bad because they believe it's immoral. But conversely, rape victims are also more likely to come forward to accuse their attacker. And I think all would consider that good, with the exception of serial rapists perhaps. You take the bad with the good, and I think society's still ahead of the curve.

I guess the concept of "immorality" strikes a nerve with me for two reasons, the first being that it's so often tied to lack of religion, and the second being that morality is in the eye of the beholder and is therefore a judgement. If you were to say that I'm immoral, that's a judgement call. And there is only one person in my life that I allow to pass judgement on me. And His name is Frank Stallone.
2002-03-20 08:47:05 PM  
Sexmitten: save yourself the trouble in the future. Anyone who believes the church can solve society's problems isn't going to see the light anytime soon. He's not worth arguing with.

(Yes, I just ended that sentence with a preposition and I'm damn proud of it)
2002-03-20 08:53:31 PM  
My favorite women:


"I smoke, I'm overweight, I have the morals of an alleycat, I cuss and drink like a sailor, I have 2 "tats," and I love my piercings. I hate religion and any kind mind-numbing orthodoxy and I love all that counterculture sex-stuff!"
"How come some nice guy doesn't want to marry me? All I get are assholes!"
2002-03-20 08:56:46 PM  
LOL, Shuh! I just wish you exaggerating.
2002-03-20 08:57:14 PM  
Dave_bsr: i remember a thread or two ago someone mourned not being able to have sex with a virgin, ever.

Sex with virgin == boring.

Maybe not for the Virgin, though.
2002-03-20 09:05:09 PM  
The truth is that women actually lose power by becoming tramps. When they give away one of their main sources of bargaining power in a relationship - sex - men gain total power by achieving everything they sex with no obligation.

You're not supposed to TELL them this. Doh!
2002-03-20 09:06:21 PM  
Something tells me this guy is one step away from coming out of the closet. Isn't there a joke about a whore is a chick who sleeps with everyone and a slut is a chick who sleeps with everyone but you?

I was a Republican in college, and I didn't act anything like this. I was after as much poon as I could get. Of course, my underdeveloped social skills and poor taste in clothes and music (Howard Jones, f'r crissakes?) kept the female population safe from my ravages.
2002-03-20 09:24:47 PM  
Hmm, I stopped at #2 when I realized he was gonna go on a rant about G to the O to the muthafarkin' D.
2002-03-20 09:37:40 PM  
I don't think I'm the only one who isn't FARKING complaining
2002-03-20 09:43:02 PM  
Did nobody else notice the priceless pun in the first paragraph, when he mentioned "the main thrust" of courses on the sexual liberation of women?
2002-03-20 09:49:19 PM  

Good point - did you notice as well his complete lack of historical perspective ("In an earlier era, ...")? HA-ha. hmm. or is that "lack of a complete historical perspective".. damn dislexicity.

btw, he looks like that guy playing Owen Wilson's cokehead friend in the royal tenenbaums. or his brother. creepily so!
2002-03-20 09:57:40 PM  
Oh I get the connection. Two guys that look alike.
That's something special, hold on to it.
2002-03-20 09:58:08 PM  
Raunchola: Yeah, I was thinking that every time i saw his face..."hey! that guy looks like Scott Stapp." I don't think Stapp holds his views, though...

I am also suprised that i didn't get flamed quite a lot more than I did...more faith in Fark from me i guess. To clarify myself a bit: Yeah, this guy is retarded when he claims that women have to make up for men's inability to control themselves, and that it is the woman's fault(!!!) that people have sex. Guys have been stupid for so long i guess this guy doesn't realize they should do better.

But - i do think it is sad where a lot of my friends are now, because they did have sex with just about anyone, and they got really hurt. Sometimes it pays to think about it a bit..and maybe not have sex, given the chance. (Duh, you know all that i know...well most of y'all.)

And yeah, I know that sex with a virgin might be relatively boring...but if it's _your_ first time, too, then apply the following proverb: "Tremendous enthusiasm can usually make up for a lack of experience, at least in the short term." dont' know where i heard it, but its true.
2002-03-20 10:07:39 PM  
Jefftmbg -- you spelled it wrong. It's actually Harlot ;-)
2002-03-20 10:10:47 PM  
In an earlier era.. these biatches had some MORALS! woope.
2002-03-20 10:11:50 PM  
shiat, that was intended to have an img src of
2002-03-20 10:24:58 PM  
Are you collectively retarded? Every woman who has posted a comment has said he is blaming women and giving a free ride to men. Go read the rest of his columns. He is saying people are responsible for their own actions and the actions they are taking are weaking them and society. In fact, I think it's the theme of every farking one of his columns (there are some others that are amusing). Also it makes you look bad when the only thing you say about someone is "You must not be getting any because you are a loser" or to question their sexuality. I don't agree with this guy a bit but half of your arguments should have embrarassed yourself.

Maybe I blame women too because the most retarded posts came from the women who said they should be able to have sex with whomever they please -- his point is that you do, and the way in which you exercise that right makes you weak in his eyes. It devalues you in the same way it devalues the men who make that decision. In his next column, he clarified the responsibility of men.

Whatever. I'm a pretty decently liberal and don't agree with this guy. Just because you dont agree with someone doesnt mean they "arent getting any" or are "gay."

"Mythago wrote:
TurdL, you know that guys who post snippy comments about how sex is sooo much better when you're IN LUV either a) haven't had much sex or b) haven't had sex with anyone other than a few women, with whom they convinced themselves they were IN LUV so they didn't feel guilty about doing the deed."

That depressed me. You make it seem like its naive to think that making love feels better when you are in love. You obviously have never been in love.
2002-03-20 10:44:24 PM  
this guy's been watching too many pornos
2002-03-20 10:51:44 PM  
I agree with the first few points, but once it gets to the church thing it dies. And the closing argument sucks.

2002-03-20 11:03:46 PM  
To the couple who quoted me and/or made derogatory comments about me: I stated my opinion, explained why I felt that way, and did so in a proper manner. If you cannot hold a civil discussion about a topic that is obviously very controversial, I suggest you stay out of it or go learn some manners.

Putting people down because of their views does not make you look better than them. I in no way implied that I am better than anyone. I implied and specifically STATED that I like CLEAN GIRLS. If liking clean girls makes you feel beneath me, that is obviously a personal problem on your end.
2002-03-20 11:13:43 PM  
Hey, I don't have a problem with this fact. I'm going to college in a year.

But then again, it's hard to hold any type of close relationship with a girl like that. I just can't get close to a girl who doesn't respect her own sexuality enough to refrain from screwing every guy she meets.
2002-03-20 11:31:01 PM  
I have to go with comments like those of
03-20-02 03:47:21 PM Random Rampage
03-20-02 04:25:07 PM Hazed_blue.

Oh, and 'Yes', this guy is such an arrogant ass he makes me look nice.
But then, there is nothing more insufferable than someone who is right.
There is a growing breed of woman out there who think that equality means they now have license to be as bad as the worst of men.
Some act like they deserve to have the added rights of equality without the added responsibilities. Like they have, somehow, earned the powers traditionally bestowed upon men, while insisting on retaining the perogatives traditionally reserved for 'the weaker sex'. Not! You sisters now have to be honest, accountable, rational, productive, stedfast and honorable. (Sucks, dosen't it?)
An entire generation of women, and men, are being raised with riches and freedoms, but no mores, morals or ethics. Yes, many of the old rules and practices were bad and wrong. "If something is broken, fix it now!" But do not abandon all rules without any replacement. "If it ain't broke, leave it the hell alone!" This has become a society severely lacking in manners. Without manners all that is left is strength against strength in a chaotic melee. Right now, women have the upper hand. "We have half the money and all the pussy!" And, they are having a fun time with it. A woman's beauty can be a terrible and easily misused strength. Soon, I expect, men will tire of being gentleman-victoms and retaliate with their strength. Why should men continue to be gentlemen when women will not be ladies?
2002-03-20 11:53:07 PM  
Two words for you people: Camille Paglia.

She might disagree with his methodology, but his conclusions are pretty similar. A woman has every right and responsibility to flaunt it and use it to get what she wants, but she's a fool if she gives it away. And when she finally realizes she does indeed want marriage, she's going to regret her actions...
2002-03-21 12:00:34 AM  
Can the moral high ground ever be reclaimed? Perhaps¡¦one church pew at a time.

Eh, what's to say that bringing these girls into church is going to change their ways? The way I see it, there would just be more sex (heterosexual, that is) in the church than there is now.
2002-03-21 12:06:13 AM  
Joseph J. Sabia must take it in the ass. Just my thoughts.
2002-03-21 12:19:53 AM  
look, I hardly think there is anyone (well, there are some, but I doubt they've put much thought into it) here arguing that completely reckless, no-meaning-at-all, just-an-animal-act sex is any good at all. I'm certainly not, and I think this guy is a dangerous buffoon. (Well, only dangerous if the people with power would listen to him. Which fortunately, they won't - on this issue anyway.

But he demeans the entire human race by his argument - first, that men in general are basically barbaric maroons willing to stick it in any available orifice, and secondly that women are somehow responsible for behavior taken on jointly by themselves and by men. Both of these arguments are pernicious and silly, and neither deserves any better hearing than it got from even the most juvenile "d00d thi5 guy is teh ghey" comment above.

the argument here isn't about whether casual sex is, on balance, a stupid decision for all involved. We all know it is - time to move on. The point is that this guy has reached that conclusion by patently ridiculous means (actually, declaredly irrational means, if you're willing to give faith as much weight in his excuse for an argument as he does), and that in the process of reaching a somewhat-almost-right conclusion for completely the wrong reasons, has managed to disparage both men and women on a grand scale.

No one's made at this clown for saying people should be careful about sex. We're pissed at him for being such an asshole about it, especially when his foundation is so utterly lacking.
2002-03-21 12:21:22 AM  
jebus, my typing skills have gone all to hell. Time to go to sleep...
2002-03-21 12:27:07 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

what's he looking at?
2002-03-21 12:30:12 AM  
By the way, the technical term for what this guy has is called a 'HANG UP'
2002-03-21 12:39:09 AM  
Nanookanano, I must say...
A-fscking-MEN! Chivalry is dead and trollops (favorite new word) killed it.
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