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(ESPN)   Fifty-six percent of all NFL players are obese. One hundred percent of Duke sucks   ( divider line
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2005-03-01 06:25:32 PM  
2005-03-01 06:49:56 PM  
So why would the NFL whine?
They're bigger than average, that's fine.
I'm certain that
A nice big "wall of fat"
Would sure make a good defensive line.
2005-03-01 08:22:32 PM  
Could you imagine how much you would have to eat to work as hard as an offensive lineman does and still be obese?
2005-03-01 08:40:59 PM  
Haha, I'm loving the headline. It's all about Duke and UNC at Chapel Hill.
2005-03-01 09:44:33 PM  
lets see here, nearly half of the offense is in the line, you must have 5 o linemen and three d linemen. THen there is a full back and tight ends who all have to be big which already makes up half the team. If you count the skill positions (QB, RB, CB, LB, WR, S) these guys are lean and muscular. Of course the fact that they use BMI shoots it all to shiat.
2005-03-01 10:32:59 PM  
I blame Seabass.

[image from too old to be available]

Since when do kickers need to weigh 250 pounds?
2005-03-02 12:33:18 AM  
Well done, submitter.

/golf clap on the headline
2005-03-02 12:34:26 AM  

Duh. It's BMI.

I hate stupid shiat like this.
2005-03-02 12:34:32 AM  
Haha. Love the headline.
2005-03-02 12:34:53 AM  
you mean the unfunny cliche ptw?
2005-03-02 12:35:04 AM  
I think this comic I made is appropriate for a Duke Sucks headline, tell me what you think of it! :)

[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-02 12:36:04 AM  
That's farking retarded. What kind of a moron sets up a study, conducts it, analyses the results, releases it to the press and doesn't realise that the criteria measured is hopelessly outdated and no indicator whatsoever
2005-03-02 12:36:12 AM  
Yeah, BMI accounts for nothing but height and weight. You could have like 4% body fat and be considered morbidly obese because of your muscles.
2005-03-02 12:37:19 AM  
BMI is bullshiat. I'm 6', 215, and the chart says that I'm borderline obese. If I lost more than 10#, I'd look anorexic. It's a baseline index that takes no accounting for build or muscle mass, just a mathmatically farked up height to weight ratio.
2005-03-02 12:37:46 AM  
a long time ago I explained this in another thread. These are the healthiest fat men on the planet.

A BMI is only comparable to an average citizen...not a football player or weight lifter etc...

These guys may be 'overweight' but they work out both with weights and cardiovascular activity. They are healthier than most of us. Of course when linemen retire, they are recommended to personal coaches who help them come off of their football weights in the healthiest ways.
2005-03-02 12:38:23 AM  
Much love to the submitter for an excellent headline.

/didn't bother to RTFA
//sports bore me
2005-03-02 12:38:43 AM  
So they're big fat farks. Just don't tell this guy.

[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-02 12:39:18 AM  
Everyone can stop posting....

Let's just repeat katalyst-'s comment ad nauseum...
2005-03-02 12:39:28 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-02 12:42:10 AM  
I hate it when the jersey doesn't fit right.

/not fat
2005-03-02 12:45:13 AM  
and yet 100% of football players can run faster than i can
/frown face
2005-03-02 12:45:50 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

To do his next film on BMI
2005-03-02 12:45:52 AM  
That photo is a shame.
2005-03-02 12:46:27 AM  
FINALLY a funny Duke sucks variation.
2005-03-02 12:47:23 AM  

Nicely done.
2005-03-02 12:48:05 AM  
and 100% of NFL players would kick your ass if you called them fat.
2005-03-02 12:50:19 AM  
...and obese people everywhere have a new half-truth to spout to whomever will listen. Hopefully most people will respond, "Yea, but how many times can you bench 225, biatch?"
2005-03-02 12:51:15 AM  
Do Warren Sapp or Ted Washington each count as 3 players?
2005-03-02 12:51:30 AM  
A study? A STUDY???

Why did someone think a study needed to be done on how fat football players are?

What about curling? WHAT ABOUT CURLING??? How fat are people who take up curling as their sport of choice? I don't know how much longer I can live without knowing how fat people are in the world of CURLING!

A study...on how fat football players are. Somewhere someone needs a gift subscription to some porn magazines and a gallon jug of baby oil. A study...
2005-03-02 12:53:53 AM  
I hate BMI indexing, I've always been "obese" just because I goto the gym. So yeah, they would be "at risk" if they were that tall and most of that weight is fat, but like someone said earlier, if you work as hard as a football player is difficult to eat enough to be considering truly obese and at article.
2005-03-02 12:55:21 AM  
This was a idiotic survey. They based it all on BMI which makes all the guys that are totally riped and 5'9 total fat asses. Retarded. Shaq is obese you don't see anybody ripin him.
2005-03-02 12:57:36 AM  
Here's what I love about this. Not only did they state the obvious in saying that there is a large amount of obesity present in the league, but in order to do it they had to use a flawed statistic.

BMI calculates a ratio of weight versus height, so that extra 90 or so pounds of muscle these guys carry qualifies them as obese. BMI does not work for individuals with an athletic build.
2005-03-02 12:58:22 AM  
4% body fat, 135 lbs. 5'9", not underweight according to the BMI, actually got a good 10 lbs or so to spare. I think they need to work on their formula a bit.
2005-03-02 12:58:48 AM  
Manpace: FINALLY a funny Duke sucks variation.

I agree.

/hates the overused 'Duke sucks'
2005-03-02 01:04:31 AM  
Wow. Duke sucks is in the headline. That's clever. If I was a kicker, I would sit on my fat ass all day and eat cheetoes and occasionally kick a football. That's pretty much what I do now except for that football part.
2005-03-02 01:14:29 AM  
CommanderApaul: BMI is bullshiat.

Not really, it does what it was designed to do. And people mistakenly think of it as some kind of golden rule. Which is funny, because the BMI section of the CDC web site specifically says.

Common Myths
Myth: BMI Measures Body Fat

Two people can have the same BMI, but a different percent body fat. A bodybuilder with a large muscle mass and a low percent body fat may have the same BMI as a person who has more body fat because BMI is calculated using weight and height only.

This is a good reminder that BMI is only one piece of a person's health profile. It is important to talk with your doctor about other measures and risk factors. (e.g., waist circumference, smoking, physical activity level, and diet.)
2005-03-02 01:17:06 AM  
This is the biggest load of crap in the history of the planet earth. 6'2" and 235 is Obese. I am a hair or two shy of 6'2" feet and come in at around 230 and I don't think anybody would ever consider me obese. Except maybe Starvin Marvin.
2005-03-02 01:18:14 AM  
I love hearing fat people whine about anything.
2005-03-02 01:22:02 AM  
Yeah the BMI formula is ridiculous.

I'm considered borderline obese and this is what I look like:

[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-02 01:23:04 AM  
BMI is meaningless
2005-03-02 01:23:48 AM  
And they still feel the need to wear pads. They got plenty of protection from all that fat. Bunch of wankers!

Take a lesson from these guys:
[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-02 01:24:24 AM  
Why do you fatties get all offended when people mention the BMI?
2005-03-02 01:25:12 AM  
Just another excuse for fat people to claim that they are actually healthy and that the fat doesn't make a diffrence. For the average person on the street BMI is a handy little guide but if you're an athlete it is pointless and any athlete knows that. I'm 5'8", 172 pounds which means I'm significantly overweight according to BMI, yet I ran 5 miles today and I am about 12% bodyfat.
2005-03-02 01:28:00 AM  

Just another excuse for fat people to claim that they are actually healthy and that the fat doesn't make a diffrence. For the average person on the street BMI is a handy little guide but if you're an athlete it is pointless and any athlete knows that. I'm 5'8", 172 pounds which means I'm significantly overweight according to BMI, yet I ran 5 miles today and I am about 12% bodyfat

And you have a shirtless picture of yourself in your profile, so you must be a stud.
2005-03-02 01:31:04 AM  
my BMI says I'm about to dive into lardland of the fattypatties, yet, strangely, I can still see my penis

/it's gotta be the muscles!
//does actually work out 3-4 days a week
///BMI sucks as a measurement. burninate it.
2005-03-02 01:31:28 AM  
Man if I knew there was a sport (other than Sumo) where I could make dough and still clock in at over 3 bills I wouldn't have been so anti-jock as I was in high school. One love to all the fat slob football players out there.
2005-03-02 01:40:18 AM  
Well I'm on the other side of it.. i'm clearly unhealthily fat but the BMI puts me just barely over the "overweight" threshold.
2005-03-02 01:44:24 AM  
Yessss! Hooray for skinny chicks in thongs.
2005-03-02 01:49:01 AM  

saying Duke sucks stopped being funny after the first time, cant you find another way to kiss Drew's ass?
2005-03-02 01:54:15 AM  
This thread is just fine without pics.
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