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(Reuters)   Underground reporter pays $23,000, wins beauty contest   ( divider line
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8959 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Mar 2002 at 11:17 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-20 11:18:40 AM  
2002-03-20 11:18:56 AM  
Dammit...I was fifteen seconds late submitting this.
2002-03-20 11:20:15 AM  
Was she an undeground reporter, or undercover? Underground makes it sound like she was writing for the Spanish Boobies Liberation Front.
2002-03-20 11:21:00 AM  
I want my $22K back---knew I shoulda up'ed my anty to $24K
2002-03-20 11:23:31 AM  
The story would be better if she had an extra 23rd Chromosome.
2002-03-20 11:24:30 AM  
DoubleDangit! The article I submitted had a pic...whose posting links here? Let's see if this works:

[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-20 11:24:31 AM  
No. Please do not tell me that beauty contests aren't won on merit. This cant be.
2002-03-20 11:25:09 AM  
she won because she was the only one who could afford deodorant.
2002-03-20 11:25:45 AM  
I (think I) posted this yesterday.
2002-03-20 11:26:31 AM  
"An undercover television reporter won a regional Spanish beauty pageant -- in spite of bribing a contest organizer..."

Jesus, when will news organizations learn to proofread? This makes it sound like bribing the organizer will hurt your chances.
2002-03-20 11:28:19 AM  
FarkRavingMad: thanks for the pic. She's not bad, but I wouldn't say "beauty contest material", yet alone "-winner". I wonder what all the other contestants looked like, and if any of them took the "traditional" route of winning pageants: nailing the judges.
2002-03-20 11:28:34 AM  
That seems like a lot of Euros to buy off a "regional" pageant.
2002-03-20 11:29:46 AM  
BigJim: They probably just cram it through some translation software and don't bother to see if it still makes sense.

I'm testing some translation software to see if it can be used to handle incoming tickets in Spanish. It translates "is your server down" as "is your waiter depressed."
2002-03-20 11:31:08 AM  
These contests are fixed? Say it ain't so.
2002-03-20 11:34:04 AM  
"They treat them like fairground monkeys."
I'm not getting this reference. Why fairground monkeys?
2002-03-20 11:41:38 AM  
More like ass monkeys...
2002-03-20 11:45:47 AM  
That was the most annoying pop-up I have ever seen.
2002-03-20 11:47:21 AM  
So the article with the stupid ET ad and NO PICTURE gets posted, and the one with a PICTURE and probably no stupid ads gets ignored?

FarkRavingMad, did your submission have annoying ads?

Are the mods awake yet?
2002-03-20 11:47:47 AM  
God Damn E.T. add came up right in my face when I loaded the page. So much for Reuter. farking net commies!
2002-03-20 11:58:35 AM  
Hey, money talks.
2002-03-20 12:00:15 PM  
I will not be seeing ET. I think Speilberg was lying when he said "the guns were a bad idea from the start, I never wanted them in there in the first place"

Wasnt he the director? If he didnt want guns in the escape scene, they would not have had guns.

He's trying to be backwards-compatible with his liberalness.
2002-03-20 12:03:41 PM  
I'm testing some translation software to see if it can be used to handle incoming tickets in Spanish. It translates "is your server down" as "is your waiter depressed."

That will surely be the funniest thing I will read on Fark today.
2002-03-20 12:22:14 PM  
She ain't bad looking at all IMO.
But I can tell she sure isn't 24.
2002-03-20 12:34:37 PM  
31 is TOO OLD? I'm 25 now, and I'll probably be 31 before I know it. Now I'm depressed.
2002-03-20 12:37:31 PM  
$23,000 for someone to validate that she's attractive ? Hell, give me $1,000 and a hummer, I tell you you're goreous then send you off with your own sash and red carpet. Betcha you couldn't keep THEIR carpet, could ya ?
2002-03-20 02:15:47 PM  
Here are some of the other articles on the page:

Woman Bites Off Husband's Genitals
Penises of Every Kind Adorn Museum Walls
Caught with Remains of 20 Bodies
Millionaire Must Pay Record Divorce Sum
Fungus-Infected Soap Pulled From Shops
2002-03-20 02:37:56 PM  
What is going through the minds of the judges:

"Well normally we require oral sex at the very least to fix a contest, but $23,000 buys a lot of blow jobs."
2002-03-20 03:39:57 PM  
27,000 euros and 2 bj's later, she's the pageant winner!
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