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11258 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Mar 2002 at 9:51 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-18 09:54:13 AM  
Oooh more market-droid analysis... stop its too good, oh no more i'm overflowing!
2002-03-18 09:54:13 AM  
Aw shucks.
2002-03-18 09:54:53 AM  
I guess people are tired of sounding stupid.
2002-03-18 09:54:59 AM  
Well,slap me like a red-headed stepchild!!
2002-03-18 09:55:03 AM  
That dog won't hunt.
2002-03-18 09:56:29 AM  
Well I'll be a plum wrassled out coon dawg in July.
2002-03-18 09:58:28 AM  
Okay, Ironbar, after seeing you post yet another insightful, well thought analysis of something related to the South, I check your bio and note that you are from Boston. I refuse to give any heed to criticism you have about how we in the South speak to someone from Boston. Your region has done its fair share of mangling the language, and that's just starting with your compulsion to take the letter "r" and remove it from words where it's supposed to be and putting it back into other words at random.
2002-03-18 09:58:54 AM  
Y'all ngawt 'na resseva'ion?
2002-03-18 09:58:59 AM  
People just saw how much of a moron Bush looks like on television, so they don't want to seem as stupid as him.
2002-03-18 09:59:13 AM  
This should figger to be a great thread, I reckon...more fun than a bucket of pelicans
2002-03-18 09:59:51 AM  
This article makes me more nervous than a 6 tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs!
2002-03-18 10:00:32 AM  
I don't particularly think sounding Southern equates to sounding stupid. I've heard more morons walking down the street in the inner city than I have in the country.

I'd like to get some asphalt raised black guy and some hog-farmed raised southern boy in a room and let them have a conversation. Oh yeah, good times.
2002-03-18 10:00:52 AM  
Nabbl: I live in Rhode Island. We don't really do that. I can only recall one instance of that ever happening, where someone pronounce "idea" as "ideal".
2002-03-18 10:01:57 AM  
Fb- is ugly.
The minor deities of the halls of Asgar have spoken.
2002-03-18 10:02:00 AM  
Bad_CRC:.....uh yeah, that's it.
2002-03-18 10:02:17 AM  
I recon I ain't red that there article right. Someones fixin' to cesor our heritage. Heck, I ain't heard good speak in a coons age. Damn Yankees.
2002-03-18 10:03:49 AM  
03-18-02 09:58:28 AM Nabb1
Okay, Ironbar, after seeing you post yet another insightful, well thought analysis of something related to the South, I check your bio and note that you are from Boston. I refuse to give any heed to criticism you have about how we in the South speak to someone from Boston. Your region has done its fair share of mangling the language, and that's just starting with your compulsion to take the letter "r" and remove it from words where it's supposed to be and putting it back into other words at random.

Well, at least it doesn't take us 10 minutes to verbalize 1 minutes' worth of information.

Wee doggie, Jethro!
2002-03-18 10:05:42 AM  
a southern accent may not in and of itself indicate that a person is stupid:

but it doesn't help.
2002-03-18 10:06:46 AM  
Good. Southerners sound stupid. They talk so farking slow, too.

Here's a few jewels I've picked up in my years living in the south.

"That's wrong as two boys farkin!"
"I'm happier than a two-petered billy goat!"
"I'll bet you a nickel to a bucket of shiat..."

Cripes, I hate this place.
2002-03-18 10:07:44 AM  
Does anyone here really want to hear "so how y'all doing today" from your brain surgeon?
2002-03-18 10:08:47 AM  
Pardon me, but since when does accent equal IQ? There's a word that describes this type of speech... VERNACULAR. Look it up. Every area of the world has their own particular way of talking. Their own "funny accent". Their own words that have never graced the pages of Webster's. Let them speak how they choose. Don't ridicule them. Chances are, you sound pretty damned silly to them, too.
2002-03-18 10:09:37 AM  
Anyone ever here the author Shelby Foote speak. It's like syrup dripping off a table's edge. Slow, malifluous.

"Ah have in fact, kind suh, listened to thuh storuh of thuh Civil Wah....." (This sentence would take him maybe...8 minutes.)
2002-03-18 10:09:41 AM  
State Trooper: You got any I.D.?
Southern Boy: 'Bout what?
2002-03-18 10:10:35 AM  
This has me grinnin' like a butcher's dog....
2002-03-18 10:11:29 AM  
RAoB: hmmm, spoken like someone with a southern accent. Reckon?
2002-03-18 10:12:49 AM  
Perhaps Jeff Foxworthy is to thank for making "redneck" a badge of honor with his "You might be a redneck if ..." jokes and merchandise.

That redneck badge, however, might have appeal only south of the Mason-Dixon Line, where like-minded folks can appreciate it.

1. Foxworthy is an idiot, or as they say, idjut.

2. The NASCAR sweat socks brom the Big Lots are not a badge of honor, and the gun rack in the back window of the rusted out F-150 really labels you better than a UPC.

3. I'm from the South and I have a hard time appreciating the appeal of sounding dim. But, then again, the Canucks really take up the slack in that sense, eh.
2002-03-18 10:13:03 AM  
Southern Guy: Watch this......
2002-03-18 10:13:26 AM  
I sell books on the Internet, and 100% of my sales are mailorder.

Regarding the whole concept that Southern=Stupid, I find it interesting that the majority of my sales of technical, math and textbooks are to customers in states like Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas and Missouri. They buy a LOT of home school material.
2002-03-18 10:14:20 AM  
2002-03-18 10:15:48 AM  
Here's a few jewels I picked up when I lived in New York.

Jiveman1: Sheeeet, man, that honkey mus' be messin' my old lady
got to be runnin' col' upsihd down his head!
Jiveman2: Hey Holm, I can dig it! You know he ain't gonna lay no
mo' big rap upon you man!
Jiveman1: I say hey sky, s'other say I won say I pray to J I get
the same ol' same ol.
Jiveman2: Knock yourself a pro slick. Gray matter back got
perform' us' down I take TCBin, man'.
Jiveman1: You know wha' they say: See a broad to get that bodiac
lay'er down an' smack 'em yack 'em.
Together: Col' got to be! Yo!
Subtitle: HOW TRUE!
Together: Sheeeeeeet!
Subtitle: GOLLY.
2002-03-18 10:17:42 AM  
Bookman: Consider this- technically skilled northerners get relocated to the south to work as programmers, engineers, and oversee local third-worldesqe labor. Parents take children to register for school and hear:

"I cain't pernounce yer name. Howdju spellit?"

Parents run home, buy your books, and pray for a transfer.
2002-03-18 10:18:11 AM  

If you're ablesee how many of those customers have religious conflicts with what's being taught at public schools.
2002-03-18 10:19:57 AM  
its funny because I never read the articles.

Does this mean nascar won't sound as funny when they talk to the drivers?
2002-03-18 10:20:36 AM  
As a student of linguistics, I find this interesting...boy howdy.
2002-03-18 10:22:00 AM  
Ummm..I'm from the south, and do not refer to all soft drinks as a "coke"...nor do I say 'fixin to...or anything else that this article assumes everyone here says.
2002-03-18 10:23:31 AM  
43%: I was going to make a witty retort to your post to Bookman, but then I saw the picture in your bio (I love Amy) so I'll let it slide.
For now.....
2002-03-18 10:25:30 AM  
People from New England don't have accents.

*personal disclaimer: I was born in CT, went to school in PA, and lived for a while in VA*
2002-03-18 10:25:46 AM  
Speaking of 'soft drinks' and this country's liguistic diversity, when in the hell did we start calling it "pop"? When I grew up (Los Angeles, St.Louis, New York) it was "soda". Now it seems it's quite hip to call it "pop".

Stop it!!
2002-03-18 10:26:23 AM  
"Them damn Yankees just don't know no proper English"
2002-03-18 10:26:24 AM  

Excuse me stewardess, I speak jive
2002-03-18 10:26:27 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-18 10:27:33 AM  
Random, I've listened to a lot of accents in the world, and only 2 make the speaker sound inherently STUPID.

One is the Southern accent. Two is the Valley Girl/Chulo accent, where every sentence sounds like a question?

..... And this from the mind of a former TEXAN living in the CAROLINAS. I am depressed.

Deus; discrimination against someone strictly on the basis of their manner of speech is NO BETTER than discrimination against someone because of skin color, religious descent, etc. It's prejudice any way you slice it. Don't get me wrong; I'm not defending the southerners. They are just as guilty. When I moved here, one of the first phrases I heard in a southern accent was "You talk funny. You wanna fight?"
I'm just pointing out one of the many things wrong with the world. Maybe I'm wrong. But maybe I'm not.
2002-03-18 10:28:46 AM  
Bigpeeler: i likes her bottom.
2002-03-18 10:33:06 AM  
Random, what can I say? I was blessed with a non-accent. I say I'm from Texas and people say "Wow, but you don't have an accent!" Anyhoo, I don't automatically assume that the person I'm talking to is a complete idiot if they talk with a drawl. But I sure as hell don't ask them to perform neurosurgery, either. And more often than not, the guys with the thick Southern accent prove themselves to be morons anyway.
2002-03-18 10:33:37 AM  
Tis sweet, isn't it. That's the first thing I noticed about her.
2002-03-18 10:34:05 AM  
El Cerdo just beat me to it....
2002-03-18 10:35:56 AM  
Ain't got no brains anyhow...
2002-03-18 10:37:33 AM  
2002-03-18 10:39:35 AM  
what will jeff foxworthy do now? Will someone think of Jeff. He has no more material now. does he even do standup anymore?
2002-03-18 10:39:50 AM  
I just watched "O Brother . . " yesterday, and I found one bit of "southern" grammar very amusing.

"Is you is, or is you ain't my constincy (sic)" - Homer Stokes, gubernatorial candidate for the state of Mississippi.
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