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(AP)   Yahoo turns 10 this week, gets lurid chat room invitations from AOL   ( divider line
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5236 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Feb 2005 at 2:32 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-02-28 01:25:00 AM  
2005-02-28 02:12:47 AM  
Man, I can remember when the only thing on Yahoo was the categorical web directory, then a link to Webcrawler if you wanted more results. How things have changed...
2005-02-28 08:30:49 AM  
great headline submitter!
2005-02-28 08:46:26 AM  
I remember Yahoo linking to AltaVista, then Google, before they started using their own results.

10 years ago I was a freshman in high school but hadn't yet experienced the internet.
2005-02-28 09:17:19 AM  
Yahoo was the first website I ever went to. It sure brings back memories. Especially since now I wouldn't touch Yahoo with a ten foot pole.
2005-02-28 10:44:33 AM  
Remember Yahoo's days on ? Turns out that is still going after all these years...
2005-02-28 10:45:51 AM  
Also, check out this Yahoo Web Matrix page from June 1995 explaining what this crazy new Yahoo thing is.
2005-02-28 11:44:59 AM  
I remember AOL when it was $5.00 an hour, and there was a hack you could use to download software and not get charged for the time (back when it took 3 hours to download a 500 KB file).
2005-02-28 12:03:42 PM  
With Yahoo!'s 10th anniversary comes my 10th anniversary of being on the Web. Of course, Yahoo! is actually about 11 years old by now, but it was incorporated ten years ago. Back then, stuff like David Letterman's web site was considered "particularly interesting."

It's wild to think about how there was no web searching, really, just clicking through all those categories.
2005-02-28 12:11:14 PM  
I've been a member of Yahoo! since 01/22/1998. God damn, I feel old.
2005-02-28 12:34:00 PM  
if they could just get rid of all the obvious chat bots.. yahoo would be that much better
2005-02-28 12:55:39 PM  
And if you really want to join me in reminiscing about those days, go snag an old copy of Mosaic or Cello or Netscape 1.0 from the Evolt browser archive, and look around the original Netscape page from back when it was called Mosaic Communications.
2005-02-28 02:35:31 PM  
Headline wins. Flawless victory. FATALITY.

2005-02-28 02:35:46 PM  

:RugbyJeeves: rolls a two-sided die.

c'mon now, let's get the oldsk00l goin
2005-02-28 02:37:27 PM  
Yahoo! Turns! Ten!

I wonder how long the founders expected to last. It would be a really interesting book about how to came to rise then flounder and still survive the .com burst.

Why is voting enabled?
2005-02-28 02:39:09 PM  
I remember when Yahoo went from 4 icons across the top to 6 and thinking, "Oh boy. There goes my very foundation of the Internet."
2005-02-28 02:39:33 PM  
Vote for me or die.
2005-02-28 02:39:43 PM  
Why is Prince in the Fark personals today?
2005-02-28 02:39:56 PM  
I've been a yahoo member since 03/18/1997. Take that Jabber!
2005-02-28 02:41:03 PM  
Think I'll start a Yahoo club right now about cheese.
2005-02-28 02:41:10 PM  
Holy crap! And I think I was on Yahoo! the first week of its existence.

</I was surfing for porn within the first hour, also.
2005-02-28 02:41:19 PM  
Great headline!

I used to think Yahoo was the coolest site ever... til I met google.

/reg. for yahoo on 11/30/96. Damn, I feel ancient.
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2005-02-28 02:41:46 PM  
I remember when gopher was leading-edge.
2005-02-28 02:42:07 PM  
5/18/1998, still not bad. Great headline.
2005-02-28 02:43:44 PM  
10 years ago I got my first computer. It was an Apple II 6116 cd. I had the internet long before almost anyone I knew, back when AOL was called E-world. Anyone here remember E-world?? I used to connect to it via an external 14.4k modem.
2005-02-28 02:44:23 PM  
2005-02-28 02:44:55 PM  
Yahoo was the first website I saw... I think it was sometimes during early 1996... It was in school in Israel... and I was introduced by some older kids (6th or 7th graders) to a magnificent keyword... XXX... good times...

/Voting goodness... ?
2005-02-28 02:45:26 PM  
Yeah, I remember using Yahoo around late 95 to look at pr0n. I was in grade 11 and it was a search for "Pamela Anderson naked". Ah, when the internets was young
2005-02-28 02:45:29 PM  
Is there some way to check when you first registered with Yahoo, or d'you all just have this memorized, like your Mom's birthday or your anniversary? :)
2005-02-28 02:45:59 PM  
A vote for me is a vote for COMMUNISM
2005-02-28 02:49:13 PM  
Anyone got an e-mail address from I'm guessing I'm one of the few with a nostalgic e-mail addy.

Rocketmail was bought up by Yahoo in the late nineties. I guess I joined Yahoo the day of the acquisition, whenever that was. Since then, they've gobbled up a host of other services, like GeoCities and MapQuest. They're big, and they are going to stay big.
2005-02-28 02:49:59 PM  
Damn, children, I was on Prodigy back in 1990.

/Oh God I'm old
2005-02-28 02:50:40 PM  
aww.. how cute this is!
2005-02-28 02:50:55 PM  
I remember when i read about Yahoo in Wired magazine when it was located within the domain.
2005-02-28 02:51:30 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Happy....Birthday....Mr. Yahoo...
2005-02-28 02:54:27 PM  
Holy cow! I have been on Yahoo since 08/08/1996. That makes me wish I hadn't looked.
2005-02-28 02:55:30 PM  
God, I remember those days. Internet pron was almost entirely free back then too.
2005-02-28 02:56:12 PM  
I remeber wondering what the appeal of the WWW was and thinking who would want to do that anyway, all those grahics, as I was FTPing and GOPHERing and ARCHIEing, and even VERONICAing.

Did I get that right?
2005-02-28 02:57:38 PM  
2005-02-28 02:59:31 PM  
I put on my wizard cape and hat...
2005-02-28 02:59:52 PM  

I remeber wondering what the appeal of the WWW was and thinking who would want to do that anyway, all those grahics, as I was FTPing and GOPHERing and ARCHIEing, and even VERONICAing.

with 2400 baud dialup if the site didn't come up in lynx then it wasn't worth checking out.
2005-02-28 02:59:53 PM  
So how do you determine when you joined Yahoo anyway?
2005-02-28 03:00:38 PM  
When I first started using the internet, my family had Compuserve. Might have been the poo-est program ever. It had porn and everything, but not good porn, and I didn't realize it wasn't the real internet. Thank god for the developments after that, like, um, puberty, and real life girls.
2005-02-28 03:02:42 PM  

Veronica was obviously inspired by Archie, but did you ever check out the tortured 'expansion' they came up with for the acronym? "Very Easy Rodent-Oriented Net-Wide Index to Computer Archives"

Rodent-oriented because it was for Gopher, geddit? Yecch.
2005-02-28 03:03:58 PM  
Big baby Jesus, this is the first time Fark has accepted one of my links in almost 30 months!

Here's a little article I wrote about Yahoo's birthday that includes a traceback to my personal 'Net roots. Via a Usenet posting, I tracked my first 'Net appearance back to February 1995. This would actually make a cool discussion (i.e., find the earliest evidence of yourself on the 'Net).
2005-02-28 03:06:54 PM  
if they could just get rid of all the obvious chat bots.. yahoo would be that much better

And weed out the billions of BS member profiles which are thinly disguised porn links, too.

BTW, I also find those chatbots to be extremely annoying, especially if you try to play any of Yahoo's online games. One time, after memorizing the chatbot spiel, I had the game room in stitches as I posted well-timed responses to the bot.
2005-02-28 03:06:57 PM  
2005-02-28 03:12:17 PM  
Today's also supposedly the birthday of Apache.

/dun dun dunnnnn...
2005-02-28 03:13:19 PM  
Mugato: Damn, children, I was on Prodigy back in 1990.

Got ya beat...had an e-mail address 1n...gasp...1988. Was MUDDing in '90
2005-02-28 03:16:38 PM  
I have to share my birthday with Yahoo (March 2). I was happier sharing it with Dr. Seuss, Gorby, and Jon Bon Jovi. It's also TX independence day (where I was born).

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