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(Cosmiverse)   British think the CIA is responsible for U.S. anthrax attacks   ( divider line
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9447 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Mar 2002 at 4:09 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-19 02:12:03 PM  
Here come the "Grassy Knoll" folks again...
2002-03-19 04:12:03 PM  

We didn't land on the moon either?!?!?!?
wil [TotalFark]
2002-03-19 04:12:26 PM  
I thought it was the queers?

I hear they're in it with the aliens.

They're building landing strips for gay martians! I swear to god!
2002-03-19 04:13:06 PM  
I think this is OBVIOUS by now.
2002-03-19 04:14:31 PM  
Gay martians would never come here. It's too kitsch.

Wil: Are you responsible for all the Cosmiverse posts?
2002-03-19 04:14:46 PM  
A little more than the grassy knoll.

link to partial transcript

Assuming the link works.
2002-03-19 04:14:56 PM  
Do we?
Oh, it says here we do...

Oh well - damn your american government with its sneaky conspiracies!
2002-03-19 04:14:58 PM  
Stupid Brits. You take the 'Blame America' philosophy a bit far, don't you think?

I bet you slip in the shower and blame it on the US.
2002-03-19 04:15:35 PM  
Silly Brits, it's the ACLU and homosexuals who are responsible.

Violent videogames, too, and Clinton.
2002-03-19 04:16:33 PM  
That Rammstein band too, they gotta be responsible for something.
2002-03-19 04:19:27 PM  

Quoting Whitley Streiber as a backup source to this story ain't exactly helping its credibility.
2002-03-19 04:20:02 PM  
Only someone with years of experience and the "cowboy mentality" to match his bravado could have pulled something like this off.

Praise be for the Conspirist Faithful! Elvis is alive!!

[image from too old to be available]

2002-03-19 04:20:18 PM  

Soon Fark will be assimilated and be one with Cosmiverse.
2002-03-19 04:21:28 PM  
This is not a new theory by any means...first time I've heard it in regard to the Anthrax deal though. It makes a certain amount of crazy sense for a spy agency with sagging budgets and not many groups left to spy on to conjure something.

Anyone seen that A Long Kiss Goodnight? Similar premise..pretty damn cool movie too.
2002-03-19 04:22:20 PM  
oops. forgot accompanying image.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-19 04:22:23 PM  
It all lead to Fort Deitrich. Everything. And my cat's breath smells like cat food.
2002-03-19 04:23:39 PM  
Y'know what, Wil, I like you. You're not like the other people, here, in the trailer park.
2002-03-19 04:24:25 PM  
Of *course* Clinton is behind it -- it's the Clinton Interns of America spreading it (anthrax, you horndog) everywhere!

(Should they have blamed Wil instead?)
2002-03-19 04:25:00 PM  
You look juicy.
2002-03-19 04:26:27 PM  
This story is not anything new and doesn't exactly qualify as a crazy conspiracy theory. investigations seem to have been heading in this direction for a while now. and it's not just the brits that think this is a plausible explanation either.
2002-03-19 04:27:21 PM  

And yet, the man has more information than Cosmiverse, which site sometimes is less than credible.

Hell, if I had found a link to the transcripts on Art Bell, I would have posted that.
2002-03-19 04:29:26 PM  
Agent97: Say what you will about Streiber, but he was played by Sir Walken once.

Never speak ill of the Walken.
2002-03-19 04:29:31 PM  
To all you people biatching about the fact that this was linked from Cosmiverse: I read this like two days ago from a link off of I thought about submitting a link to it, but didn't bother because none of my links ever get posted. Oh well. I'm not blaming anyone, maybe they just weren't interesting to Drew and Co. at the time, or whatever. Anyway, the article I read about it was a transcript of the BBC radio program... er, programme ;)
2002-03-19 04:33:44 PM  
Wil So, you're a Dead Milkmen fan, eh? I love that album too!

Bonus question for the rabble: What album am I referring to?
2002-03-19 04:34:31 PM  
OK U.K. that's it. Next time Germany rears it's head again to take over Europe, don't call on the US. And you can take that friend of Churchill stuff and stick it up your arse, you bloody wankers !!!

Oh yeah and Man U, Newcastle, and Arsenal all suck arse too !!!

(Benny Hill is ok though.)
2002-03-19 04:34:43 PM  
Eddie_irvine Damn you! Beat me by just a few seconds!
2002-03-19 04:34:49 PM  
And they are also responsible for some of this terrible weather we've been having!!!
2002-03-19 04:35:06 PM  
I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the British were right. Hell, I smelled a stink when I stood back and realised that the only people being sent the anthrax letters were Democrats. Foul play I tell you, foul play. The United States government is a crooked establishment.

-he who stacks pork
2002-03-19 04:35:33 PM  
You mean the Brits have nut cases?

I'm shocked and amused!
2002-03-19 04:37:43 PM  
Well, maybe the democrats sent it to themselves, just so you'd THINK they were being singled out!

2002-03-19 04:39:56 PM  
and this is news ? The FBI has on their top list of suspects in the Anthrax cases an ex-scientist that worked for the government..... it's already been said ...DUH
2002-03-19 04:40:19 PM  
Before claiming that this is some sort of whack conspiracy:

The gov't knows who is behind this- they can't bust him because:
a)He used gov't facilities to make/refine the anthrax and has no concrete evidence on him.
b)The gov't dragged their feet in searching him as it would bring out ugly info about the bioweapons programs and lax security,
c)It would get out that he basically followed the manual written by the CIA themselves as to how to do this.
2002-03-19 04:41:08 PM  
Given the past, people should not dismiss all conspiracy theories as "Crazy."

It's DNA connected it to a Utah lab.
There are people would bennefit from the scare.
Anthrax isn't a very good bio-terrorism tool.

Sounds like observations that would lead to a theory.
Now, to test that theory, lets make some predictions...
2002-03-19 04:46:26 PM  
U.S. thinks anthrax responsible for the British
2002-03-19 04:47:35 PM  
Yeah, right. Whatever a tabloid tv news program says sums up what everyone in an entire country is thinking. Very clever. You stupid twats.

Besides, there was a story on fark a coupla months back that said that leaked FBI files said the same thing.
2002-03-19 04:47:51 PM  
The strain of anthrax was a notably potent strain; it was, in fact, dna tested and matched strains out of an army facility in Iowa. There was one Lt. Colonel Philip Zack there who was quite disgruntled and searches on the evidence point to him. The anonymous letters sent to investigators blaming a Dr. Asaad for the anthrax mailings were traced to the Virginia area. 3 guesses where Zack lives. He was discharged from the facility for, um, personality conflicts with Dr. Asaad: he (and a few other researchers) began awarding a stuffed camel to the researcher who did the least that week.
2002-03-19 04:50:08 PM  
I heard it was a bunch of reverse vampires who can only come out during the day!!!
2002-03-19 04:50:32 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-19 04:52:21 PM  
Big ups to the King-Of-Fark....very nice
2002-03-19 04:54:45 PM  
maybe they were just testing their anthrax delivery methods
2002-03-19 04:55:37 PM  
Oh, this story is much better than what I submitted.
2002-03-19 04:55:42 PM  
Blubberknife: the immortal Beelzebubba, featuring the Milkmen's hit single Punk Rock Girl, but Big Lizard in My Backyard and Metaphysical Graffiti will always be the albums in my heart.
2002-03-19 04:55:43 PM  
At one time British intelligence services were at least equal to and in some cases better than US intelligence services. Why should that have changed?
2002-03-19 04:58:22 PM  
Why the sudden rash of Cosmiverse postings? Its just a bunch of crap.
2002-03-19 05:04:45 PM  
Wil, that's scary, that's the second DM reference I've seen on Fark in the last week.

2002-03-19 05:05:40 PM  
Babaganoosh Ding ding ding! We have a winner! My favorite is Metaphysical Graffiti. Dog-pussy!
2002-03-19 05:06:29 PM  
What Leopold Porkstacker said.
2002-03-19 05:06:30 PM  
If the British put as much effort into dental hygiene as they do conspiracy theories.
2002-03-19 05:17:12 PM  
"Given the past, people should not dismiss all conspiracy theories as "Crazy."

yup. Given some of the things done by the CIA in the past in Cuba, South America, Africa, and even our own country, you can't just write off this kind of thing as an unreasonable conspiracy theory. The same things has been suggested by news sources more reputable than this one.

When I first heard about the anthrax mailed to the Democratic party leader, the intent seemed pretty obvious. The liberal politicians are alot less likely to moderate the calls for war when they themselves are directly threatened. At the time I assumed, as most people did, that the anthrax was sent by the same terrorists who attacked the WTC and the motivation was to provoke the U.S. into a war which they hoped to turn into Arabs vs. the West.

Unfortunately, there are interests in the U.S. who also benefit from us being at war, and see 9/11 as an excuse to "settle old scores" with the rest of the middle east. It's scary to think Americans in such positions of power might have done this to other Americans, but it wouldn't be the first time.
2002-03-19 05:33:48 PM  
No we don't think that.

But you guys go ahead and listen to the ever accurate Cosmiverse ranting about one news program if it gives you an excuse to reach for all of the anti-Brit stereotypes you can think up.
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