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(Some Guy)   Exotic cat that was a lion, then a rock, then a lion, turns out to be a tiger, now a dead one   ( divider line
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16069 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Feb 2005 at 10:16 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-02-23 11:59:21 PM  
what a bunch of bastards. They should have put it to sleep. instead of shooting it.
2005-02-24 12:20:36 AM  
2005-02-23 11:22:16 PM steviep

Don't forget - in order to get a tranq into any kind of animal without killing the poor thing - the velocity of the projectile is vital. Because of the density of the muscles of the animal your trying to tranquilize, and the deceleration of the projectile that will occur in the distance from the muzzle to the animal.

What does all this fancy talk mean? It means that to effectively get a dart into this animal, one would have to be within 15 - 20 yds max. I love cats, especially big cats. I wish more than anything, that places still existed on earth where these perfect predators could do their thing. But with 7 billion morons on the loose, and no sign of any horrible disease to put us in our place, that just will not happen. The cops made the right choice in this case by killing the animal. It was the safest thing for the pursuers of the cat, and the most humane thing for the animal itself. The BEST solution to this problem involves a number of things:

1st: stop farking with nature. Leave freaking tigers in India where they belong
2nd: Drop the atom bomb NOW. There are too many people on this planet, we need to return some of that space and those resources to the creatures if we wish to see more of them in the future.
3rd: Profit.
2005-02-24 12:26:24 AM  
Not a lion? No wonder my efforts to lure it into a trap baited with Christians failed!
2005-02-24 12:36:55 AM  
Sid_6.7: Noble effort though.
2005-02-24 12:40:54 AM  

I don't understand why the tiger wasn't tranquilized instead of being shot to death, same crap happened in Kentucky with some hard-on cop shot a family dog to death last year.

i cant believe that there are people this freaking retarded.
2005-02-24 12:44:51 AM  
I was wondering as well why they didn't just tranquelize it. Thanks StevieP, having just read that thread a couple hours ago, I understand what you mean. But couldn't a drugged piece of meat worked too? I guess they just wanted the problem solved. Poor scared giant kitty.
2005-02-24 12:54:33 AM  
big cat
[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-24 01:04:46 AM  
Maybe the L.A.P.D. thought it was a 13 year old black kid.
2005-02-24 01:08:32 AM  
KABC-7 had some great chopper footage of it walking thru the cherryblossom trees... Big striped creature near the Reagan Library, eh? [image from too old to be available]
2005-02-24 01:42:03 AM  
A big cat eh...? Like a puma?
2005-02-24 02:03:54 AM  
OH NO, Richard Parker!

/literary reference
2005-02-24 03:47:48 AM  
i think we all know who's really to blame for all this.........BURT REYNOLDS! thats right. Burt reynolds playing a saucy supreme court justice, competing in a cross-country fire truck race to save his grand-daughter.
2005-02-24 05:42:20 AM  
Why the fark did these morans shoot the tiger? They could have just darted him and left him out in the wild, tigers are endangered enough as it is there was absolutely no need for these asshats to shoot this beautiful creature.
2005-02-24 08:35:44 AM  
FlyingJ: Big striped creature near the Reagan Library,

Conan the Librarian?
2005-02-24 09:14:07 AM  
Hurray for il Dottore !!!

I love sea-faring adventures...I also like "pie".
2005-02-24 09:31:03 AM  
It wasn't a rock. It was rock lobster.
2005-02-24 09:54:23 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Did somebody say orange with black stripes?
2005-02-24 11:42:06 AM  
They shot him with a gun because a tranquilizer dart would take too long to take effect for an animal that large, and he was near a school and a park.
2005-02-24 12:45:53 PM  
i grew up in the area and i can say with a fair amount of certainty that they saw a rare opportunity to kill a tiger and couldn't resist...

believe me, i have some insight...
2005-02-24 01:17:40 PM  
Got lions and tigers only in Kenya!

/forget Norway!
2005-02-24 01:37:17 PM  
And shootoing bullets WON'T make a tiger angry????? All it would have taken is a slightly missed shot and you'd have an EXTREMELY angry AND hurt Tiger on the loose AND it wouldn't be going nightie-night in 5-10 minutes. FARKTARDS.

Use the cops to feed the poor animals at the Wildlife Waystation. They could use the free food. mmmmm soylent blue.
2005-02-24 02:28:42 PM  
Where can you see rocks?
Only in Kenya
Come to Kenya, we've got rocks

Where can you see dead tigers?
Only in Kenya
Got rocks and dead tigers, only in Kenya

Forget Norway!

/more like SNOREway
2005-02-24 03:26:04 PM  
"Look! A man eating tiger"
"Mmm, delicious, these tigers"
2005-02-24 03:44:28 PM  
Maybe the L.A.P.D. thought it was a 13 year old black kid.

That would have been nice. Too bad it was a Tiger though.

/If a criminal tried to run me over I'd shoot them too.
2005-02-24 04:04:53 PM  
I'm no PETA activist by any means, but I really think that society treats animals like dirt and we really should be thinking hard about it. This poor cat needn't have been shot: I'm sure it was just a trigger happy cop dying to SHOOT A TIGER>....
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