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12499 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Mar 2002 at 1:16 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-18 01:19:56 AM  
No mention of FARK?
2002-03-18 01:20:02 AM  
2002-03-18 01:20:08 AM  
fark :(
2002-03-18 01:20:16 AM  
2002-03-18 01:21:40 AM  
It links to hooray!!1
2002-03-18 01:23:13 AM  
Farking pack of homos linking to goatse.
2002-03-18 01:23:38 AM  
2002-03-18 01:24:20 AM I the only one not expecting the pic on that last link?

2002-03-18 01:24:29 AM  
Well, since has become THE source for all journalistic inquiries for anything Internet related, like cliche kitty, then it must be true! Fark had nothing to do with making cliche kitty a celeb! It must be true because neglected to mention Fark!
2002-03-18 01:27:14 AM  
no Iris, you're not. Please! if you have a weak stomach, don't click on that last link! ugh!!! You just don't want some images in your head, y'know?
2002-03-18 01:28:23 AM kinder, gentler .cx website, with a puppy and cliche kitten, no porn at all.

goatse_cx- still an evil, evil man who hates the world
2002-03-18 01:28:37 AM  
Damn you, goatse_cx!
2002-03-18 01:28:55 AM  
FARK is mentioned.
2002-03-18 01:30:14 AM  
What the hell was that article? Was that even an article? I think I blinked and missed the text.
2002-03-18 01:31:04 AM  
I biatched about this same article at BoingBoing to no avail. In other news I have no life.
2002-03-18 01:34:28 AM  
First time I ever clicked on goatse. Thank god i looked at the url so my eyes didn't focus on Bob Goatse's famous part.
2002-03-18 01:37:21 AM  
From the above comments, thank God spystopper blocked the link to whatever picture was at that last link.
Praise Allah.
Lord knows what evil lurks on this tangled web we weave.
2002-03-18 01:37:28 AM  
that is all very postmodern. i am so not impressed.
2002-03-18 01:39:36 AM  
It should be mentioned that the kitty was first. Some farker introduced it into a ps and it became cliche kitty then.
2002-03-18 01:41:21 AM  
SHOULD MENTION NSFFW!!! anyways, does that guy get light headed when he gets a woody?
2002-03-18 01:43:07 AM  
What is Fark?
2002-03-18 01:45:01 AM  
I just realized that I have been subconsciously squirming my butt for the last 15 minutes. Now I realize why: it's because of that "picture" in the last link. I am *literally* nauseus.

2002-03-18 01:50:59 AM  
I didn't think you could be on a site like fark and never have had exposure to goatse_cx.
2002-03-18 01:53:48 AM  
have heard lots about goatse_cx on fark. Just never clicked on a link to go there from here.
2002-03-18 01:55:23 AM  
I tried to imform my people where this began, but I'm not sure if they have been enlightened.​opic
2002-03-18 01:56:31 AM  
Can someone please guide me to Therapy that will block that ass image out of my I may sleep and lead a normal and productive life again? Thanks
2002-03-18 01:58:43 AM  
[link]​ ic[/link]

2002-03-18 01:59:14 AM  
2002-03-18 02:00:06 AM  
God, why oh why did I go to the link before checking the comments here. Damn you, damn you to hell for making me click on that last link.
2002-03-18 02:01:05 AM  
OH god I wish I had read the comments BEFORE I visited that link.
2002-03-18 02:03:49 AM  
Cliche Kitty was popular on Something Awful before Fark, Domokun is a fark thing... so I figure that picture is just about 2 internet cultures combining. Cliche Kitty is running to get the goons though..he ain't scared.
2002-03-18 02:03:54 AM  
I feel your pain you guys...
2002-03-18 02:06:09 AM  
the magic of clice kitty has been obscured. A friend of mine has that image of cliche kitty and Domo Kun on his desktop at work...he got it from a friend in email. No one understands when I tell them it came from fark.
2002-03-18 02:09:35 AM  
Cliché Kitty was not popular on SA before Fark./b>
2002-03-18 02:10:56 AM  
Must. Close. Tags.

bangs head on desk
2002-03-18 02:13:25 AM  
Here is a way of making sure you'll never have to deal with Goatse or x10 again. Hope I can prevent future Bob Goatse attacks since Fark has been farked with them lately.
2002-03-18 02:13:56 AM  
Soniku: Unfortunately, nobody can be told what the Fark is...
2002-03-18 02:16:50 AM  
Who made the "Whenever you send that picture" one? I remember seeing it in the Photoshop contest about the space in a play's program (I still want to know if that guy used one). Was that pic original or just posted in that contest from somewhere else?
2002-03-18 02:17:14 AM  
so the world does not revolve around fark. Domo-kun will cease to be funny.
2002-03-18 02:17:14 AM  
DAMN! I lost the tag for posting a pic...any help?
2002-03-18 02:20:03 AM  
Here's a good page of Domokun links
2002-03-18 02:25:40 AM  
You guys think goatse.cs is bad, try out My eyes still burn.
2002-03-18 02:28:05 AM  
I remembered...Thanks!
2002-03-18 02:28:08 AM  
check out the farq Dal...too tired to figure out how to give you that tag in code. Everytime I try to tell you, it's thinking I'm posting a pic. :)
2002-03-18 02:30:21 AM  
geez! sorry I tried to help you there a mod in the house! Way too close for comfort.
2002-03-18 02:32:13 AM  
haha...I am sure it will not last long....I SMELL CENSORSHIP!
2002-03-18 02:36:07 AM  
I smell a TROLL! my eyes, my eyes!!!
2002-03-18 02:36:33 AM  
I did not want to see that. I did NOT want to see that.

I shall never look at Domo the same way again. :(
2002-03-18 02:37:08 AM  
Dal: You're 100% correct. I just deleted your post. Have you not figured out by now that some people are nauseated by that image?

If you want to be our friend, we'll buy you a beer. If, on the other hand, you simply want to annoy people, no beer for you.
2002-03-18 02:37:14 AM  
Damn....we are not in we?
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