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(Canoe)   UFO sightings hit record pace in Canada in 2004. Which proves that aliens miss hockey, too   ( divider line
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6286 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Feb 2005 at 5:31 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-02-21 09:33:39 AM  

/Unidentified Flying Puck

//... misses hockey too.
2005-02-21 09:47:40 AM  
Maybe it's the other way around. Without hockey, (non-Farker) Canadians actually went outside.
2005-02-21 11:26:40 AM  
It shows that Cnadians drink even more when there's no hockey to watch.
2005-02-21 12:42:59 PM  
No, it proves that if you drink enough Yukon Jack, aurora borealis starts talking.
2005-02-21 03:30:51 PM  

Maybe it's the other way around. Without hockey, (non-Farker) Canadians actually went outside.

Definitely. They have nothing to do but wander around aimlessly in the snow drunk.
2005-02-21 05:33:55 PM  
Nah. All the aliens were wondering why they weren't getting a signal, so they went up there to check it out.
2005-02-21 05:34:50 PM  
The alien has a sweet, heavenly voice... like Urkel! And he appears every Friday night... like Urkel!
2005-02-21 05:34:50 PM  
full disclosure in the summer of 2006 - you heard it here first.
2005-02-21 05:35:24 PM  
doccm9 beat me to it! bah!
2005-02-21 05:37:05 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-21 05:37:07 PM  
poor canadians, all that ice and no hockey.
2005-02-21 05:40:57 PM  
2005-02-21 05:43:47 PM  
Hey, I'm a drunk Canadian and I haven't seen a thing.
2005-02-21 05:44:00 PM  
You know, with hockey gone, I'm not surprised if people start seeing other things... what with nothing to watch anymore on TV.
2005-02-21 05:44:43 PM  

Random guess, or based on some good info? :)
2005-02-21 05:45:01 PM  
Screw those greedy hocky bastards!!! I say promote all the semi-pro players to NHL status and use them as replacement players and fire all the money hungry toothless pro's.
2005-02-21 05:46:17 PM  
Anyone ever listen to Strange Days indeed with Errol Bruce Knapp. The crackpots that phone that show are hilarious. Every week they talk about UFO sightings. Give it up already.
2005-02-21 05:47:37 PM  
Woah, kreskin just undeniably proved *ALL* UFO sightings as being bogus! Whats your secret? Thats an amazing gift you have.
2005-02-21 05:48:41 PM  
Well,duh...the secret UFO base is under the North Pole.

(adjusts tinfoil hat)

Nah...It's because they like Molson's better than American beer.
2005-02-21 05:49:44 PM  
If tbis is anything like Iran, we're gonna get attacked. I'm getting my tinfoil cap right now.
2005-02-21 05:51:22 PM  
I'm Canadian, and haven't seen squat.
/doesn't believe
//there's more physical proof for Bigfoot or Sasquatch as he is know up here.
2005-02-21 05:53:20 PM  
There is hockey. There is not the National Hockey League. Learn the difference.
2005-02-21 05:55:47 PM  
X-files his this awhile ago. See?
2005-02-21 05:59:32 PM  
"People continue to report observing unusual objects in the sky and some of these objects do not have simple or obvious explanations."

Of course being completely shiatfaced, flat on your back in the front yard and on the verge of passing out on you may see some strange things.
2005-02-21 05:59:32 PM  
US Spy planes :o
2005-02-21 06:01:38 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-21 06:05:37 PM  
2005-02-21 06:11:51 PM  
"A teaser?"


"Er, what is ..."

"A teaser? Teasers are usually rich kids with nothing to do. They cruise around looking for planets which haven't made interstellar contact yet and buzz them."

"Buzz them?" Arthur began to feel that Ford was enjoying making life difficult for him.

"Yeah", said Ford, "they buzz them. They find some isolated spot with very few people around, then land right by some poor soul whom no one's ever going to believe and then strut up and down in front of him wearing silly antennae on their heads and making beep beep noises. Rather childish really." Ford leant back on the mattress with his hands behind his head and looked infuriatingly pleased with himself.
2005-02-21 06:13:05 PM  
Spacecraft don't have to worry as much about being shot down if they fly over Canada.

/scramble the snowbirds!
2005-02-21 06:16:08 PM  

What makes you so sure? I've read your posts before and you seem to be pretty adement about this deal.
I find it hard to believe that so many people could be imagining/lying about this phenomena, especially since two people i'd trust w/ my life have told me corroborated accounts of things that are, lets just say, extraordinary.

/never seen anything
2005-02-21 06:19:04 PM  
this confuses them, I think:

[image from too old to be available]

different province, but nothing in between to block the view.
2005-02-21 06:21:36 PM  
mmmmmm......... perogies.......arrrrggggghhhhh
2005-02-21 06:22:17 PM  
Fact: hottest summer on record. Fact: Canada is over 50% peat bog. Ergo, I think it's flaming flying swamp gas, aka ignis flatulence, a natural emission known by many a Canadian boy scout.
2005-02-21 07:00:22 PM  
My theory about "black triangles":

[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-21 07:01:34 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

...Flatulence is also a natural emission known by many a Canadian Beer Drinker

/The truth is out there, Eh
2005-02-21 07:26:21 PM  


I would accept that explanation, but when they've been spotted here in Oregon/Washington area they travel VERY slowly. You can see other planes flying in the night sky and they travel much faster. And yes I saw one, but I don't conclude anything about what it was.

2005-02-21 07:26:23 PM  
rush22 They normally have one on the tail as well.
2005-02-21 07:27:30 PM  
i have a donkey named Sam.
2005-02-21 07:48:24 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-21 08:04:13 PM  
late, but good headline, submitter

/didn't RTFA
2005-02-21 08:13:40 PM  
I'm not saying it's the only possible explanation, just something I noticed.

And yes I think they do have one on the tail, but I'm thinking at the right angle it would be obscured by the tail fins. And it would look like it was moving fairly slowly at the right height.
2005-02-21 09:06:38 PM  
In my experience:

a) If it doesn't move, then it's Venus or Mars or the Moon.
b) If it moves and blinks, then it's an aircraft or a helicopter, even if you can't hear it.
c) If it moves and doesn't blink, then it's a satellite.
2005-02-21 09:15:44 PM  
"I know what I saw."

[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-21 09:19:53 PM  
Wait 'till 1000 years from now when the Omicronians tune in for HNIC and get evening news

[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-21 09:33:36 PM  
I saw a large black triangle in the night sky above Vancouver last year. No sound, and it blacked out the stars above it. I thought/hope it was a B2 bomber stealthing around in Canadian airspace.
[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-21 10:07:02 PM  

Ow, that hurts my brain. Stop it.

As for the increase in sightings...most likely not good news

He died to open your eyes

/does not really want to believe, but unfortunately does
2005-02-21 10:13:02 PM  
seen on in toronto last year also, no light and was flying 3 am time. must of been one of those drone airplanes that the canadian millitary has been developing
2005-02-21 10:16:35 PM  
kmad wins the thread.
2005-02-22 01:51:00 PM  
I think Red Green has been making UFO's out of duct tape so I wouldnt worry about an alien invasion...yet.
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