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24916 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Mar 2002 at 2:24 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-20 04:20:59 PM  
VeggieGut: tough break, bro

2002-03-20 04:21:48 PM  
I'm at 43. And I'm male.

i'm the living antithesis to his every argument.
2002-03-20 04:22:01 PM  
"I go to MSU, one of the biggest drinking schools in the country"

Yeah, yeah, EVERYONE's university is the biggest drinking/party/whore/etc. school in the country.
2002-03-20 04:22:44 PM  

Yeah, it's rough.. :P

Actually, I would rather not have the bar whores because the girls I've met are far more interesting.
2002-03-20 04:23:16 PM  
Jws755: that whole "chastity" thing seems to be working just fine for the Catholic church these days, doesn't it.

The world SEEMS like a less moral place today because we're so much more in tune with it than we were 50 years ago. We know what's happening around the globe in an instant thanks to this here intar-web.

Fifty years ago, our government put all Japanese-Americans in camps because it didn't trust its own citizens - and most of the population agreed with the decision. On September 12, 2001, every newspaper editor in the nation ran a story warning of the dangers of stereotyping all Arab-Americans.

You can have your good old fashioned values. I'll keep them in mind if I run out of toilet paper.
2002-03-20 04:23:54 PM  
This article is the worst case of blue balls ever put into print.
2002-03-20 04:25:07 PM  
Little winded, little lost in his rhetoric. But I can agree with him. Fine, call me old-fashioned, well, old-fashioned in that sense at least. Yeah, no shiat Zumba, of course it's generalized... when you approach any kind of social issue, generalizations are going to happen. Same will go for my post, it is generalized, I know this doesn't apply to everyone. But he does bring up an interesting point... since when have we been valuing our liberation based on sexual encounters? To me that just doesn't make sense. I personally think that "sleeping around" does alot of damage to you in the end, both physically and psycologically. Now saying that, I know that I've alienated about 97% of the people who read this stuff, but hey...

I also don't think he was claiming that men have no part in this problem, the main point of this artcile to explore the issue from the single x-chromosome side of things. Just limiting the scope, it's a writing process, not necassarily an underhanded tactic. That's why he goes out of his way to say "Young men are awful and they have gotten worse over the years. And let me be clear - young men are responsible for their own behavior." The point is that men have been assholes concerning this facet of society for a long while. (I can say that, right? I mean, I'm a guy...) What's startling (and what he's specifically addressing) is the fact that there's this new trend of women who not only feel that they gain power both socially and emotionally by sleeping around, but that it's necassary in order for you to be liberated from the patriacal society...
That's just sad if you ask me. In all these happenings, sex is becoming something you use. Even a century ago, sex was a sacrifice, you giving yourself to someone else. Nowadays, it's you using your partner for pleasure. Making love is not supposed to be a recreational sport.

I may be one of the lone voices in saying that, but that's truly how I feel.

(digs heels in for the you're not gettin' any jokes)
2002-03-20 04:25:09 PM  

damn, I got ripped off. :(
2002-03-20 04:25:40 PM  

Actually, MSU was second in the country in drinking arrests as recently as 2000.

Doubt me next time, farker.
2002-03-20 04:25:44 PM  
Sex is not bad.
Or Dirty, or filthy, or unnatural. What is wrong with these people? If you don't like the sex, don't have the sex.
2002-03-20 04:26:16 PM  
"Why are women "whores" and "sluts" while men are just being men? Aren't men unpaid whores too (or at least wish they could be)?"

Women are considered whores when they engage in promiscious activity not because of an oppressive, patriarchal regime, but purely because of bio-anthropological reasons.

When a man engages in non-commital sex, he risks losing nothing (leave STDS out of this one, I'm going somewhere :)). In a primal world, he does stand to gain, however, a child. Care for the child is irrelevant to him, because why spend years which could be spent having virtually dozens of children, out of which one would guess that at least 1/5th would survive just with their mother, pampering just one individual fruit of the loins which could turn out to be deficient in someway and therefor useless in terms of reproduction?

The woman, on the other hand, can have only one child at an extended amount of time. Being promiscuous gains her nothing...being monogamous guarantees her a degree of care and safety for her child which can't be provided through simple booty calls.

Society often, if not always, creates its ideals and morals around things that are healthy for it, and condemns as deviant those that aren't. Therefor, it seems obvious that our society would call women who get it on a lot sluts, and yet condone, if not encourage men who engage in the same activity. Whether or not this is RIGHT is irrelevant; it's the way it is. I would expect that these morals will gradually change with the introduction of birth control, and in an enviroment where exclusively brawn and wits no longer dictate survival. Unfortunately, they're not going to change fast enough for some more enlightened women, which is shiatty, but true.
2002-03-20 04:26:53 PM  
Spoken like a fellow who everyone knows as a tiny little penis. Don't worry, bucko, Jeebus loves you, even if the whores snicker at your miget equipment and the rest of the unwashed heathen think you're a prize winning jerk.
2002-03-20 04:28:46 PM  
He's really not like this in private, I bet. I'm sure he has a nice supply of cockrings, dildos, and leather whips in a safe in his office.
2002-03-20 04:29:16 PM  
State sucks.
2002-03-20 04:30:04 PM  
ok - before anyone wastes any more breath: I go to the same school as this guy. this link is the website version of the most asinine (haven't figured out how to paste tags yet. . .) publication on campus. joe sabia is a complete tool, in the most severe sense of the word, and you should not waste your breath even talking about him. the motto of the damn paper is 'WE DO NOT APOLOGIZE', so don't expect to get anywhere with him if you even bother emailing him. (though i wouldn't stop you from subscribing him to gay porn mailing lists: j­js­10­[nospam-﹫-backwards]ll­enr­oc­*edu)
last year, some of his buddies were caught chalking stuff outside the african-themed dorm to tear it down and other racist crap. half this campus recycles the cornell review before bothering to read it, the other half reads it, laughs, and then proceeds to wipe it's collective asses with it before recycling it. if you want further demonstration of what jackoffs joe sabia and his cronies are, just peruse the site a little more.
2002-03-20 04:30:45 PM  

So does U of M and this guy, so let's not fight.
2002-03-20 04:30:49 PM  
Girls think they control the world just because they have a vagina between their legs.
2002-03-20 04:31:42 PM  
I hate these church fuks. Let's keep equating morals with church! Because only Jeebus can give us morals, right?
2002-03-20 04:34:45 PM  
I think any person that uses the excuse "But I was druuuuunk!" to justify stupid behaviour is a sad, pathetic little person, boy or girl.

Promiscuous sex is well and good.

However to think that people can engage in promiscuous sex without any consequences is simple sophistry at best and outright lying at worst.

Every action has a consequence, whether it be the frustration of monogamy or the empty feeling that happens when he/she doesn't call back after a one-nighter.

Shawn Pickrell
2002-03-20 04:34:52 PM  
many are paid in the long run, they do attend college to get their MRS. degree
2002-03-20 04:35:15 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-20 04:35:53 PM  
Sajct69: Sorry to hear you couldn't get into a good school...
2002-03-20 04:37:10 PM  
VeggieGuy, Agreed. This guy couldn't suck more.
2002-03-20 04:37:12 PM  
This should have been:
2002-03-20 04:37:29 PM  
There is an article posted on Total Fark from Drew that says Fark is shutting down for good.

Can anyone confirm or deny this rumor?

2002-03-20 04:37:31 PM  
bass555 - what's that supposed to mean? only him and two dozen others are like that. the rest of us are tree-huggin hippies. . .at least we're good a hockey.
2002-03-20 04:38:04 PM  
i'm from europe and even there MSU is notorious for it's party life.
2002-03-20 04:38:08 PM  
I'll try that again:

[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-20 04:40:15 PM  
Sajct69: just giving a fellow Ivy Leaguer some crap, all in good fun, if not good taste
2002-03-20 04:41:41 PM  
I got into Brown...then I pissed on the acceptance letter. fark brown, what a shiat school.
2002-03-20 04:43:13 PM  

Was that pun intentional?
2002-03-20 04:44:41 PM  
bass555: good fun, good taste; it's all good! now if i could just get over my crippling harvard-related inferiority complex. . .
2002-03-20 04:48:41 PM  
What color is shiat? *answer amongst yourselves*
2002-03-20 04:50:18 PM  
You know what's funny is that he actually had one or two good points in there, but it was so hard to find them mixed in with the 400 shovel loads of crap.
2002-03-20 04:50:29 PM  
I like my women to be virginal sluts

2002-03-20 04:50:49 PM  
The same color as a Cornell girl's tongue?
2002-03-20 04:53:29 PM  
"last year, some of his buddies were caught chalking stuff outside the african-themed dorm to tear it down and other racist crap."

How is wanting to tear down an african-themed dorm racist?
2002-03-20 04:56:37 PM  
I do like the part about feminism having been hijacked...
At least he isn't blaming pokemon for 911
2002-03-20 04:58:05 PM  
Tenn.Buck: because it was Rhodesia, circa 1935
2002-03-20 04:58:38 PM  
That headline is such BULLshiat! I'm not a college girl, but I AM an unpaid whore!
2002-03-20 04:58:46 PM  
What a dicksmack. He should find a Rules Girl and slither out into the sunset. Oh yeah, the chick who wrote The Rules got a divorce, so I guess that rhetoric didn't work so well.

I had to deal with idiots like this when I worked on my college newspaper. The columnists would come in with all of their lofty ideas and bad grammar, and we would all just print it to fill up the editorial space, and laugh at them.

This guy got dumped hard by his True Love, and she went off and farked his best friend or some shiat like that.
2002-03-20 05:00:19 PM  
I got to this point in the article...

"(2) Young women have turned away from God."

...and realised I was reading the rantings of a madman. I wish him good luck in attempting to shape the world into his ideal religious fantasy where nudity and sex are bad.

religious nutbag.
2002-03-20 05:00:36 PM  
TennesseeBuck: i had a feeling someone was gonna call me on that. basically their take on the whole thing was that the selection for people living in that dorm was based on race, which it isn't, at all. that particular dorm just happens to be occupied by a significant proportion of people of african descent because those tend to be the people who want to involve themselves in african-themed things. what it ended up boiling down to was that they were very pissed that there isn't a matching dorm for white people, so instead of proposing that, they did those chalkings. it seemed racist to me because any research on the matter would have quickly shown that there really wasn't an issue where they were making one. plus the cornell review doesn't like black people in general.
2002-03-20 05:00:48 PM  
Ugh, a chronic case of mistagging. Don't use "amusing" unless the article is actually such. This guy is either "interesting" or "asinine" depending on your viewpoint.
2002-03-20 05:00:52 PM  
"Put down your crack pipe and pick up your bible."

Can't I do both?

jesus lubs me...
2002-03-20 05:01:31 PM  

So, if the title of the article is, "College Girls : Unpaid Whores", then am I to believe that this gentleman's biggest beef is that these girls are not getting paid for being sluts?
The guy has a point. These women should "empower themselves" even more by insisting that there is proper compensation for "giving up the pink".
It would also prepare these naive college boys for life later on, where whoring, in one form or another, is commonplace.

biatch, where's my money!

2002-03-20 05:11:23 PM  
However to think that people can engage in promiscuous sex without any consequences is simple sophistry at best and outright lying at worst.

ALL sex, promiscuous or otherwise (and who defines promiscuity?) has actual and potential consequences. Anyone who does not accept and prepare for this has no business being out in the world without adult supervision.
2002-03-20 05:11:46 PM  
"But why is it liberating for a college-age woman to jump into bed with a man that is not her husband? Why is it freeing to become intoxicated and to hook-up with anonymous frat guys? Why is it an expression of equal rights to give into men's animalistic instincts?"

-- 'cause the man's not married
-- 'cause they can afford to buy the beers
-- damn, always the woman's fault. I'm sure if we never
gave in, they'd never have animalistic instincts
2002-03-20 05:13:11 PM  
Where I am from we call a guy like this a TOOL!

This guy is the biggest pseudo-intellectual I've seen in a long time. He actually wears his pompousness on his face for the world to see. The kind of guy who your frend would crouch behind while you push him over, and then he would get a bunch of college degrees and become some kind of power broker, attorney, politician and crave the kind of financial/political authority to try and impress everybody.

I pity this man's children and wife if he ever gets laid!
2002-03-20 05:15:54 PM  
sorry this is a test... if it works then I would like to say this guy is an idiot:

[image from too old to be available]
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