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(Some Guy)   Kids busted for throwing urine at people (via BadJocks)   ( divider line
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4073 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Mar 2002 at 6:10 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-16 06:12:40 PM  
Pee Pee
2002-03-16 06:12:45 PM  
hooray for urine flingers
2002-03-16 06:12:56 PM  
Where's Britney?
2002-03-16 06:14:44 PM  
dummy, Justin Kelley, was tossing uine in his own town, never ever do things in your own town, go to the next one over.
2002-03-16 06:15:35 PM  
Mike Johnson, Napoleon resident: "Some people say they ought to go to jail, and others say they should be let go, because they come from good families. But good families still have kids that ought to be thrown in jail for throwing (urine) on other people."

OMG people like this really exist, don't they?

*runs away screaming waving arms in the air*
2002-03-16 06:17:25 PM  
*throwing* urine?
2002-03-16 06:17:28 PM  
I blame the Delta Knights. If they didn't condone this sort of behavior, it never would have happened.
2002-03-16 06:22:03 PM  
Its better to be pissed off then to be pissed on... oh wait they got pissed on... I guess they can get pissed off!
2002-03-16 06:26:29 PM  
good. throw them in jail. damn kids.
2002-03-16 06:27:10 PM  
Insert token Britney reference [here].
2002-03-16 06:30:02 PM  
Damn you Skwidd!
Beat me to it.
2002-03-16 06:31:40 PM  
that's illegal???????
2002-03-16 06:42:12 PM  
Urine a lot of trouble, young man!
2002-03-16 06:48:55 PM  
If those punks pulled that stunt on me I'd beat the piss out of 'em.
2002-03-16 06:50:28 PM  
Does this mean the kid is Pee O'd???????
2002-03-16 06:52:22 PM  
First throwing porcupine p00p, and now throwing p1ss . . . the liberals had better start pushing for laws regulating p00p and p1ss . . . wouldn't want them to have anything on the gun crowd!
2002-03-16 06:59:01 PM  
Good lord, that's a hilarious. It's been too long since there's been an MST3K reference, let alone a Quest of the Delta Knights reference. My hat is off to you sir, and might I add
mY nAmE iS tOrGo...i TaKe CaRe Of tHe PlAcE WhIlE tHe MaStEr Is AwAy...
2002-03-16 07:00:56 PM  
He'll go to prison, where they pee in a cup and throw it at you. Homer saw it in a movie.
2002-03-16 07:03:31 PM  
I think they should make the kids sit in a public place and get pissed on by all of their victims. It should be televised, will get picked up by a japanese broadcast corporation and become a weekly game show.

sounds like a good biatch smacking is in order.
2002-03-16 07:03:49 PM  
My kid would wish they would put him in jail..... to keep me from punishing him. I would be sooooooo Pissed off
2002-03-16 07:05:27 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-16 07:12:01 PM  
Whatever happened to the good-ol-days when drunk teens would just piss off of overpasses onto oncoming cars? Today's youth just has no respect for others.
2002-03-16 07:12:04 PM  
what an exigting town they live in that they need to get thier heebie jeebies by chuckin piss on people out of thier car
2002-03-16 07:20:52 PM least it wasn't fresh from the source...
2002-03-16 07:25:22 PM  
Tie um down and make um drink nice fresh piss from thier victims. Warm and steamy, delivered fresh and in person.
2002-03-16 07:30:58 PM  
FU.CK EM..............
2002-03-16 07:43:37 PM  
it's snowing in seattle
2002-03-16 07:43:55 PM  
BwaHaHa Condour75:

Homer saw it in a movie. How Odd, I just watched that episode last night. Hopefully they wont be watching any prison movies where their going. Prison.

I do like Skettios Idea though. But I say make it a bit sweeter. Electrocution. Urine makes a good conductor. I kinda like Eye for an Eye punishment ideas. I think Bin Laden should be tied to a tree in central park and slowly stoned to death by gravel thrown by New Yorkers.

2002-03-16 07:44:25 PM  

Although Mohney and Kelley are still attending school, administrators have barred Mohney and Kelley from spring sporting events.

Scott Ashe, Napoleon Athletic Director: "This particular situation, we felt that it didn't demonstrate the character of an athlete at Napoleon H.S. And that's why they were removed."

So it doesn't demonstrate the character of one of their athletes but it does represent the character of one of their students? I live near Napoleon. Hahahaha. Sounds about right for those people.
2002-03-16 07:52:45 PM  
They say if other Napoleon students are arrested for making poor choices, they'll deal with it on a case by case basis.

"Sit down, young man! I understand you ordered the CHICKEN spaghetti?!?! Would you like to tell us WHAT YOU WERE THINKING?"
2002-03-16 07:55:54 PM  
> the liberals had better start pushing for laws regulating p00p and p1ss

Not until you get covered in some, then I'll consider it.
2002-03-16 07:56:03 PM  
Guy: Thank you. I love that episode.
2002-03-16 08:38:40 PM  
Let's get this straight. Sending schoolbooks to poverty stricking Afgani children is "asnine", while throwing piss on people is "amusing". I see, I mistakenly logged in to the Gibbering Idiots web page whilst looking for Fark.
2002-03-16 08:40:21 PM  
This is in my news paper. Seeing as it happened only miles from my house, It should be.
2002-03-16 08:44:38 PM  
Sounds like a real bunch of wiz-kids.

Boxcar: (Boobiesing) Dude! Sick!
2002-03-16 08:47:22 PM  
But seriously. This is not farking amusing. People were injured, They made fun of some poor mentally handicapped guy, and poured piss on people. I find nothing about this amusing.
2002-03-16 08:55:32 PM  
Ziggy, not everyone here is a flaming dumbass
2002-03-16 08:58:33 PM  
Come to think of it, those idiots are from Napoleon, Not Jackson. Seperate town, so we do not have an abundance of asses here.
2002-03-16 09:20:39 PM  
Millions of people in prison in this country and they want to send some kids to prison for a prank. Wake up retards!! We are sending too many people to prison already. Lets have some common sense and give them community service.
2002-03-16 09:34:48 PM  
"Napoleon administrators say they offer programs throughout the year that stress making good choices."


Howzabout a SOUND BEATING for the little farkers?
2002-03-16 10:42:41 PM  
did you ever know you were my hero, youre everything that id want to be......
Damn kids, youre the piss beneath my wings...

But Serious Kids... save up your money and go to a strip club, find a girl that looks like she has some kids to feed and offer her cash to let you piss in her mouth, start with lets say.... $50 bucks..., and be sure to mention you will pay for the hotel room and that no one else will ever see this video blahblahblah they love that stuff. dont go over 150$, cause 150$ will get you piss drinking lesbians where i live.
2002-03-16 11:32:57 PM  
Farkeater, a little prank? Yes. Throwing oranges at people while going at speeds of 50 mph is a little harmless prank. No danger there.
2002-03-17 02:32:31 AM  
Hero?...okay I am a sick bastard
2002-03-17 10:22:47 AM  
FYI: If anyone is going to do this in Denver, please be aware that if you get me, I will follow you home. When you get back to your momies house, I will crush your skulls with my fists and lead pipe.

Although you probably don't throw piss on people like me.

You probably wait until you see someone that looks like they can't or won't go after you. That's OK. If I see you do it to someone else, I will follow you back to your momies house and crush your skull. By the way, I don't care how old you are. In fact, the younger the better. A 14 year old's skull is easier to break because it is still kind of soft compared to an 18 year old's skull.

If I don't kill you, they'll have to put you in a nursing home because all you can do is drool and rock back and forth. When I finally get out of prison, I'm going to show up at the nursing home, piss all over you and then finish the job.

Food for thought, piss boy.
2002-03-17 10:28:16 AM  

I know I spelled mommies wrong.


One of my favorite episodes of the Simpsons was on the other day here:

{Mr. Burns is laying in bed, having a dream}

BURNS: "Bobo! Bobo!"

SMITHERS: "Mr. Burns, wake up. Who is Bobo?"

BURNS: "Who? What? Uh, no. I was saying they should bring back that delightful Sheriff Lobo. Boy that was a romp."
2002-03-17 02:29:51 PM  
Nickie dahling, Are you for hire?
2002-03-17 03:47:59 PM  
Everyone has their price.
2002-03-17 04:21:46 PM  
2002-03-17 05:34:54 PM  
John McBain: "I think the community wants these teens held accountable, and I want others to know if they're involved that they could be looking at jail time or prison."

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