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(   Teachers forced to quit after they show Mel Brooks' "History of the World Part 1" to special ed students   ( divider line
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10307 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Mar 2002 at 11:49 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-20 11:51:01 AM  
2002-03-20 11:51:35 AM  
That movie taught me about history.

And Fark taught me about politics.
2002-03-20 11:52:24 AM  
Its good to be the king..
2002-03-20 11:52:57 AM  
I'm trying really really hard to remember any nudity in this film.
2002-03-20 11:52:59 AM  
Hmmm....My Physics teacher showed us most of the Monthy Python line but she never got fired. Interesting.
2002-03-20 11:53:03 AM  
man, what would have been the punishment for showing one of Mel Brooks' bad movies?
2002-03-20 11:53:36 AM  
Blasphemy, that film is Brooks classic, second only to Blazing Saddles.
2002-03-20 11:54:26 AM  
C,mon! They were special retarded children that probably got a good laugh out of it. Fascists.
2002-03-20 11:54:40 AM  
You flunked flank? Get the flunk outta here!
2002-03-20 11:54:53 AM  
The jig is up for those two!
2002-03-20 11:54:53 AM  
Mongo likes chocolates!
2002-03-20 11:55:11 AM  
It's Count DeMonet!
2002-03-20 11:55:37 AM  
Maybe it was the second feature in class that day the teacher showed, Caligula?
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-20 11:56:16 AM  
I agree with Ironbar. A true classic.

I don't remember any nudity in this one. Lots of clevage shots in the "French Revolution" bit and one chick does rip her top to show the king but she's still fully covered.
2002-03-20 11:56:21 AM  
The teachers got fired for having no taste. ;)
2002-03-20 11:56:23 AM  
2002-03-20 11:56:35 AM  
My french teacher in high school showed us a version of romeo and juliet with boobies.... i wish that b.tch wouldve gotten fired for it.
2002-03-20 11:56:40 AM  
Hey, aren't these kids supposed to be learning something while in school rather than watching movies? This is the real problem, not the content.
2002-03-20 11:56:54 AM  
they Need to show them Transformers:The Movie, why?.... becuase i say so
2002-03-20 11:56:54 AM  
The nude scene is when what's his face, Gregory Hines (?), popped a hard on through the feathers. Great scene. Were there others?
2002-03-20 11:57:29 AM  
That's Headley!
2002-03-20 11:57:47 AM  
My retard wants to watch a movie.
Let my retard watch that damn movie.
2002-03-20 11:58:07 AM  
It has nothing to do with nudity. Teachers can't show R-rated movies in their classes (alot of kids under 17 and all that) without parental permission. At least, that's how it was when I was growing up AND when I was teaching...
2002-03-20 11:58:30 AM  
Sloan Roach



Easy humor for the simple-minded. Discuss.
2002-03-20 11:58:32 AM  
This can't be twue.
2002-03-20 11:58:33 AM  
It's good ta be da king.
2002-03-20 12:01:03 PM  
Movies in school? Can not comprehend.
2002-03-20 12:01:53 PM  
It was either that or another damned trip to McDonald's.
2002-03-20 12:02:35 PM  
It's got an 'R' rating, but I'll bet money (de-mon-EY) you could show that on late night cable now & not cut one scene
2002-03-20 12:02:44 PM  
Here's the problem: a 20-year old R-rated movie would often be PG-13 if it were released as a new film today.
2002-03-20 12:03:00 PM  
This is sofa king we todd it.
2002-03-20 12:03:00 PM  
I saw the Zifferelli R&J with boobies in high school, too.

It's a sad world where 17-year-old can shoot themselves with handguns but can't see a Mel Brooks movie. Or have bread knives.
2002-03-20 12:03:37 PM  
It's Count da Money! DE MONET!!!


Oh and Jclark666: The closest thing to nudity in that movie was the soldiers' bare butts when the Empress was doing that, um, inspection.

heheh...le garcon de piss....
2002-03-20 12:03:55 PM  
You also have the monkeymen at the beginning of the movie jerking off to Also Sprach Zarathustra. Dunno if that counts as nudity, per se, but there you go
2002-03-20 12:04:20 PM  
Althought not technically developmentally disabled, I was nonetheless forced to endure the sight of Richard Harris being swung about by his tits in "A Man Called Horse." I would have to qualify that moment as being the nadir of my public school education.
2002-03-20 12:05:12 PM  
Our English techer took us to see "Monty Python and Holy Grail" when it first came out. She didn't have clue it was, well, Monty Python...We just said . Hey Take us to that movie about King Arthur!!! I'll never forget her with her hand over her face shaking her head walking slowly back to the lobby. Funny thing, she didn't get in trouble about it at all...the 70's were
2002-03-20 12:05:16 PM  
Knight takes Queen!
Pawn takes Queen!
Rook takes Queen!

2002-03-20 12:05:27 PM  
This just isn't right! That is a damn good flick!
2002-03-20 12:05:28 PM  
good lord
2002-03-20 12:06:35 PM  
Should have shown Monty Pythion's "Life of Brian" and told them it was the REAL story.

2002-03-20 12:06:40 PM  
Candygram for Mongo.
2002-03-20 12:07:29 PM  
I had a teacher in highschool that showed us:


And quite a few other movies that I can't remember right now. I remember that she showed one about lesbianism too, because everyone thought it was odd that a closet lesbian would show something like that.
2002-03-20 12:08:53 PM  
The rating should have said sexual content then. We saw no actual weeners or boobies in this thing. We saw Gregory Hines' feather from the fan go up but nothing else.

I don't see how the bare butts of the soldiers would make it 'R' but those MPAA bastards are so screwed up anyway....

Oh, A bullshiat artist.
Did you bullshiat last week. No
Did you try to bullshiat last week. Yes

Let the coolness get into your vertebra.

Not you.
2002-03-20 12:08:57 PM  
Hump .. Death? Hump... Death? Hump.. Death?
2002-03-20 12:09:33 PM  
Oh Pissboy......wait for the shake
2002-03-20 12:10:53 PM  
What class, Soulburner?
2002-03-20 12:11:46 PM  
sad..... what were they supposed to watch Corky reruns ?
2002-03-20 12:11:49 PM  
Don't get saucey with me, Bernaise!

But come on, yeah, it's a great movie, but teachers have to have some common sense. Sure it may not be right to stop them from showing the movie, but it can't have been much of a surprise to them. Duh! Public schools are afraid of controversy most of the time.
2002-03-20 12:12:43 PM  
Soulburner, jesus how farking young are you?
2002-03-20 12:13:29 PM  
Hitler on Ice - classic

"Do I have any openings this man might fit?"

"I have a helluva corkscrew."
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