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(Tech Times)   Disney opens another theme park near Paris.   ( divider line
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2002-03-17 01:37:00 PM  
After they bombed out with their new one in California???
2002-03-17 01:38:40 PM  
2002-03-17 01:39:44 PM  
Oops... it should have been:

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2002-03-17 01:40:07 PM  
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30 demonstrators, including members of the left-leaning CGT union, staging a protest over working conditions outside the gates.

Does surrendering and protesting labour (sic) conditions go hand and hand?
2002-03-17 01:40:10 PM  
spiffy because it will piss off the French
2002-03-17 01:40:59 PM  
france surrenders?
2002-03-17 01:42:02 PM  
France surrenders to Mickey Mouse...again.
2002-03-17 01:42:59 PM  
nooooo! i was hoping they would put one in hawaii!!
2002-03-17 01:44:26 PM  
"Mickey walks out to greet visitors, France surrenders."
2002-03-17 01:44:41 PM  
Has only been on every TV commerical break in the UK since Christmas.

I'm still waiting for Euro ItchyandScratchyLand.
2002-03-17 01:47:55 PM  
Why do Europeans get all the FUN???!?
2002-03-17 01:49:07 PM  
In a corny french accent: "Hello, open for business! Come'on, my last paycheque bounced. My children need more wine!"

Ahh the Simpsons..
2002-03-17 01:50:28 PM  
I'm still waiting for Afghano-Disney, myself
2002-03-17 03:33:26 PM  
old news
2002-03-17 03:46:29 PM  
'cause the first one was such a big success?
2002-03-17 06:30:19 PM  
'Because your taste buds aren't too picky,
We will feed you bits of Mickey...'

--The Capitol Steps
2002-03-17 07:43:29 PM  

Why hasn't France surrendered yet?

Could they have... grown a back bone?!?

/me faints
2002-03-17 07:45:05 PM  
"They also called for higher wages and spoke out against the use of foreign workers, anti-union measures, understaffing and what they said were other measures against France's labor laws."

Sort of a generic, everything is p1ssing us off protest.
2002-03-17 09:20:13 PM  
"left leaning" for the CGT... Those are extreme left wingers.

When a free newspaper ("Metro") was launched in Paris a few weeks ago, they actually attacked the deposits, took all the newspapers and burned them. All this because they are printed in Luxembourg (a small country next to France) and did not abide to the CGT's syndicalist laws.

American's don't realise how lucky they are to live in a country whose two main political parties actually understood the benefits of capitalism. The US is number one for a reason.
#2 [TotalFark]
2002-03-17 09:39:44 PM  
All your France are belong to us!!!
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-17 10:13:46 PM  
Mickey Mouse Is Nothing More Than A Cover For An Evil Corporation.
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