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(Reuters)   New police methods of interrogation: Set suspect on fire.   ( divider line
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2002-03-16 11:05:13 AM  
Not really a "new" method so much as recycled. Ever heard of trial by fire?
2002-03-16 03:19:55 PM  
Thats one way of getting a confession.
2002-03-16 03:20:30 PM  
Hey, if it works, it works.
2002-03-16 03:21:45 PM  
Reminds me of how the Nazis would use odd methods of interogaiton, but this is pretty extreme for a "petty theif". Imagine what they do to real criminals...
2002-03-16 03:24:22 PM  
They probably sodomize them with broomsticks. farking animals.
2002-03-16 03:26:31 PM  
The guy wasnt hurt! Amazing..Ya know since they set him on fire rather than just beating him to a pulp, and he was fine! Best. Cops. Ever.
2002-03-16 03:31:18 PM  
Am I the only one that noticed the comment at the bottom that said something like the cops were suprised by the fire? I mean come on they have the balls to do it then they get suprised when fire burns? leave it to polish cops. I mean heck here in the old WV we'd have not only burned him but chewed backer and laughed all the way.
2002-03-16 03:31:48 PM  
2002-03-16 03:39:02 PM  
New meaning to "flaming someone". Thanks it's safer on the net
2002-03-16 03:39:25 PM  
isnt this a repeat?
2002-03-16 03:43:25 PM  
Vould you like a cigarette, old man?

2002-03-16 03:47:22 PM  
Stupid Pollacks!!!
2002-03-16 03:54:56 PM  
oh wow man.he stuck it in his eye!
2002-03-16 03:59:21 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-16 04:00:59 PM  
They probably thought the guy was a Jew.
2002-03-16 04:04:18 PM  
A role-reversal from Reservoir Dogs

I wonder if "Stuck in the Middle With You" was playing loudly in the background?
2002-03-16 04:05:39 PM  
I like it.
2002-03-16 04:23:26 PM  
Police denied any wrongdoing.

2002-03-16 05:31:58 PM  
Polish people are funny. They set his clothes on fire. They probably stripped him and set his clothes on fire without burning him. How many polaks does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
2002-03-16 06:37:52 PM  
well, you know, what was he wearin'?
2002-03-16 08:43:09 PM  
What, so they deemed making criminals watch "Glitter" too cruel?
2002-03-16 09:46:23 PM  
I say Will Ferrel himself would be suitable torture.
2002-03-17 01:03:41 AM  
Q. How many Polocks does it take to screw in a light bulb?
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